Summary: Sam is having visions about him and Dean dying while on a hunt. While on the hunt they run into two girls just like them. One of them is just like Sam. Her powers may explain most of the deaths in the small town. Someone may not make it through the hunt.


Dean and Sam drove down a dark highway to their next hunt. They were going to investigate several mysterious deaths that happened in a small town over the last three months. There were never fingerprints at the scene.

While driving over a bridge, the Impala took on a mind of it's own. The car began to swerve all over the empty road. Dean tried to regain control but it was a useless effort. The Impala drove off the side of the bridge, plunging the two men under the freezing cold water below. It's doors locked as it went deeper into the river. The windows started to crack from the pressure. Water began to fill the car.

Sam quickly sat up in his bed, sweat beads covered his face. He looked around the dark hotel room. Dean was sound asleep in the bed next to his.

It was just a dream he kept telling himself over and over again, trying to calm down.

"Are you sure it was just a dream?" a soft woman's voice said in the far corner of the room.

Sam's head snapped in the direction the voice was coming from. Out of the dark shadows came a girl around his age. Her long white hair went to the floor. Long white bangs covered one of her devious dark gray eyes. A long black silk dress covered her petite figure.

"Who are you?" Sam asked the girl.

The girl walked over to him. She bent down so her face was inches away from his. "You already know me, Sam."

Suddenly she disappeared. Sam heard someone repeatedly call his name. Again he quickly sat up in his bed. Dean stood over him, looking confused.

"What's wrong with you?" Dean asked.


"You were freaking out in your sleep."


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