Kira's A Girl

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Summary: What would happen if Kira were a girl and I put some of my favorite stories along with my own stories together in order to produce an original story. This story is going to start at the vary beginning and I'm not skipping anything I'm just going to do everything in a different order and before anyone asks this is not a one shot this is a chapter story. A one shot for something that's going to be as long as this would be kind of pointless plus I like suspense even though I bad at doing suspense stories. And because Kira's a girl this will have him paired up with Athrun eventually. Oh and one more thing I never got to see or read the end of the series and even if I had this is going to be completely different. Well on with the story:

Kira was typing at her key board as fast as she could or so it appeared to anyone that saw her but in all truth she could type much faster but no one needed to know that. She was a coordinator a skilled one at that but then again no one needed to know that either and so no one did. She was working on a report when her pet robot bird named Tori started to fly in circles over her head.

With a smile she held out he hand for Tori to land on. Tori did so and Kira brought the little bird up so that he was level with her face. Kira had gotten Tori from a boy named Athrun Zala, who she had been friends with since her early childhood. Even though she would never say it Kira had always had feelings other then friend ship toward Athrun.

She continued to type with one had while she used the other to put Tori on her shoulder. When she did that she started to type with both hand and finished just as she heard her name being called by a familiar male voice.

"Hey Kira I've been looking all over for you." Tolle came running toward her with Miri right behind him.

"Hey Tolle, hey Miri what is it?" It was Miri who answered and her answer brought a look of annoyance on Kira's face.

"The professor said that he needed your help again." Ever since the professor found out that Kira was indeed a very smart person he had been taking advantage of her brain. Even so he never seemed to be able to piece together the facts and find out hat Kira was a coordinator. The same went for everyone else but some people had their suspicions about Kira being a coordinator.

"Why can't he just leave me alone?" Tolle shrugged and then looked at Kira with a serious look on his face like he was going to ask her something and then seemed to decide against it as they walked to the Morgenroete factory. When they got there they saw someone sitting in a chair. They didn't recognize him and when they asked who it was the only answer they got was that he was a guest.

They were waiting for the professor for about ten minutes when Tolle seemed to decide something and looked right at Kira.

"Kira this may sound rude but are you a coor…" Anything else he may have said was cut of by the sound of an explosion.

They all headed to the window and saw utter chaos. There were fires and dead workers all over the place. They could also see what looked like Zaft soldiers running into the factory.

Kira saw the 'guest' run out the door that DIDN'T lead to an emergency shelter and went after him telling the others to go on a head of her despite their protests. When she caught up to him she was surprised when his hat fell off to reveal that he was a she.

"You're a girl?" She knew it sounded stupid but she was just surprised that the person that she thought was a boy looked so well girly.

"Yeah well so are you. Look you have to go back I have to confirm something." As she said this she glared at Kira.

"I can't it's sealed off but there should be a shelter this way." When Kira finished she grabbed the other girls hand and pulled her along despite her protests. They rounded a corner and saw five mobile suits lined up together.

"I knew it father you betrayed us all."

To be continued…

(That's chapter one. Number two will be up between now and Saturday and just so you know I'll be updating this story vary often. I'm open for idea's and I would like permission from SlvrSoleAlchmst1 to use A Soldier's Christmas in this only revised and permission from lilplayer to use a chapter or two of Female Kira revised to fit the story. That's all I can think of right now but if I want your permission to use parts of your story I will ask but I would also like for people to give me suggestions for what I should do. Remember this is an original that is made from my favorites along with some of the stories I've already made. You can also feel free to review and give me permission to use some things from your stories before I ask as well for that would be very much appreciated. Please review and see you soon.)