Alright, so I pretty much got this story from a song I heard. The song in a nutshell is trying to tell you that sometimes silence is better. That sometimes words hurt, that words are totally unnecessary. Well if you all are wondering it's Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode. Although the one I heard was the one re-done by Lacuna Coil. So you might be able to see some of what that song portrays in this story. I'm hoping to make this a multi-chapter fic, but it really depends because I might just leave it open-ended just like it is. I'll let you guys tell me. Well on to the formalities and I hope all of you enjoy this fic. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Desert Flowers

"I hate you," Sakura said, her voice choked with tears. Those words more piercing than the sands the red haired shinobi controlled.

"Gaara, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that, I-" but that was all the pink haired girl could say before Gaara reacted. Those words struck home with him. It was almost like a switch in his head. All the pain of his younger years rushing back to him, compounded with the pain of hearing it come out of her mouth, out of the mouth of the person he cared for more than all else. Grains of sand began to fill the air. Slowly like how snow would fall in winter but in reverse.

"Ga-Gaara, stop it your scaring me." Sakura said, still more tear-filled. But he only stood there, expressionless. He looked up with freshly shed tears on his face. His face revealed nothing of what he felt. He look much like he used to, back when Shukaku influenced most of his actions. Sakura could feel his hurt, as tangible as that sand filled air. She could also see him hurting, because although his face showed no expression, his eyes could not lie. Those beautiful pearl blue tear-filled eyes, bright in the desert night.

"You-you lied to me," he managed to say, it seemed forced, as if something was trying to hold him back, as if it took a great deal of effort. "You never loved me, you LIED." He screamed the last word, with that the ground shook all around them.

Shukaku. Sakura thought, Shukaku is trying to get out.

"Gaara don' let him out, fight Gaara," Sakura said this as she rushed forward towards him.

"GET AWAY," Gaara shrieked as he doubled over his hands holding his head, in what could only be interpreted as pain. As he said those words, a wall of sand rose from the ground in front of him and rushed at Sakura. She barely dodged it, but before she has time to react a second wall hits her. She's thrown back but lands on her feet. She feels something wet running down her arm, blood. Gaara looks up and sees her arm, the sleeve of her shirt ripped to shreds. He screams again, reacting to the sight of her blood.

"It's ok Gaara, you didn't mean to," a green glow begins to emit from her left hand, she quickly places it over her shoulder and heals her wounds. "See Gaara, good as new." But that does nothing to appease him. He falls to his knees and looks at her with his eyes one last time before falling to the ground, the sand around in the air falling at the same time. Sakura chooses now to rush to him. She quickly checks him over for any injuries. She finds none.

Of course you didn't find anything wrong with him, physically, it's all in his head. Inner Sakura says in a accusing voice. It's him struggling inside.

Shukaku Sakura tries to confirm with her inner voice.

No, that's partly it. It's him trying to cope with what you said. That's what's really hurting him. Inner Sakura tells Sakura with her voice still keeping an accusing tone.

"Shut up," Sakura screams aloud to herself.

Well what do you want me to tell you, you want me to lie? I only show sympathy when sympathy due. You know as well as I do that all this is you fau-

"I said shut up."

As you wish. Ignorance is bliss after all. Those were the last words that Inner Sakura spoke.

Sakura now looked down at Gaara. He lay face-down. She flipped him over, he was still unconscious. "Gaara wake up, I'm sorry Gaara, just wake up." She said while shaking him. She started softly but started to shake him harder when she got no response.

"Damn it woman, stop shaking me." He sat up but stayed with his eyes closed. She quickly embraced him.

"Gaara, I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am," she told them this pulling away from him to see his face. "Gaara, what's wrong? Look at me." He only smirked. Gaara of the Desert slowly opened his eyes. His pearl blue eyes were replaced by a vibrant yellow. They glowed in the night.

"Shukaku" Sakura stated horrified that he had been let out, that he had taken over Gaara.

"Well, you seem happy to see me." Shukaku spoke, shedding Gaara's voice. Shukaku's voice much more high pitched than Gaara's. And the way he spoke made him sound like he had little sanity, when in fact most would say he had none. Only being able to run on bloodlust and pleasure it brings him. Hearing that voice come out of Gaara's mouth was more painful than any wound she has ever suffered. "Well let's have some fun." He said, chills running down throughout Sakura's body. "Well how 'bout before I kill you, I make you suffer like you made this foolish boy, how does that sound my dear?" He slowly stepped forward. His last comment made her drop her guard. He quickly threw one of his characteristic sand shuriken made from the sand below them. It missed her face by merely inches. "Oh my, I missed. Silly me, I really have to work on my aim." He was just toying with her. Playing to make the best of what he could with his prey. To have the most fun he could. Though he remained in his human form, Shukaku was in control, and that meant he was more dangerous than she could imagine. She has seen him once like that, but she had been helpless against him before.

And I'm helpless against him now.

What are you doing!?! Are you done with your little episode of self-pity? Well if you're not, too bad. You're not dieing here. Not without a fight your not. Not without fixing what you did. Not without bringing him back.

But I can't, what's the point in fighting.

Well if you can't win, beat some sense into him. You can at least use some of that training that Tsunade gave you. Now GO!

Sakura slowly stood up and rushed at him.

"Now little girl do you really think that you can hurt me."

Sakura did not stop, she did not hesitate for a second. She punched as hard as she could muster. Her punch was met by his Shield of Sand but with her inhuman strength, gained by training with one of the legendary Sannin, it meant little. Her punch went through and connected with Gaara's stomach, sinking deep into him. Shukaku/Gaara flew back nearly twenty feet. He shakily stood up, showing that it took him much exertion. Once he managed to get up on his two feet he was still hunched over in pain. He coughed blood, leaving some trailing down the side of his mouth, which he quickly wiped away.

