Title: Two of a kind
Author: Louise
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season 6 from "Wither"
Category: Romance - Crossover with Birds of Prey.
Pairing: Lois/Clark and Oliver/Dinah. Also, some Clark/Dinah and Oliver/Lois.
Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own Smallville or its characters. No infringement intended.
Summary: When Black Canary arrives in Metropolis to track down an old enemy, she meets her old flame, Oliver Queen. Things gets complicated when Clark starts to have feelings for Lois.
Dedication: To Rachel for beta reading this fan fiction and helping me with my English.
A/N: Dinah is suposed to be 10 years older than she was in Birds of Prey. And for the ones who doesn't know, in the comics Dinah (Black Canary) is Oliver Queen's(Gren Arrow) girlfriend, that's one of the reasons why I wrote this story. :)

Metropolis – Night

A blonde woman wearing a black leather coat, a white t-shirt and jeans was watching a truck park near to an alley while a dark man wearing a brown suit was waiting for some electronics to load in the truck. The blonde woman just kept watching, without doing anything.

"I still don't know why I'm working here in Metropolis. Honestly, Oracle. Why did you call Huntress to do that?" the woman complained, still watching the guys deliver the stolen electronics in the alley.

"You know why, Canary." A voice came from her communication device. "Besides, after what happened to you, I guess it would be nice to have some scenerio change, and Metropolis is perfect for that."

Black Canary rolled her eyes, annoyed by Oracle's remarks. "I already said I'm fine. Seriously. You don't need to worry about me. I'm fine and I'm so over him." She noticed the truck was already opened and the guys were doing their transition with the stolen goods. "Fine. I'll do it, then."

"Do you think you can handle this by yourself? I can always call Huntress to back you up, if you need." Oracle said as Black Canary jumped from the building only to fall next to the alley, surprising the thieves.

"No, thanks. I can handle this job without her interference." She said before cutting the connection and looking directly to the guys. "Going somewhere?" she asked, with a challenge look.

"What do you think, sugar?" Tony, the boss in the brown suit, cocked his gun and pointed it to her, but Black Canary kicked his stomach as she fought against the three guys, also punching their faces.

After she had left two of the guys unconscious, Tony was still pointing the gun to her when she screamed with a very sharp tone, making the guy drop the gun on the floor and cover his ear to avoid the annoying noise.

"Better think twice next time you decide to play with me." she said as she put the electronics back in the truck.

Suddenly, Clark Kent zipped in front of her after watching what she had done. He looked at her, confused and suspicious at the same time. "Hello, there." she said, with a smile.

"Who are you?" Clark inquired still confused, looking at her, very impressed.

"Black Canary." she answered, shaking his hand. "And you are…"

"Clark… Clark Kent." Clark said, a little uncomfortable. "Nice to meet you."

They looked at the floor, noticing the man unconscious. Black Canary looked at a throwing star, with a chinese symbol stamped on it. "Shiva."

The next day, Lois was sitting at the Kent's kitchen, sending an application form to The Inquisitor to apply for a job, when suddenly somebody knocked on the door. She stood up and opened the door, seeing a handsome, blonde man staring at her with a megawatt smile. Lois stared at him for a while with a very silly face.

"Hi!" she said, trying not to sound like a complete idiot.

"Hey!" he said, before giving her a white envelop.

"Queen Industries. Must have caught a strong headwind. Mrs. Kent's been waiting for this for weeks. Thanks." she said, ready to close the door. The man look at her and nodded before smiling.

"You're welcome!"

They glanced at each other without saying a world.

"Oh... crap. I'm sorry. Just so you know with a face like that, you can do a whole lot better than arrant boy for the rich and arrogant. Here." Lois stated, giving him a tip.

"Thank you very much. But what is that?" The blonde man asked staring at her, confused.

"Your tip." Lois explained, without taking her eyes off him.

"My tip? Okay."

"Seriously. Aim higher." Lois said, still smiling at him. The man chuckled, amused with her behavior.

"Listen, umm---" he started, but Lois slammed the door on his face coming back to the table. He looked at her for a while, still holding the tip, before going away.

"Thought I heard the door." Martha Kent suddenly appeared in the kitchen after hearing a slam noise.

"Yeah, your pledge finally sailed in from Queen Industries." Lois explained, giving Martha the white envelop.

"Where's the man who came with it?" Martha asked, facing Lois with a serious look.

"The Currier?" Lois asked with a smile. "Well, I give his tip and send him on his merry little way."

Martha ran to the door and saw Oliver Queen's car was gone.

"Handsome? Chiseled features with a smile that could light up a barn?" she asked a little annoyed, as Lois raised her eyebrow, amused.

"Mrs. Kent! You have a crush on the currier?" she inquired, giving her a sweet smile.

"You mean the billionaire CEO who stopped by to talk about his financial support of my platform? No, Lois I don't. I've never even met him and now I probably never will." Martha said a little angryly, going back to the living room and leaving Lois alone and unashamed in the kitchen.

Lois frowned after Martha left. "Oh. That was Oliver Queen!"