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Grab Me

By YaoiFanLady 2

"Oi, shitty swordsman. Wake up."

Sanji paused and took a deep breath, feeling the burn of tobacco at the back of his throat. The stupid marimo had drunken all of the blonde's cooking sherry, and Sanji wanted the damned swordsman to at least be awake when Sanji kicked his ass.


Zoro grumbled in his sleep and made what looked like a pout before he cricked his neck and resumed snoring. Sanji silently fumed, wondering whether there was anywhere on the ship that he could drag the napping loser to so that he could murder him without any witnesses. Upon silent reflection, he doubted that there was, cursing the close quarters of their modestly small pirate ship.

'Pity.' The blonde thought sullenly. Looking down, he saw the gentle rise and fall of the Zoro's chest and clenched his teeth down on his cigarette in irritation.

"I'm going to kick you. Real soon."

The snoring got louder. Sanji growled around his cigarette and gracefully raised one foot.

"Don't say I didn't warn you, bastard."

With no hesitation, Sanji brought his foot powerfully down and was about to make contact with Zoro's broad chest when a sun bronzed hand shot out from the side and grasped firmly around Sanji's ankle, abruptly stopping the blonde's attack. Through his blonde bangs, Sanji saw an arrogant smirk curl Zoro's lips, and the blonde blanched.

'The fucker was awake?!'

Sanji, cursing under his breath, tried to jerk his foot out of the swordsman's grasp; the grip only tightened until it became painful. Resigned and severely irritated, Sanji allowed Zoro to put his foot harmlessly down on the decking beside him. Letting out the breath that he didn't know he had been holding in, Sanji studied Zoro's face for a few seconds before he noticed that the other man hadn't let go of his ankle yet.

"Oi…" Sanji growled, trying in vain to twist his foot out of the tight grip. "Let go of my foot, asshole."

"What, so you can kick me again? I don't think so, crap cook."


Chuckling darkly, Zoro finally crooked his eyes open and saw the incensed and flustered look on Sanji's face. He instantly broke into a snicking grin. "Frustrated, Sanji?"

Ignoring the mocking tone that the baka marimo had adopted, Sanji once again twisted his leg in an attempt to free his foot. What was worse, if he lifted his other foot off the ground to start the fight with the first kick, all Zoro had to do was jerk his ankle and Sanji's balance would be disturbed. He'd land flat on his ass and Zoro would be free to attack.

'Stupid shitty swordsman. I shouldn't have let him get my foot.' Sanji huffed, blowing out a long puff of smoke. 'I thought the asshole was asleep!'

Zoro's expression was becoming smugger as the moments ticked past, probably because it was apparent that Sanji was hesitant to get into the fight he had come to start. Zoro gave the appendage in his grip a slight shake, reminding Sanji of his position. He saw the blonde's expression darken, and he knew that the cook didn't need telling twice.

Zoro raised an eyebrow and grinned playfully. "What's the matter, Sanji? Aren't you gonna kick me?"

"Shut up, bastard. I can't properly when you've got my leg, we both know it." The blonde narrowed his eyes. "So stop being so bloody arrogant about it!"

"Hey, you're the one that started it. I was quite comfortable lying here, sleeping and minding my own business. You decided to come start a fight." The swordsman shrugged and gave Sanji an arrogant smirk. "I can't help it if you like me so much that you can't leave me alone. Maybe you wanted a cuddle."

Sanji bared his teeth and gave his long leg a severe pull, cursing loudly. "That's it, your fuckin dead! I don't 'like' you at all, you stupid shitty arrogant asshole of a swordsman! I'm just here to kick your ass for drinking all my cooking sherry, THAT'S IT! DON'T FLATTER YOURSELF!"

Zoro's smirk fell slightly when Sanji's foot gave a particularly powerful jerk, and he watched as a rose stain crept over the pale face of his captor at the mention of his supposed affections. Sanji was either blushing or red in the face out of anger. He raised another eyebrow, noting that the blonde was now avoiding his gaze and preoccupying himself with his predicament.

"What, are you saying that you're too good for someone like me?" The swordsman asked, his unexpectedly deep and serious tone momentarily halting the blonde's efforts to escape.


"You heard me. Do you think you're better than me?" Zoro tilted his head and gave Sanji the once over, as if really looking at him for the first time.

Sanji snorted and fixed Zoro with an incredulous stare, but he had stopped resisting Zoro's grip. "Of course I do! I'm better looking than you, I fight better than you, and the ladies love me more than you-"

"That's not what I meant, and you know it."

The foot in Zoro's hand gave an uncomfortable twitch, and Sanji blew out a long puff of smoke while he contemplated a suitable answer. "I haven't thought about it." He said finally, taking a last puff and then throwing the stump of his cigarette overboard. "Why would I? Anyway, I don't really think that matters. What matters is that you let go of me."

