A Chance of Love

Chapter One:

Fry walked down the dark streets of New New York sadly, I tried to think why in the world Leela wouldn't give him a chance to show how he really felt about her. Sure he had told her numerous times what he felt about her and that he would always lover her.

He didn't understand, he saved her from a deadly bee sting, helped her through a coma, but she still didn't realise, he sighed and he realised he'd walked right outside the planet express building, so he decided to go in.

He went in and sat down on the couch and fell asleep. Later he woke to someone shaking him

Get up Fry! You're late for our next delivery Leela said in annoyance

"Sorry, Hey Leela why won't you ever go on a date with me? I mean I care about you more then all of the other men you have dated I mean take Chaz for instance". Said Fry with a sad look on his face

"Look fry come on we have to go and get this package delivered" she said in a hurry

Leela did like fry but he was so immature at times, he did care about her though and loved her for her and didn't care about her one eye like her other dates did. He understood her when it comes to having no family around, being frozen into the 31st century he lost his family and she was abandoned by her parents when she was little but she still thought his immaturity got into the way.

Fry gave a sigh and followed, Amy had noticed he was down and obviously knew Leela had rejected him again. She had dated fry and she knew he was a real caring guy and she knew he is the one for Leela because Leela was the most important person to him in the world. Amy decoded to go and see if she could help.

"Hey fry is everything okay?"

Sigh "No not really, it's just Leela keeps rejecting me when I try to get a chance to go out with her. I love her and I have tried to show it" he said with a sad look on his face

"Well fry I know what you mean, when we dated and it didn't work out I knew that you were the one for Leela, you care about her and have shown it and everyone at planet express knows you love her, Do you want me to have a talk to her?" She said giving him a smile.

"Yeah thanks I wouldn't mind that" he said smiling

"No problem" she said grinning

Fry went over to Bender who was watching the "All My Circuits" Marathon

Bender: "hey what's up meat bag"? Ol' one eye reject ya again?"

Fry nodded and then Leela walked in and told them they have a package to deliver. Bender and Fry got up and went to the ship.

I know the first chapter was mushy but I promise it will get better, chapter 2 will probably be a bit mushy to and I promise there will be some action.