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Chapter 5 – Meet the gang

Oh God! I stood at the school gate and stared at the yellow-eyed demon before me. Well, it wasn't technically a demon, but close enough. It was evil, it was hissing, it was . . . Fluffy - the janitors cat.

Seriously though, most days it was as if Satan himself was possessing the seemingly innocent feline. Fluffy was . . . well . . . fluffy, with small legs, sharp claws and a face that looked like it had been rammed headfirst into a brick wall.

I was just about to kick the ginger furball out of the way when I heard a familiar voice from the front entrance.

"Hey Heather, where the hell have you been, we've bin waiting by your locker for 5 freakin minutes bitch"

"Hey jerk! I had a little something to deal with alright!"

I took one step forward then remembered about the evil – lucifer like - cat thing in my way. Well . . . it was, but then it was gone. There was only a bare car park. Sometimes I think Fluffy can just disappear into thin air, leaving only her luminous yellow eyes, like headlights. No, wait, those are headlights. And they're coming right towards me. Crap, I should really get off this parking lot!

"Heather! Would you get your ass over here"

I hopped over onto the pavement and poked out my tongue at Billie – my best friend, AKA Bambi, so named because of her long legs used for dancing. Modern, ballet, tap, you name it she does it.

"So," She started excitedly, "you had something to deal with. What was it? Fierce wendigo, creepy Shapeshifter, malevolent spirit"

Yes, as you have most probably guessed, she knows about the secret.

"Will you shut it. I don't want the whole school to know, bigmouth"

Billie made a gesture to lock her mouth shut and throw away the key. The idiot.

Billie's two months younger than me and blabs secret easily, hence the bigmouth comment. She has shoulder length ginger hair which is currently tied in a neat ponytail and sparkling light brown eyes. Today she's wearing small heeled white sandals, footless black tights with a denim skirt, a white vest top with 'Bambi' written on it and a black cropped cardigan – there.

After about of minute of walking through the halls in silence she looked at me expectedly and repeated the prior question –

"So what was it then?"

"None actually, just annoying brothers"

She stopped walking as we turned down the corridor and rolled her eyes at me before looking into the distance, her eyes glazing over.

"Your brothers ay," She said in a faraway voice then looked back at me smiling –


"Eww," now it was my turn to roll my eyes at her "typical"

I grabbed her arm and playfully pushed her down the corridor towards the lockers. And there standing in front of my, newly decorated, locker was the not-so-innocent three. They had decided to 'pimp my locker' with a mixture of stars, stickers and coloured ribbon along with a photo of me from Star's birthday party last month. I was glad neither of my brothers were there at that moment to comment on the alcohol in my hand and what seemed like more of a long belt than a skirt around my waist. Star, AKA Nikki, stood next to the locker, her shining blue eyes fixed on me anxiously, waiting for my reaction.

"Nice work guys"

"Like the pic" Nikki piped in.

"Love it"

Star's a budding photographer and takes amazing shots (photos not drinks). She opened her arms to give me a birthday hug. Her ever-changing hair had a redish tint this morning which is boyish, short and extremely scruffy. Nikki's known as Star 'cos we all look up to her, being the oldest and most confident member of the group.

"Happy Birthday!" they all cheered, and from somewhere above my head erupted a multicoloured party popper. The next hug came from Foxy (Roxanne), also known as Rox, Roxy, Foxy or Roxanne although Foxy is the one known throughout the school as it was the one given to her by the lads, due to her blonde hair, blue eyes, and flirty nature.

Lastly, standing next to Roxy was Tiffany/Baby, the youngest and most timid member – well timid compared to the rest of us anyhow.

"So," I started "what's the lowdown for this special day"

Billie answered me "Well seeing as it's about 2 minutes till first bell rings we're rush to class, meet up back here and sneak behind the gymnasium to skip History. Then . . ."

Billie stood with her mouth open silently for a moment, looking a little like a fish might I add, before concluding.

"… it's the end of my plan"

I chuckled "I guess we'll figure out the rest of the plan at break. Deal"


Tuesday mornings were as good as it got as far as class subjects go. We all had doubles, for Tiff it was Art with Miss Marie, who could be a cow at times but always seemed to praise Tiffany for her excellent artwork. For Roxanne it was drama, which she enjoys in and out of the classroom, instructed by Mrs Griffin who is eccentric yet hilarious when it comes to over acting. Nikki's got advance photography with Mr Killminster, which meant you could practically get away with murder, well if you wanted to.

Lastly Billie and I share the double period participating in gym class. Most of the girls hate it but there are a few athletic types. I get on well due to at home demon training and a military-like male family. Billie also trains to be in peak condition but more along the lines of dance, obviously.

But the greatest thing about gym has to be the teacher, Mr Swinburne. He has brilliant blue eyes and the most amazingly gorgeous legs. He's only 25 and seeing him in jogging shorts doesn't hurt either. On the first ever lesson he requested not to be called Sir as it made him feel old, although I do once or twice just to make him glare, he tries to make it look sexy but it just comes off sexy.

He says he was in the army so prefers to be called 'Sergeant major Swinburne', this military thing turned what should have been a 5 minute check up on progress with my Dad, into a half hour conversation on the army and their training techniques. Man Tuesday mornings ROCK!

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