Silent Ravencroft





Is it possible?

Can I run from pain?

I answer myself


Not mentally

You'll be gone


No matter what

I try

I try and fail

Why can't I forget?

Is it possible?

Or impossible?

I watched you

I watched you die

I did not move

Did not stop it

I killed you

I murdered you

And I…

Could not stop it

Could not control it

He killed you

My primal side

The side I run from

Is it possible?

Can I run from pain?

He tempts me now

Toys with me

I can't give in


Not again

I'm a weapon

Losing control

He guides me

Like a child

Taken by a current

And swept out to sea

I can't shake him

He rules me

He is me

I know now

It is impossible

It all is

So I take the knife

And wipe myself off the Earth

And the Beast dies as well