Chapter - 9 Here is a little more to add on. Since watching re-runs of 90210 and dancing with the stars I'm inspired.

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Brenda looked up from peeling the cucumbers her mother asked her to do when the front door opened, Kelly and Donna came through it. Brenda gave them a smile.

"Hey, guys just in time I'm helping my mom make this big dinner, for Ryan. Grab a peeler and start peeling."

Donna looked at the peeler and shook her head while Kelly picked it up and a cuc.

"So Steve, called me after the spa and asked me if the place that my mom use to go riding still boarded horses and if they did if they had any room. Do you know anything about that?"

"Well Ryan's horse Tony is at a horrible stable and the people there aren't that nice to begin with. I felt bad for Ryan seeing as she has cancer…."

"Brenda!" Cindy called from around the corner, she didn't think that Ryan would want people knowing her business, before she wanted to tell them.

"Oops, sorry I guess that part slipped out. You guys can't say anything to anyone unless she comes out with it promise?"

Kelly and Donna both nodded.

" I'll ask my mom tonight about it, I'm sure that they would have a spot for him. His name is Tony?"

Brenda laughed " Yes, she named him after Tony Danza from who's the boss? She was in love with him at the time. I think her dad bought the horse from him as well. Anyway remember no telling Steve about her being sick either. I'm sure she will tell him if she wants too."

Again Donna and Kelly both nodded their heads as they helped Brenda and her mom make dinner as they chatted about the new house and the day at the spa.


Ryan looked around the outside patio as Jim led them over to a table. Brandon pulled out a chair for her and she rolled her eyes at him.

" What? I was being nice " he asked with a fake hurt tone. He winked over at his father.

"So Mr. Walsh, where in the world did you find this place?"

"I found this place, when we first moved here. I had to take a client out for lunch, and we wandered around until we came to this place. They have the best tomato bisque. And spring rolls around."

Ryan admired the Tucson red floor and the pale orange paint on the outside walls, while Brandon was sitting there wondering if he should ask her about Steve.

"Ryan, how did the move with Tony go today? Jim asked her, hoping that Brandon would change his mind about talking to her about Steve.

"It went well I guess no major problems, I'm hoping to find some place better thought. Steve said something about a girl named Kelly and her mom might know one with a stable. I told him he didn't have to but he seemed very insistent."

"Ah, let Steve help you out, he is a well meaning guy" Brandon smirked, which Ryan caught.

"What do you mean he is a well meaning guy?" Ryan asked as a waitress brought over some water.

"Steve Sanders is one of my oldest friends, since moving here, but some times his well- meaning offerings back fire on him. I mean do you really want his help and then are you going to toss him aside or are you starting to like my blond friend. See because Steve likes you and it is better to tell him right away if you aren't interested. "

"Oh" was all Ryan could say. So much for Brandon not saying anything. Jim sighed as they ordered their meals and ate most of it in silence until Brandon once more grabbed Ryan by the horns.

"So, do you like him or what?"

"What? Like who?"

Jim rolled his eyes at them once more "Are you guys going to start a scene like you guys did at that wedding you were both in, remember that?"

Jim had to have them both removed for his best friends wedding after Ryan and Brandon decided to have an argument over whose date was prettier. It was a night for everyone involved to remember. Brandon's voice cut into Jim's head.

"I meant Steve, do you like Steve?"

"He is alright, I mean come on I just met him. He is good looking, sweet, fun. I haven't killed him yet. I just, I don't know… I mean I haven't said anything about my illness to anyone but you guys. I hate to say anything to him if I'm not going to be around for long."

Jim rolled his eyes as Ryan tried to take Brandon down a notch, he decided to get out of there before they were asked to leave.

" Kids are you finished eating so we can get back to our sane house?"

They both nodded, Jim paid the bill, and they headed back to the Walsh house, which was anything but quiet.


Nat sat at the counter with Dylan talking about the new house when Steve walked in.

"Hey Steve how was the horse moving today?" Nat asked him

" It went well, I just have to get a hold of Jackie to see if the stable she goes to still has empty stalls, this place Ryan has her horse at now. Is a real hole."

Dylan gave him a thoughtful look before he spoke " You know I think I can help Ryan out. I know a great stable down by the beach if Ryan would be interested. Maybe I'll ask her at dinner. Hey are you coming to see the house before Bren has all the girls over to ohhh and ahhh?"

"Yeah I'll stop by in a few days."

Nat studied Steve a moment before commenting " Steve, you don't like this girl the way I think you do, do you?"

"What Ryan is a great girl, I might like her that way, besides after that whole Valerie, and Claire episodes I think I deserve a good girl don't you agree?"

Dylan smiled at his friend, he thought it was about time Steve got the girl, not a evil gold digging girl either.

" You are absolutely right Steve, why don't you come to the Walsh's for dinner tonight, I'm sure Cindy won't mind she loves big dinners. "

" Yea, I know but I have something I have to go to with my mom, but maybe I'll stop later on. See you guys later" Steve bid Nat goodbye and headed on home.

Dylan shook his head " I guess I should be going as well, I know Bren will get all kinds of pissed if I don't show, And I'll be back later on."

Dylan headed over to the Walsh's house to have dinner with his soon to be family, he hoped Brenda wouldn't get cold feet like Kelly did the one time. This should be a very interesting dinner as he saw the four extra cars parked in the driveway. Two were Brandon's and Brenda but there were Donna and Kelly's cars as well.

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