What is Eternal-1?

Okay so after watching the whole first season of 90210 again, I had decided to try my hand at this show as well. I loved the thought of Brandon and Andrea together. There will be an OC for Steve and she will have her world of trouble as well.

Disclaimer- I do not have anything to do with 90210 expect my utmost respect for the creator Aaron Spelling and Darren Starr.

Cindy looked up at the clock on the wall; once again, both kids were not getting up early on a sunny summer day. She knew Brenda was out with Dylan last night. Brandon had been out on date with Andrea. That was a pair that neither Jim nor Cindy saw coming. Jim had left early in the morning to go to work and Cindy was just in the kitchen fixing a fruit salad. Anna had the day off so Cindy thought she might as well try to enjoy her morning alone. It wouldn't be too long before one of the kids would be running down the stairs. Cindy was lost in her slicing of the strawberries that she almost let the phone continue to ring, until Brenda yelled down the stairs to her.

"Mom, can you get that it's too early to get up."

Cindy only smiled as she picked up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Mrs. Walsh, is that you?" a softer female voice asked her.

"Yes, this is can I ask who this is?"

"You don't recognize my voice, wow I must be sicker than I thought" came a chuckle" Mrs. Walsh, it is Ryan Miller. Remember Brenda's best friend, Brandon's adopted sister. Remember you caught Brandon and me making out with each other?" the girl said.

Cindy chuckled "Ryan Miller, who could I forget, I was so mad at the two of you. Honey how is you?"

"Well, I'm a little sick and am supposed to come out to California, to get well sort of Seattle is too wet for my cancer. I keep getting sick and it isn't healthy for me."

"Honey Seattle, what on earth are you doing there? I thought your father's ranch was in Minnesota."

"It is but I was going to school there, Um the reason I was calling was to ask if you had room for me there. I need some place to stay for a few weeks; I am transferring my classes over to UCLA. My father told me to call and ask you before I go looking for an apartment.

"Of course you can stay here Brandon would love to see you and I'm sure Brenda would too. I knew you where sick last time I talked to your father, are you doing okay?"

"So far, I mean I just found out a couple of months ago o it is going to take some getting use too. I am sure that I can beat this thing into remission. Are you sure that Mr. Walsh won't mind me coming to your home?"

"I'm sure Mr. Walsh would love to see you. When are you coming out?"

"Funny you should ask, look out side your door."

Cindy went to the door and opened it, there was Ryan standing behind the door waiting to be let in. Cindy hung up the phone and gathered the girl up in her arms. Last time Cindy saw Ryan, she was tangled up with her son in a hayloft on her farm. Cindy ushered Ryan into the house and kissed her cheek.

"Sorry I didn't call you sooner, but I got the first flight out of Seattle, I couldn't take the rain anymore."

"Nonsense, come in here and let me look at you. Ryan you look great, how are you feeling though? I mean I'm guessing the cancer had to be wiping you out... here let me take you bags , or just place them against the steps."

Ryan had to smile Cindy Walsh had to be one of her favorite people along with her husband. Ryan placed her bags on the rug. She looked around the house it looked a lot like her old house.

"So where are my two favorite twins in Minnesota?"

"They are still asleep, Brenda was out with her man all night and Brandon and his girlfriend were up studying. However, if you like, you can go wake them up. Up the stairs to your right."

Ryan winked at Cindy and bounced up the stairs, Cindy laughed then went to call Jim and tell him that their Goddaughter was there. The Millers and Walsh's had been friend for the longest time. Betty left Jeff when Ryan was 16, it really did not bother Ryan too much. Her father raised and trained Racehorses. Betty was a bit of a floozy, she liked the bright lights and excitement of winning. Jeff had a love of the horses, Betty did not. Therefore, Betty moved to Beverly Hills and never contacted Jeff, only called Ryan when she needed money.


Ryan tiptoed up the stairs, stopped at the first door, did not bother to knock and quietly waked over to the bed where Brandon was sleeping. She sat down on the bed and just looked at him. He rolled over mumbling some about Brenda leaving him a lone. He was lying on his back, so Ryan leaned down and kissed his lips. His eyes popped open and he sat up immediately. He thought his mind was playing tricks on him.

"Ryan?" he asked hoping that it was not just a dream.

"Morning Brandon, how are you?" she asked standing up and going to the door that adjoined the bedroom. She strolled threw over to Brenda's room. She noticed there were two bodies in that bed. She sat on Brenda's side leaned down and kissed her lips as well. It had been an on going joke between the three of them. Brenda's hazel blue eyes fluttered open, they went wide with Shock, and she had grabbed Ryan and rolled almost off the best laughing the whole way.

"Oh My God, Ryan" she squealed with delight as neither one heard Dylan nor Brandon clear their throats.

"Ahem, you ladies like to tell me what is going on." Dylan asked them. Brandon was somewhat curious as well, as to why his friend from back home was there, now laying on his sister's floor.

Ryan and Brenda were laughing and squirming trying to get up. Dylan pulled Brenda up while Brandon helped up Ryan, then pulled her into a hug. After letting her go Brenda jumped back at her.

"It is so good to see you, what are you doing here and where are you staying because you have to stay with me," Brenda told her.

Ryan laughed before turning her attention to the handsome man she did not know standing in the room.

"Hi I'm Ryan Miller, old friends of the family"

"Dylan, McKay pleasure to met you"

"Ryan is like our lost sister Dylan, we grew up together, she lusted after me for a while but Mom was the one who stopped that remember?"

"I do, that was awful, Brenda told Cindy where Brandon and I were because she got caught not a day before with Mark."

Brenda blushed as Dylan looked at her with an amused. "Got caught by mommy, Brenda such a bad girl".

"Shut up"

"So what are you doing here?" Brandon asked.

"I ... um I have breast cancer and since I was living in rainy Seattle making me sick all the time , so Doc orders to go some palce warm and sunny plus dry. So I remembered you moved out here and here I am."

Ryan looked between Bran and Brenda, they had not heard about the cancer yet and by the looks on their faces, they were not going to have an easy time accepting it as she had. However, hen again Ryan, always took the bull by the horns, so she had asked the doc what the plan of action was. Because they had caught it early, her chances of not losing the breast were very good. Just losing her dark curls and being sick. Nevertheless, hey if it meant that she would live, she would have swum the Erie Canal.

Dylan looked at his girl friend then back to Ryan, he decided this was a family thing and he would leave so they could talk.

"Bern I'm going to go, I'll call you later Brandon I'll see you at the Peach Pit later. Nice to meet you Ryan." He gave her a wink.


Brandon looked at his sister then at Ryan" Well You people have things to catch up on and I have to go pick up Andrea for breakfast. Ryan, you want to go a few rounds o n my court while you are here?"

"Sure Brandon" she watched the man who she loved walked out the door, leaving her with Brenda.

"So are you really okay with being sick, I had a cancer scare not to long ago. If you want to talk about it you can, you know." Brenda reassured her as she hugged her. Ryan pulled away and gave her a strange look.

"Brenda, I am okay with me being sick, as long as I take care of myself I'll be fine. I have already had my break down believe me. And you mom said I could bunk with you so, lets go get some thing to eat. Cindy was making a fruit salad downstairs."

Brenda watched as her friend left the room, she stood there for a minute wondering why her friend was really there , was she after the one thing she couldn't have before ?

"Brenda comes on"

Brenda shook her head, this was her best friend they were like sisters, she should not think like that. Brenda sighed before walking down the stairs to find Ryan and her mother laughing over slicing kiwis.