Zoro snorted. "Like I said before-I don't think so. It's harder to sleep when you have a headache, and I know you're gonna try to kick my head in. So, no. Your foot's mine."

Sanji cocked his head at the last sentence, wondering why that sort of possessive language sounded so strange. 'Oh yeah, that's why-its coming from another guy.' Sanji frowned, wondering why his brain didn't think it was that wrong. 'Who cares, he's just an asshole. My leg doesn't belong to him! I need it back; I have to make lunch…and kick his head in.'

Sanji sneered and wiggled his foot to show what he was referring to. "It's not yours, bastard! Since when did I belong to anyone but me?"

"Since you were stupid enough to let me grab you." In demonstration, Zoro shifted his grip and ran a few fingers up Sanji's heel, face expressionless except for a keenly interested glint in his eyes.

Shifting uncomfortably at the other man's wandering fingers, Sanji narrowed his eyes and bent in close until he and Zoro were nose to nose. "You know what?"

Zoro's voice deepened and he didn't shy away from the advancement. "What?"

"You're a real asshole."

Zoro smirked. "Was that all you wanted to say? I doubt you'd get this close just to tell me that."

"You know, you're right. I wouldn't." Sanji felt the other man's hot breath licking at his lips, and he felt the grip around his ankle loosen distractedly. "I'm starting to think that maybe it's you who likes me, not the other way around."

"Uh huh…" Zoro's voice took on an amused tone, and his hand shifted up from Sanji's ankle to his calf, massaging the powerful muscles with strong fingers. "What makes you say that?"

Dark eyes met and Sanji felt his lips go dry. Licking them subconsciously, he saw the swordsman's gaze trail down to his mouth. "Because you're staring. At me."

"Am I." It wasn't a question.

"Yes." Sanji breathed in, feeling his pulse throb in his fingers; it was as if they ached to touch what they shouldn't. Disregarding it, the cook allowed a self-righteous smirk to play across his lips. "And you still are, even after I've told you."

"Really, I hadn't noticed. Well done Sherlock."

Sanji growled and a long elegant hand reached out, bunching the collar of Zoro's shirt menacingly. "You're a real stuck-up, egotistical bastard, you know that?!"

"Maybe I am, but you obviously like it."

Eyebrows furrowed, Sanji loosened the grip on Zoro's shirt suspiciously. "And what makes you say that?"

The swordsman motioned towards the hand which had been holding Sanji's foot. "I loosened my grip."


"And you're still here, even after I've told you."

Eyes widening in realisation, Sanji looked down. Indeed, Zoro wasn't holding his ankle anymore; his large palm was now warming the top of Sanji's thigh, and Sanji hadn't noticed. He relieved his grip on Zoro's shirt and put his hand down at his side, inadvertently onto Zoro's own muscular thigh. Mentally, he smacked himself on the forehead, not noticing the feisty glint in Zoro's eyes.

'I'm such an idiot.'

Rich deep chuckles tickled his ear, and Sanji realised that Zoro was a lot closer than he had intended. The other mans warm breath was making his longer strands of blonde hair flutter, and Sanji suddenly felt soft lips gently caress his neck.


Trying to lean back out of shock, Sanji felt a strong arm slither around his thin waist, and suddenly, he found himself being overpowered. The hand on his thigh shifted to his ass, and he couldn't stop himself from letting out a yelp as he was pulled to a sitting position on Zoro's lap. Eyes closed tight and hoping that no one else could see what was going on either, Sanji heard another deep snigger from extremely close by.

"Closing your eyes won't make you invisible, you know."

'Crap…' Opening his eyes one at a time, Sanji came face to face with a very self-satisfied looking Zoro, who was smirking at him in amusement. Sanji frowned and looked around, relieved to see that the rest of the crew weren't in sight.

"I hate you, you know."

Zoro grinned. "No you don't."

"Real sure of yourself, aren't you?" The remark lacked venom, the deep growl coming from somewhere near Zoro's jaw; Sanji was avoiding Zoro's mischievous stare.

"I'll tell you why, if you want…" Zoro moved his hands to sit them on Sanji's hips and pressed his fingers into the muscle and flesh of the thin waist smoothly.

After a few seconds Sanji looked up and found that Zoro wasn't looking at him anymore. The swordsman was staring out to sea, a wicked grin curling his mouth. He felt Sanji's gaze on him and turned back to look at his captive, the smirk never leaving his face.

"I don't wanna know what you're thinking, marimo. I just want you to let go. I believe I've said it before." Sanji frowned and squirmed uncomfortably, vainly attempting to free himself from Zoro's grip.

Zoro suddenly swallowed loudly and his face went slightly pink. "Oi, shitty cook, don't squirm."

"I wanna get free and I'll do whatever fuckin works! And besides, why the hell should I listen to you?"

