By: Cabalistic
"Love is not a lifelong passion, nor a fiery devotion. Love is dancing on the brink of Madness."

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Summary: Hinata and Neji are walking on the edge of a lake when they discover the headless body of Hinata's fiancé. The same day, Hinata's ex, returns, willing to do anything to get her back.

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"You look so beautiful, Hinata!"

The Hyuuga heiress beamed at her reflection. The gauzy veil covered her pale face and made her timid eyes seem luminous and alluring, not indecisive and shy. Usually, she looked sickly and pale, but the dress flattered her slim figure and the strapless dress made her pale skin seem flawless, creamy and milky. Pink embroidery of a phoenix swirled a glossy pattern along her slender figure, waving shimmering patterns like water.

"Do you think so?" She said shyly. Her reflection beamed again.

Tenten's flushed face appeared next to hers as her best friend and bridesmaid squeezed Hinata's arm to confirm this. "Of course!" She exclaimed, her dark eyes burning with sincerity. "It's the best dress I've ever seen!"

"Since you know so much on dresses, Tenten," Her other best friend and maid of honor, Ino, appeared on the other side of Hinata as she teased Tenten, who was known for her tomboyish streak. Tenten made a mock face of hurt as Ino fussed around with Hinata's skirt, her blue eyes round. "You did a great job modifying your mom's dress! I can see now why you didn't want to go and buy a new one." Tenten sighed dramatically. "And at first we thought it was just because you didn't want to spend any money."

Hinata shrugged good-naturedly at her two best friends. "I saw my mom's wedding picture and I knew it was perfect. Besides, I don't really have the money to waste on clothing right now." Her smile wavered as she thought of her father's opinion on this. He had shown no interest in her wedding. She looked over her shoulder at the solitary figure leaning against the archway. "What do you think Neji?" Hinata asked brightly.

Her cousin made his way over from the doorway to stand beside her, acknowledging her wedding dress. Standing beside her, his reflection mirrored hers almost completely: he looked like her twin, although he was taller and technically older than her by two years. He raised an eyebrow as his colorless eyes appraised her reflection. "It's a bit flashy. Very different from what you usually wear," he commented.

"Oh please!" Tenten chimed, a bright smile on her face, "That's what we're looking for! Something completely different from the bags she usually wears."

Hinata flushed beet red – she knew she had an unusually higher level of modesty than most of other girls, which accounted for years of hiding behind excess layers of clothing. Coming out in public wearing this wedding dress was bold for the Hyuuga heiress, but for this occasion, she wanted everything to be perfect.

"It depends," Neji said carefully. His meaningful white eyes drifted from the dress to meet her gaze in the mirror. His eyes quietly asked her where her true thoughts were: whether she liked the dress or not. She inclined her head towards him in the tiniest nod. His lips twisted strangely, in smirk or scowl she couldn't tell, but said, "I don't find anything disapproving about it. Naruto will be pleased."

Hinata flushed a darker shade of red at the name and her hands clutched her dress helplessly as she tried to remember to breathe. Naruto, the Uzumaki Naruto – her lifelong crush and obsession – was getting married to her, shy, hush-quiet, Hinata the wallflower. The notion seemed impossible and yet it was more than a dream now, it was her reality, something that she didn't think probable.

Uzumaki Hinata – that would be her new name. In two week's time, part of her name would be Naruto's name as well. The thought made her head spin uncontrollably.

The part of the whole wedding package that had startled Hinata the most was how easily her father had gone along with the idea. All along, Hinata expected him to betroth her to some unknown shinobi to some other high-status clan in Konoha. After Naruto had proposed to her, she had dreaded telling her father, for fear of his disapproval, or worse, forbidding her to marry the Kyuubi. Instead, Hyuuga Hiashi seemed to go along quietly with the wedding, much to Hinata's surprise.

The ring clasped elegantly around her fourth finger was more than just a circumference of silver and delicately inlaid diamonds – it represented something. It was a symbol of her future – their future, together, forever, linked in perfect harmony. She twisted the ring around her finger anxiously, watching the flowered design wink back at her in the lighting.

