"Yamato!" Takeru yelled to his older brother. "Where are you going?"

                "I gotta meet someone." Yamato said, and he bit into a rice ball. "Where you going?"

                "Daisuke and me we're going to the mall to get some Christmas presents for the girls."

                "You can give Hikari mud and she'll still love it."

                "I wanna get her something special."

                "I don't think so…" Yamato muttered as he walked out the door.

                What was that about? Takeru thought. I love Hikari, oh, man I hope Yamato doesn't like her or something. That'd be too weird. I guess it might make sense, I mean Hikari's so likable. But then, Yamato doesn't like girls very much…

                Takeru met Daisuke at the mall entrance. "Hey tomadachi." Takeru said.

                "Yo." Daisuke was practicing ghetto talk. That's what was popular lately, and Daisuke liked to be popular.

                "That's the only ghetto talk I've heard from you Dai."

                "That's all I know!"
                "I'm not even sure that is ghetto."

                "Well, I'll have to listen to the other guys some more."


                "C'mon T.A., don't be a jerk. I want to be popular."

                "Dai, there are more important things."

                "Yeah right. You got the good girl, and I didn't, cuz you're popular and I'm not."

                "C'mon, Miyako's good. Anyway, I got Hikari because we've been friends since we were little. And to tell you the truth, Hikari hates you."

                "Your right, Miyako's great, and I really care about her. It's just…I still get jealous sometimes."

                "I know…don't worry kid."

                "Hey, don't call me kid, I'm older then you!"
                "Your immature."

                "Stuff it." Daisuke laughed. They walked past a lot of people carrying signs and stuff.

                "Would'ja like ta make a donation?" A man said. Takeru dropped fifty cents into the box the man was holding.

                "What am I donating to?" He asked.

                "Yer donatin' to the little orphan kids in Kyoto's orphanage."

                "Oh, coolies."

                Takeru looked around and he could've sworn he saw someone he knew. "Hey, Dai, you recognize anyone here?"

                "Come to think of it, yeah. That girl in the Santa suit looks like my sister."

                "And that guy…the other Santa….that's Yamato!"

                "Ohmygod…" Daisuke looked like he was about the throw up. "You don't think…that they're…a…a…c-c…"

                "A couple?" Takeru supplied.

                "I hope not."

                Yamato and Jun grinned at each other. They waved to their siblings, and yelled for them to come over there. "Dai-chan!" "Teeks!"

                The boys reluctantly came over, with very sick looks on their faces.

                "Hi!" Jun said. "Lookie, me and Yamato are giving out Christmas joy to all the little kiddies! To bad you guys are to old…that'd be so cute!"

                "Yamato?" Takeru gasped. "Can I talk to you?"

                "Sure bro, anytime."

                "In private?"
                "Okay." They walked over to a Limited Too store. They didn't think they'd be bothered there, as the mall was almost completely devoid of female life today.

                "Why are you hanging around with Jun? You are still with Taichi, aren't you?"

                "Yah, no kidding. Jun and I just have a little surprise for you two."

                "Me and Daisuke?" Takeru looked at his brother quizzically.

                "Yup." They walked back to Jun and Daisuke. They had apparently had a similar talk.

                Jun leaned over to Yamato and whispered something to him. "They are going to be so surprised!"

                "I know!" Yamato whispered loudly.

                "Should we tell them now?"

                "Mmm hmm!"

                "Daisuke, my little brother–" Jun began.

                "And Takeru, my own beloved sibling." Yamato continued.

                "We have a great gift for you on this day."

                "Merry Christmas!" They produced a check. And on this check, fate was sealed. They were to use this check, to go to Arigato Aikou, the most romantic restaurant this side of Tokyo.

                And they were to go together.

                They wanted to protest, but when they looked into their siblings smiling faces, they knew their fate was sealed.

To Be Continued….