Sanji crossed his arms defiantly over his chest and glowered at the swordsman, who consequently shifted restlessly beneath him. Sanji felt the lap he was sitting on move, and fidgeted awkwardly when those muscles beneath him flexed and stretched. What he noticed with a frown was that there was a certain warm hardness that was pressing against his inner left thigh. 'What the hell?'

Zoro tilted his head slightly at the perplexed expression on the blonde's face. "You should listen to me because I said so. That should be enough of a reason."

"What the fuck kind of reason is that?"

"A pretty damn good one, I think! And stop fuckin moving!"

Now the swordsman was beginning to become agitated, as the blonde cook was obviously not listening to his request. Sanji struggled slightly against Zoro's firm embrace, but his upper-body strength was no match for Zoro's; he couldn't break free just by squirming. And Sanji couldn't reach his leg up from the awkward position it was in, so bending to give the swordsman a decent kicking wasn't going to happen.

"Why should I?" Sanji arrogantly challenged, putting his hands onto Zoro's flat chest to push against him, to no avail. He ignored the guarded expression on the other mans face and tried to twist free, blatantly shutting out the feeling of the hardness against his groin. "If you can't give me a good fuckin reason then you have to let me the fuck go! GOT IT, SHITTY SWORDSMAN?"

"You want a good reason?!" The tanned man growled forcefully, closing the space between them by pulling his arms in and forcing the two together until their noses were once again touching.

Sanji grimaced as the strapping arms closed around him and mentally cursed himself for letting the swordsman get such a good hold on him. 'Fuck it, I don't think I can get out of this one as easily as I'd hoped…stupid Zoro…all brawn and no brain, that's what it is…fucking muscles…who does he think he is?!'

"No, I want you to let me go!" Sanji shot back, huffing scornfully. "I don't think you even have a good reason!"

"Sure I do. Do you want to know it?"

Zoro seemed to be alluding to something, but Sanji was so pissed off that he didn't seem to care. The deep baritone voice that was dripping with recklessness was beginning to get on his nerves, not to mention how hot he was getting in his suit, shirt and tie. Sanji felt a bead of sweat run down the nape of his neck and he shivered as the cold wind hit it, cooling his skin.

'It's so hot…it must be because I'm wearing a full suit, and I've been stuck here in full sun for a while…yeah, its coz I'm out in the sun…that's it…stupid Zoro….' Sanji rationalised, shifting in his jacket uneasily.

Noticing Sanji's distracted shiver, Zoro tightened his grip on the lithe body in his arms, prompting the blonde to grumble and writhe against him further.

"Fine, if it'll shut you up." Sanji finally snapped, fixing the swordsman with an intense stare. "Why should I listen to you?"

Zoro finally grinned, and leaned forward. "This is why."

Sanji, pinned by the swordsman's arms, couldn't move away from his advances and could only fidget as he was forced to let Zoro do what he wanted. Shock stilling his tongue, the cook could only growl in protest when he felt a rough cheek slide past his neck; Zoro was placing his forehead in the crook between Sanji's collarbone and shoulder. Turning his head, Zoro breathed out and caused the blonde to shiver violently as his hot breath tickled over Sanji's throat.

Gulping, Sanji blinked in confusion and tried to find his voice. "Wh-what are you doing? Zo…Zoro…oi…oi, wha-"


Sanji scoffed, but didn't struggle when Zoro slid one of his hands up the blonde's back, finally leaving his palm to rest at the base of Sanji's neck while his fingers curled and toyed with the blonde strands at the nape. The other stayed where it was on the thin waist, but tantalising caresses from strong fingertips were causing the muscles in Sanji's back to tense up, and then relax before tensing again. Zoro hummed, noticing that it was as if Sanji's body couldn't decide whether it felt good or not.

Sensing that Sanji was no longer trying to escape, Zoro took the opportunity to finish what he had first started; once again, soft lips brushed over sensitive skin, and Sanji's eyes widened. Slowly, almost teasingly, the lips that were pressed against the flesh pushed forwards and bit gently, massaging what was there a moment later with a long tongue. Sanji, shocked at the sudden sensation of something hot and wet licking slightly at his neck, let out a small gasp and curled his fingers into Zoro's shirt where his hands were pinned.

The reaction didn't elude the swordsman, and he took it as an invitation to adventure further. Leaning out of Sanji's shoulder, he found that the cook was avoiding his gaze, looking at anything but him. Smirking, Zoro took his hand off of the cook's hip and slowly brought it down to lay one large hand over Sanji's firmly muscled ass. Jumping slightly and then blushing, Sanji felt the hand that was twirling with his hair shift and then grip the back of his head, bringing his face upwards until their gazes met.

'Oh god…he's so close…too close! Wait! What the fuck am I doing?!'

