Five months passed quickly enough and Kallie grew even more beautiful. Xena loved her more than she ever knew and as a belated birthday gift the amazons made her an honary sister amazon. Xena and Cyrene didn't see or hear from Gabrielle. No body did, but rumor had it she was still in Potedaia with her family who were just happy to have her home. One day Gabrielle showed up in Amphipolis and tried to make amends with Xena, and Xena only forgave her because she had total trust in Rameses. Not to mention Gabrielle had been her bestfriend and she deserved another chance. Everything seemed great and back to normal.

"Look Kallie here comes daddy." Xena said. They were off aways on a hill a top Argo. Xena had taking her out for a relaxing ride. Kallie had a natural smile on her face as they watched him enter the village.

"I think its time we went back to the tavern." Xena said taking careful hold of her as they trotted back to the village. When they arrived there was a crowd around. Xena stabled her horse and carried Kallie in still playing with her. The sight she was greeted by was not what she expected as she shielded Kallie from the sight of a dead Rameses. She watched as Gabrielle plunged the dagger into her stomach.

"Now we can be together in death." Gabrielle said to Xena. Kallie sensing her mother's discomfort started to cry as women just walking in screamed. Xena was stunned at the sight before her.

"Gabrielle I thought you understood and you were ok." Xena said.

"No, he loves me and this is the only way we can be together." Gabrielle said.

"Its staring me right in the face and I still can't believe you would be so delusional as to deprieve a child of her father." Xena said as tears threatened to spill out of her eyes. She left out of the tavern as Gabrielle died. When she was far enough away from the eyes of the villagers she merely held Kallie and cried.

"Damn it Gabrielle why did you have to do this to her?" Xena asked outloud as she looked down at her sleeping daughter. It was suppose to be different this time around. She was going to raise Kallie with Rameses by her side and Kallie would have the best of everything. Xena had practically planned out their lives together and now Gabrielle had ruined it. Xena knew what it was like to be daddy's little girl and she wanted that happiness for Kallie, but she also knew how it felt to not have a father and that is something she never wanted for Kallie.

"Don't worry Kallie I'll make it up to you as best I can." Xena said wiping away her tears for Kallie she could save her grieving until she was safely on her own in the world.

The End