Unawares of where the bride's thoughts were, Ino mussed with Hinata's hair, which was hanging long and black along her back. "You have really thick hair, Hinata – have you decided how you are going to put up your hair?" Ino studied it from different angles with an expert's eye. "I think a nice bun would do the trick, and we'll leave a strip out and curl it. Maybe even a cherry blossom to go along with the theme." She nodded with her mental approval.

Hinata smiled. Her best friends, Ino and Tenten, were naturally helping out in the ways they could. Ino was helping her with her appearance – the dress, the makeup, the hair and whatnot, while Tenten was in charge of the overall layout of the wedding. She had already decided it was going to be in one of Konoha's flower parks – out near the training fields where the cherry blossom trees were. Tenten had also chosen a pink and white theme, hence the specific design added to Hinata's dress.

Her eyes were closed, then slowly, she opened them to see herself in the mirror – a vision in her mother's dress. A small smile graced her full lips. Yes, this was what she was born for. This was the moment she had lived up to for her entire life for she had never looked so breathtakingly beautiful. She could easily picture Naruto standing beside her at the altar and she flushed a deeper shade of red.

"Oooh look at how deep she's blushing," Ino chided, elbowing Tenten.

"I wonder who she could be thinking about," Tenten replied. The two friends winked to each other mischievously and laughed as the Hyuuga heiress flushed several shades darker. Neji watched, amused, as his younger cousin stammered some incoherent statement will fidgeting from where she stood on a stool in front of the mirror.

The two giggled together. "Noo-oo," Ino said, enunciating the word into two syllables. "Would it just happen to be a person that breathes ramen and has a voice that says—"


Hinata brightened instantly at the sound of his voice. She quickly slid out of the layers of white cloth and slipped her clothes back on in a matter of a few seconds. Flushed she hopped off the stool, running up to him delightedly. He caught her up in his embrace and caught her in his embrace with little difficulty. His laughter filled the room and made her beam at the sight of him. The few moments of his absence were no more than a few minutes at the least but felt like an eternity in her heart.

"I leave for a few seconds to go to the bathroom and you act like I'm coming back from an A ranked mission," Naruto laughed aloud again, amused. Abashed, Hinata averted her eyes, almost guiltily. The Uzumaki wound his finger in her hair and looked down at her with his sky blue eyes, smiling.

"Try thirty minutes," Ino shot back at the Kyuubi, her hands on her hips.

"Yeah," Tenten added dryly, a snide smile on her face as she disappeared into the closet to carefully pack the wedding dress away from Naruto's probing eyes, "Did you even bother to check the expiration date before you bought the milk?"

Ino scolded him like a rebuking mother, "How many times have we told you that ramen doesn't go with milk, Naruto?"

Naruto made a face and everyone laughed, the atmosphere light and boisterous, even coaxing a slight smile from the stoic Neji from where he was standing in the corner. He only came with them because of his duty to Hinata as a guardian, but more than that as well, as her cousin. Other than that, he was usually on the sidelines, watching with careful pale eyes.

"Ano, ano, do I get to see Hinata in the dress?" Naruto said eagerly, looking around for the dress that had magically disappeared when he entered the room.

"Heck no!" Ino yelled, hitting Naruto on the head. "You know the groom can't see the bride in the dress before the wedding! It's bad luck!"

Naruto pouted and Hinata giggled.

"Tch, are you done yet?" A flat voice came from the doorway behind Naruto.

Hinata twisted her head to see none other than Nara Shikamaru enter the doorway, a fixated bored expression on his face. He was, naturally, slouching with his greasy hair raked back into an untidy ponytail. He eyed the room, strewn with various cloth and sewing materials, with something close to disgust and rolled his eyes in annoyance, shaking his head. "How troublesome," he muttered.

Hinata bit her lip and averted her eyes. Years ago, she might have started bawling. Shikamaru's indifferent attitude cut into her the same way she feared her father might reflect of her wedding. Although she knew it wasn't his fault, Shikamaru's crudely blunt remarks were harsh at times.

Then Hinata felt a light presence on her shoulder and she looked up to see Naruto's hand there as he grinned broadly at her. He said easily with his good-natured tone, "Ano…you're just jealous you can't wear her dress, Shikamaru." He winked at Hinata and she giggled.

