A/N: Sorry the first chapter isn't that great. The next ones will be better. Suggestions are always welcome. This isn't a certain fairy tale, but later, you will be able to figure out who some of the characters are.

It was an ordinary day for Thomas. He had invited his friend, John, over to play and hang out in the woods. The sun was shining and they planned to build a tree house with some old wood scraps and boards and a couple of nails.

The sun was shining, but in the woods, it was dark. They went about one fourth of a mile before the found the perfect tree for building.

They began hauling the boards up the tree, one at a time until they got them all on the bottom branch. On the branch above, where John was, they planned to build the tree house. Thomas began to hand the boards up to John, who then arranged them in rows to make the tree house floor.

"That was the last one we needed to finish the floor," said John.

"We're going to need some more boards if we are planning on having four walls and a roof."

"My dad might have some. When we get back to your house, we can go to my house and check!"

"OK," replied Thomas.

They covered up the floor of the tree house with a blue tarp they had brought and tied down the edges to the tree with a rope.

On the way home, they noticed a carving in one of the trees as they passed by.

Thomas asked, "I don't remember seeing that on the way here, do you?"

"No, but we were in a hurry and could have overlooked it."

Thomas didn't think so, but he agreed and went on. He made a mental note of the carving in the tree. It seemed to be someone's initials: KTM.

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