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"So let me get this straight… you bought my son a home entertainment system??" Booth questioned in disbelief.

"No. I bought myself one, with the idea of Parker using it" she correcting him matter-of-factually.

"Bones you really shouldn't have…"

Tempe sat back deeper and watched the young boy whoop and giggle as the purple dragon swooped and blasted jumping green frog like beings. He turned to look up at her, beaming.

"I'm really good at flying and shooting the jumping ones at the same time" he informed her, returning his attention to the game.

"Bones…" Booth's voice brought her own attention back to the phone convocation.

"Booth, if you could see his face… it's such a wonderful sight" she gushed.

"Now Temperance, don't go all clucky on me. I do want him back at the end of the week" he teased.

"I don't know what you mean" she questioned, puzzled.

"What I mean is your motherly instincts seem to be really kicking and I don't want you getting too attached; he's not for keeps" he answered amused.

"Oh, I've needed so much help and I still stand by the fact I'd be a shocking mother…" she started hastily.

"It sounds like you are doing a perfectly fine job, even first-time mothers need to ask for help every now and again. One day Temperance, you'll make a wonderful mother so stop being so hard on yourself.

Temperance sat speechless for a moment.

"Thank-you Seeley" she said quietly.

"It's the truth Tempe. Well I've got a meeting to run to, tell Parker I love him. I miss you guys so much."

"We miss you too. Goodbye"


Tempe was starting to enjoy the new routine she had found with Parker. Having breakfast together, making him lunch and taking to school. Spending the afternoon going to a park or visiting the Jeffersonian and the evenings mucking around, battling baddies on Spyro bed and the phone calls from Booth, some lasting well into the night.

With so much going on, she didn't realize it was all about to end when there was a knock at the door Saturday afternoon. Laughing almost hysterically at something Parker had said, she swung the door open. Seeing Booth standing before her she looked at him puzzled and then her face fell.

"I told you Tempe he wasn't for keeps"


Booth literally ran from the room. The last meeting was done, he'd completed everything and was ready to leave this week of boredom and hell behind. Throwing everything in his suit case he slammed the door behind him and ran the stairs, practically throwing the key at the receptionist and leaping into the first available cab.

"Airport" he informed the driver hastily and they were off. He watched the city of Atlanta come to life around him life in the early morning sun as he thought about how much he was looking forward to coming home. He'd underestimated how much he'd miss his son but more so how much he missed Temperance. Every phone call pulled at his heartstrings and he just wanted to see her face again.

Before he knew it he was back in DC, he stopped off at home first to shower and change then before he knew it he was knocking on her door. He could hear the pair of them laughing before the door was open and then he saw her. His heart skipped a beat, she looked different somehow. There was a glow about her, he eyes sparkled and shone and he was whipped, like she did every now and again. But soon he face fell and he knew why.

"I told you Temp, he wasn't for keeps"

She blushed, embarrassed that her face gave away her feelings. She stepped aside to let him through. She let out a small gasp when he wrapped his arms around her middle, embracing her in a hug.

"Missed you…"

"Booth, it was only a week!" she exclaimed, cheeks going tomato-red. He eyed her with a smirk. She sighed.

"Missed you too" more than you'll know, she smiled softly.

"DADDY!!" Parker shouted, running from Tempe's room. Booth bent down, scooped the boy up and gave him a massive bear hug.

"I missed you daddy" Parker whispered softly.

"Missed you too kiddo… oh wow" Booth muttered softly when his eyes came to rest on the home entertainment system.

"Look at the screen… surround sound and all. This must of cost a packet" he glanced back at Tempe who looked on amused. Shutting the door behind her she came to stand beside him.

"And to think it was all free…" She mused.


She smirked.

"My movie premiers towards the end of the year, well November 30th to be exact and my agent wants my next book ready to be released December 1st to coincide with the movie and to also make the Christmas sales. I said I was having trouble writing and thought I could get inspiration watching the news ect. on TV and hey presto. Only the best for her money maker it would seem." She laughed.

"Wow that's great Tempe" he smiled at her and didn't stop until she started giving him a weird look.

"Oh… um well we better get going" he said embarrassed.

"Really?? I thought maybe you and Parker would like to stay for tea? It's not like I have anything else to do" she looked at him hopeful.

He smiled.

"Yeah, that would be nice"