The other boy indignantly shouted, "Nani!?" And the atmosphere was light again.

Ino smirked and swatted the other boy on the head as she chided him, "You're so full of yourself, it's funny." She took his shoulder and casually pecked her fiancé on the lips with such composure, Hinata felt slightly awed. "How'd the mission go?" Ino said.

"Troublesome as usual," was the predicted answer. He released a haggard sigh, running his hand through his hair as though he was thinking of all the things he could have been doing instead of being here. But Hinata doubted he really had much to do on his agenda other than…watch the clouds. She didn't really understand why anyone would go out with Shikamaru at first because he was so impassive with his flat remarks, but Ino seemed to parry it lightly with her hot-headed nature. The time when he had finally asked her out and she consented, everyone had been relieved. Now their wedding date was set for a few months apart from Naruto and Hinata's, something that was a major highlight in Ino's life. The group had swelled easily to include Shikamaru and he was Naruto's best man, although Shikamaru thought little of the wedding to begin with.

Hinata felt a gaze on her and looked up to see Naruto's blue eyes scrutinizing her. She trembled – when his eyes were on her, it felt as though she could soar. His lips curled into a smile as he said, sheepishly, reaching back to rub the back of his head, "You look beautiful, Hinata."

Hinata smiled timidly and nodded. "It looks great. I like it," she confided softly.

"Then I like it too!" Naruto declared. Hinata giggled and he squeezed her hand.

Tenten interrupted then, interlocking arms with Hinata as she said, "Well, if you guys are done with complimenting each other, let's go get something to eat! I'm starved and I told Lee to meet us for lunch."

"Ramen!" Naruto exclaimed reflexively and everyone laughed again. Naruto squeezed Hinata's hand again and she felt as though he had squeezed her heart. Everything was going along so smoothly and she was a mere heartbeat away from being Naruto's lawfully wedded wife in a matter of days.

Hinata smiled to herself. Everything was going to be perfect!

The road stretched on for miles, endlessly without sight of the end. The dusty road was a familiar one to this vagabond, he recalled walking upon it naught but a few years ago. Wearing a hood over his head, he pulled a facemask up over his nose and mouth and readjusted the brim of his hoodie lower to hide his eyes so that his features were indistinguishable. He had a backpack slung over his shoulder and he wore a simple traveling garb.

He had been walking for a while now. The sun had risen and set and risen and set in several cycles and had rained several times, much to his ill temper. He only stopped to rest and eat once then started up again, fueled by his determination and sheer persistence. He began to tire of the endless road that laid out before him and impatiently quickened his steps, as though it would speed up the whole process altogether.

He had never been a patient man.

Now he had all the more reason to be in a hurry. He was unable to recall what day it was and ever since his journey had started, he had come across no one on his journey. His mission was one of solitude and one of very personal nature.

Anxiously, he tore a cigarette case from his pocket and stuck one into his mouth. He flipped open a lighter and snapped the small flame on, lighting the end of the cigarette. Taking the cigarette in his hands, he inhaled the fumes deeply and felt his nervousness calming down. As he tucked the lighter back in his pocket, his hands brushed against the metal chain clasped around his neck, a dog tag dangling from it. He grinned maliciously and flipped the thin dog tag over to reveal the engraved lettering:

"Chigau dureka o ashitemo

Ima mo aishite iru

Motto soba mi itakatta

Mou nido to aenai kedo tsumo soba da sasaete kureta

Saigo ni miseta namida ga kisenakute."

Hyuuga Hinata

He clenched his fingers around the metal tag, feeling its metal cool his fingertips. He could see her clearly now: full lips parted in her soft smile, her pale eyes looking at him gently with her black hair curled over her shoulder. He trembled at the thought of seeing her again. It had been far too long.

He looked up to see a sign: Konoha: two miles. He tightened his hold around the metal tag, envisioning her expression already.

"Hinata," he breathed, his free hand snaking into his jacket to stroke the smooth handle of his gun that weighed heavily in the inner pocket. His lips widened into a nastier grin, intensified as he shivered in pure anxiety. "Guess who's come home."

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