Fry smirked; gee it was a certain green aliens phone that rang when I walked onto the ship that gave it away.

When I saw the screen there was Kiff's girlfriend Amy Wong who was surprised to see me, that's how I found out"

Zapp smirked "well your smarter then I thought"

Leela screamed as Zapp held the gun at Fry, now fry loved Leela but he didn't know she loved him.

Leela screamed "I…I love you Fry"

(A.N) Now you may think that they will save the day etc, kiss but I got an ironic twist)

Zapp laughed a typical villains laugh then shot Fry, just then kiff came in as fry collapsed kiff sighed as he saw the blood.

Zapp let Leela go and she crouched down by fry's side, the blood was pouring out of his chest as he struggled to breathe.

"I'm sorry to tell you this Leela but I do love you, I hope you feel the same"

Leela cried and cried because Fry knew how she really felt.

Phillip J Fry was dead…

5 years later Leela sat down at the dinner table and kissed her husband Yancy Fry

Now I bet you are wondering who this fellow is, it is Fry's brothers great, great, great. Great etc son Yancy, they had met 6 months after Fry's death and they were a perfect match because Yancy reminded Leela of Fry.

"Yancy can you please stop Phillip pulling Lilly's hair!"

Her husband sighed and stopped their son pulling their daughter's hair.

Leela named her son Phillip because of Fry's memory she has a happy family but still loved Fry and regrets not stopping him from being shot.