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"I'd like to know if you could possibly use your weird Egyptian voodoo knowledge to make some Egyptian figment of the imagination stay away from my dreams. Surprising as it may be, I like sleeping, unlike your weird zombie brother and his followers who think they look tall, dark, and handsome in those cheapskate towels."

For a while, Seto had been having recurring dreams (he called them nightmare-wannabes) about an albino woman who was wearing Egyptian robes. She was, admittedly, quite beautiful in a weak and fragile, damsel-in-distress type of way. But he never liked weak women – they were obnoxiously clingy. Like that ugly girl who followed Yami Yugi around like a stupid duckling.

Quite annoyed at the dreams which showed nothing but random cut-scenes of that woman, Seto decided to track down Isis and demand she do something about it. Not wanting to beg Yugi or any of his friends; he had Mokuba ask Rebecca (since it would never do for his younger brother to talk with Yugi or any of his close friends) to ask Yugi to ask Ryou to ask Marik for Isis' phone number. It turned out that she didn't have a cell phone and shared the same home phone with Marik, but the minimizing of one step didn't particularly made the process any less tedious or Seto any less impatient.

And, of course, in such desperate need of her help, Seto decided to greet her with an insult of her, her beliefs, and her brother (twice). She, as suspected, was not pleased. "It's not 'voodoo', your dreams aren't 'figments of the imagination', and my brother is not a 'zombie'. It is destiny and your past life coming back to you because history has a cyclic nature."

"Yea, that's what I call voodoo. Now back to my question: are you going to get that stupid albino out of my head or not?"

"Albino?" Isis' surprised was evident through the telephone, as was her rushing to old texts and flipping the pages noisily.

"Yes, albino," Seto answered irritably, wondering where the answer to his question was.

"Albino... That's strange, I don't recall any albinos relating to Seth..." Isis muttered, still quickly flipping the pages, disregarding the fact that several thousand year old documents should be given much more care.

"Seth...Seth..." she muttered scanning the hieroglyphics for the name. "Seth's father...Relation to the pharaoh... Blue Eyes White Dragon... Millennium Rod... Death... Where's the albino man...?" she muttered to herself.

"Man?" Seto laughed in surprised upon realizing he never specified, "It's a woman – a girl, really."

"A girl?" With that tone of voice, he could almost see her suddenly getting an idea, "Okay, love affairs...love affairs... Prostitutes..."

Seto jumped up from his leather cushion seat to sputter out, "Prostitutes? What in the world would make you search that up? I don't do prostitutes!"

"But," Isis chuckled lightly from the other line, "You don't believe that you're the reincarnation of Seth, so what does the fact that you don't sleep with prostitutes affect whether or not Seth did?"

Seto growled, "Just search that damn thing."

After searching for a good half an hour (and with the phone bills piling on), Seto finally remarked, "Search for the origin of the Blue Eyes."


"Origin of the Blue Eyes," he repeated shakily, surprised at how that thought suddenly entered his head.

After a moment of silence, Isis flipped back to the section on the Blue Eyes White Dragon. "Oh!" she cried out in surprise.

Seto hurriedly asked her what the passage said. She didn't respond, so he asked again; this time more forcibly. Annoyed that he was disturbing her reading and sudden recollection of a minor myth she was told as a child, she read the passage to him in Egyptian. "In a language I can understand!" he snapped.

"Considering that you're asking me for a favor, I would suggest that you hold your tongue, Seto," she replied, purposely calling him by name. She knew how much he hated it when she called him by first name. Said it was impolite and insulting in Japanese culture. Well, she was Egyptian, so what did she care about his customs? It wasn't as if he was any more respectful towards hers (with the "voodoo" talk) and she was not a particularly forgiving woman.

"Fine," Seto growled, not happy upon realization that he was in need of someone else's help. "May you please translate the passage about the albino woman into a language I can understand for me?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"All you have to do is ask," she replied, in a teasing tone (as much as it scared Seto), "It's nothing major. Just a few lines on how the Blue Eyes White Dragon was originally an albino (well, it literally says pale-skinned, white-haired woman with blue eyes; but the ancient Egyptians didn't have a word for albino) woman who sacrificed herself for Priest Seth. It doesn't say why or what relation she had to Priest Seth..."

"And why do I even care who she was or what she did? Are you going to get her away from me or not?"

"No." she unhesitatingly replied, without caring about the wrath that would be inflicted on her. "You must come to terms with your ancient past."

"No?" He flew into a rage and his anger was practically seething through the telephone's earpiece. "Do you know who I am? If I want, I can buy every single ancient Egyptian piece in museums worldwide, and then destroy them all! I can buy that lousy piece of land you're living on right now and kick you off it! Are you sure you won't help me?"

"I can't," she replied unaffectedly. Sometimes, Seto wondered if he should be amazed at her even temper or laugh at the fact that she obviously had some problems in her head. He just threatened to make her homeless and destroy something which she had devoted most of her life studying. And she didn't give a damn.

"Why the hell not? Would you rather go homeless and jobless than to shut up about your ancient past nonsense?" he demanded.

"Seto, I'm sure you were given state of the art education. So tell me: what does can't mean?" she didn't bother to wait for a response, "It means that it's impossible. Even if you threaten to blow up the universe, I still can't do anything about it."

"Why not?" he demanded, trying to not scream loud enough for everyone in a two mile radius to hear him.

"I just said," she replied, somehow managing to keep her temper in spite of Seto's apparent lack of hearing, "You have to come to terms with your past. She's not going to go away until you remember her and...well, do whatever she wants you to do."

"And how am I supposed to know what she wants?"

"Ask her," she responded with an obvious tone in her voice. He was a bit surprised at the answer. He figured that he needed to do some stupid magic ritual and talk in a fake spooky voice to summon her spirit to talk to him.


He decided to take her advice. When he saw the girl again in his sleep (this time, she was curled up in ball), he opened his mouth to call out to her when he realized he didn't remember her name. Did Isis even give him a name? No, he didn't think so. So what was he going to say? "Hey, Blue Eyes White Dragon"? If he spoke out loud in his sleep, he was more than certain that he would sound like he was talking to a card (he loved his card, but not that much) and Mokuba would use it against him.

So, of course, the one time that he decided to do as someone said, he couldn't. See, even Isis' beloved destiny didn't want him to have anything to with that reincarnation, ancient Egyptian nonsense.

However, with his determination to get that annoying girl away from his dreams, he refused to give up and just wait for morning to come. Instead, he left himself looking rather stupid; gaping, then closing his mouth, and gaping again. Racking his brain for something to do that wouldn't make him look stupid, he realized something. "Kisara."

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