"You bitch," Shukaku said in his usual manner but with a much more subdued voice. You could tell he was hurting. "You surprise me you witch, I guess you have improved some since I last was out, ha!, but do you really think that's going to beat me? This is going to be a lot more fun than I thought." Slowly he recuperated his strength. "Has your time with the nine-tails boy not taught you that we demons heal faster than you could ever imagine."

"Well let us see how much healing you can do after I'm through with you." At that moment Sakura attacked. She rushed forward, poised to attack. Sand rippled around Shukaku's feet, ready to defend against her attacks. Sakura disappeared right before him only to reappear behind him, she swung fast but his sand was faster. Her attack tearing through the sand once more. This time only connecting with air. Behind her Shukaku/Gaara slowly emerged from the desert ground, a canopy sand flowing off of him. Sakura's arm now trapped in his sand. It closed tighter and tighter around her arm, trapping her in her place.

"Let me return the favor," Shukaku snarled, he swung at her. Hitting her dead on where she had hit him moments ago, his hit offering a greater impact than what normally Gaara could do. The demon greatly augmenting the strength the body he inhabits. She did not move from her spot, she only slouched forward only held there by her arm trapped in the sand. "Oh, sorry my dear, is your arm stuck? Let me help you with that." The sand released but Shukaku took this opportunity to strike. Sand wrapped around his arm, forming his demon arm. He swung at Sakura and sent her flying. She landed, cushioned by the sand but nonetheless hurt. She coughed blood as she managed to sit up but made no attempt to stand. The green glow of the healing chakra began emitting from her hands. She placed both her hands over her stomach. After she had finished healing herself she quickly threw two kunai trying to catch Shukaku off guard. His sand stopping them with ease. She punched the ground in frustration.

"Tired yet?" Shukaku taunted.

"I'll beat you." Sakura said with contempt for the thing before him. Shukaku only stood there watching, biding his time, enjoying it. "Sabaku Kyu" Sand rushed around Sakura quickly encompassing her whole body. He slowly walked towards her, "I grow bored my dear, forgive me for ending this quickly, but you see, my sand has lost its much needed red luster. Your blood will bring some of it back." He stood face to face with her, his eyes glimmering with the light of the moon and his bloodlust. He raised his still human arm and slowly began closing his fist, the sand surrounding Sakura tightening more and more. "I could kill you now but I want to hear you suffer. What are you smiling about?" His voice filling with rage at not seeing she was suffering like he intended her to be. He made the sand squeeze harder. She let out a scream of pain as the sand tightened its death grip, but her smile remained nonetheless. "WHAT ARE YOU SMILING ABOUT!?!" Shukaku yelled growing more impatient at Sakura's reaction. This was not going how he planned. This did not satisfy his thirst.

Sakura continued smiling, "You really want to know? Lift up your right foot." He just looked at her.

"Stupid brat" Shukaku spoke into the night. He lifted up his foot, his eyes widening more than you could think possible.

Sakura's smiled wider, showing her teeth stained with blood. "Boom"

The writing on the exploding tag light up for a moment right before it blew. The shock sent Gaara's body flying back, his concentration broken the sand squeezing the life out of Sakura. Her plan was not with out its downfall. Although the same sand that was killing her saved her from the full blunt force of the explosion. The shock still hurt her some. She stood looking over to where Gaara lay. She limped herself over to him trying to heal her wounds as best as she can. She notices that his arm returned to normal. He lay on his side, the dark circles around his eyes clearly visible even in the dark of night. She bends down closer to him.

"Gaara, wake up Gaa-" A jolt of pain in her side cuts her short. She looks down to see a spike of sand coming out of the ground piercing through her. "Gaa-Ga-Gaara, n-no" Sakura says in almost a whisper. The ground soaked in her blood bringing to it a dark tinge. The world around her is becoming dark, less clear. The edges of her vision blur. She knows is how much blood she has lost. Gaara turns up to look at her, revealing his yellow eyes to her. Shukaku smiling his old sadistic smile.

Well, your not done yet, Sakura. Your not done until you save him. Inner Sakura states in a calm and reserved voice, uncharacteristic of her usual self.

I know. You don't have to tell me. I know.

Then you should know what you have to do.

Yeah. I know.

Sakura's arms shot out, one grabbing the edge of the spike, her fingers digging into the sand; her other grapping Gaara by the back of his neck. She pulled herself closer to him, digging the spike deeper into her. She let out a groan of pain.

"Let go of m-"

"Gaara wake up, you baka." Sakura pulled Gaara up the rest of the way. She closed the distance too fast for Shukaku to react. She pressed her lips against his. The yellow eyes that looked at her widened in surprise to her quick action. Gaara's face went from one of utter surprise to one of shock. His eyes deepened into his old pearl blue eyes, those eyes, that this pink haired kunoichi fell in love with.

"Sakura, NO," Gaara screamed. The spike in her receded and returned to the sands that it came from. She collapsed but Gaara quickly grabbed her before she hit the ground.

"Why Sakura, why didn't you run?" Tears running down his face.

"Isn't it obvious you baka, I love you," Sakura managed to say before losing herself to the darkness of unconsciousness.

"Sakura, SAKURA, wake up" Gaara pleaded with the unconscious girl in front of him, but it was no use. She had lost too much blood, which the blood soaked sand under both shinobi could testify. Gaara of the Desert now grabbed Sakura and held her closer. After a few quick hand seals they were both gone in a swirl of sand.