"Wha…wha…what?" Daisuke stammered. He had to be wrong. Takeru did not just say what he thought he said.

                "I love you." Takeru said. He was not scared. Daisuke needed to know how he felt.

                "What are you talking about…?" Daisuke said weakly.

                "I. Love. You."

                "No…no you don't."

                "Yes, I do."

                "Takeru…no…you cant…don't…no…you don't love…" Daisuke couldn't even manage a full sentence. He was shocked. Now he really felt sick. Takeru must be joking…he had to be.

                "Daisuke." Takeru interrupted. "Calm down. Accept it, okay? I love you."

                "No…" Daisuke said, shaking.


                "Okay, okay, okay. Maybe…maybe you love me…okay…I don't love you back…I…hate you, I don't ever want to talk to you again. Go away."

                With that, Daisuke hung up the phone.

                Jun looked at her younger brother. "You okay?"

                Daisuke didn't answer. He just cried.

                "What did you tell him?"

                "Shut up."

                Takeru flopped onto his bed. "Great…just great…"

                Daisuke's face flashed in his mind. Daisuke had a nice face. He was a really attractive guy. Better then Hikari, that was for sure. And he loved Daisuke…much more then Hikari, he knew that.

                What he didn't know, or understand, was why Dai didn't love him back. Sure, the ordeal had been kind of weird, but Takeru had gone through the same thing, and had felt very differently about it.

                Well, they were two different people. If Daisuke ever changed to bi, or gay, he wouldn't be able to handle it. He wasn't a strong person, and he couldn't accept being different.

                Takeru was stronger then Daisuke. He could handle it, accept it, and even take pride in it. Because loving someone of the same gender wasn't bad. It just…was. It was what you were or you weren't, and it didn't matter.

                Takeru smiled. He liked that idea. Especially because, now he was beginning to resemble his idol.

                His idol being  his big brother Yamato.

The End