Feeling his mouth go inexplicably dry, Sanji felt as though the gap between their lips was almost nonexistent, but somehow his stubborn mind simply refused to accept the fact that Zoro was apparently more than just a little interested in what was going on. Finally, Sanji recognized what the hardness he had been sitting on this whole time actually was, and he felt his cheeks go hot as he blushed. What was even more mortifying was that a similar predicament was occurring to him personally, even though he had been purposely ignoring it from the very beginning.

"Oi, Zoro…hey, listen to me…"

The fact that Sanji was protesting seemed irrelevant to Zoro, who had moved forward and was nibbling and stroking Sanji's earlobe with his tongue, the hand on his ass massaging it passionately. Trying to ignore how good it felt, Sanji banged his hands against Zoro's chest and tried again.


Still nuzzling at Sanji's pale, swanlike neck, Zoro grunted in acknowledgment and moved down to lick Sanji's Adam's apple, consequentially silencing any further interruptions. Sanji growled, frustrated that the other man thought he could simply do what he wanted and didn't give a shit about what Sanji was trying to say. He gave the body pinned against him a more forceful push, and this time Zoro stopped and paid attention, breathing heavily on his cheek.

"What is it?"

"Well, I'd like it if you'd listen to me when I'm trying to fuckin talk to you, for one thing." Sanji snapped with annoyance, flicking a few bangs of blonde out of his visible eye.

"Fine. Anything else while you're in the mood for a rant?" Zoro sounded irritated, as though wondering why the cook had stopped him just to say that.

"Well yes, but…" Sanji suddenly hesitated, his silence prompting Zoro to lean back far enough so that he could look into Sanji's eyes. Sensing the uncertainty, Zoro sighed and placed his forehead against Sanji's, their eyes meeting and their breath mingling.


Gentler this time, Zoro patiently waited to see what the response could be and he was surprised to see Sanji blush and fidget; it was almost as if the brash, trash-talking hard-ass was nervous.

"You're gonna take the piss, I know it…" Sanji muttered, hoping that would be a suitable excuse and Zoro wouldn't pursue a real answer.

"Nah, I won't. Common, tell me." Zoro delicately rubbed noses with Sanji; an action that Sanji would later incredulously realise was the swordsman's version of an Eskimo kiss. "You stopped me from giving you a hickey, so it better be important."

Sceptically raising an eyebrow, Sanji almost smiled, but stopped himself in time before Zoro got the impression that Sanji was melting in his embrace. "Its just…I've never…you know…"

Zoro's seductive expression changed to one of complete surprise. "You mean, you're a virgin? But all those women? You're the love cook, aren't ya?"

Sanji glowered at Zoro and moved back, giving him an almighty shove which did nothing but prove his annoyance. "No, you stupid shitty swordsman, of course I'm not a virgin! I've been with enough women to earn the nickname 'love cook', so don't you ever say anything otherwise, GOT IT?!"

Zoro resisted the urge to retort back and instead frowned in confusion. "So what're you trying to tell me then?"

Sanji let out a cry of frustration and rolled his eyes. "You're so dense! I'm trying to tell you that I've never been with another man before, okay?"

"Oh…" Suddenly it clicked, and Zoro realised why Sanji had been so edgy earlier.

But the blonde, realising that he'd just admitted something that made him sound foolish, looked away and kept on talking, hoping to distract Zoro from what he found to be the uncomfortable and embarrassing truth. "Women, I can handle no problem, but anyone male-especially you-and I get a little uncomfortable, ALRIGHT!? It ain't my fault, you just up and ambushed me with all your touchy-feely crap, I'm just not used to it, so don't you dare-"

Zoro shook his head, pleased that Sanji cared enough about their 'relationship' to be embarrassed. "Sanji."

Blushing profusely, Sanji snapped his head around to look directly at Zoro, who had once again resumed caressing his ass and throat. "Now what?!"

"Shut up."

Before Sanji could say another word, their lips met and any possible comment that the blonde had been thinking about saying was completely wiped from his memory. Sensually, their lips moved and the kiss became more passionate; Zoro's tongue slowly ran over Sanji's bottom lip and the cook took the opportunity to take it into his mouth and nibble it softly, inducing a low moan to escape from the other man. Leaning in further, Zoro slid his tongue into Sanji's warm cavity and began to trace around Sanji's, enticing the blonde to move back in return. With that gentle push, the cook let go of any inhibitions he may have had at that moment and kissed back enthusiastically, battling for dominance and finding that the swordsman was a surprisingly good kisser.

Feeling a hand slide from his ass to his groin, Sanji pulled out of the kiss and let out a needy sigh, raising one hand to grip a powerful shoulder and the other to clench a flexing bicep. Feeling his face emanating warmth, Sanji thought he was going to overheat, his tie and jacket suddenly becoming overwhelmingly constricting. Once again seeming to sense what the blonde needed, the calloused hand on his throat slithered around and started to peel off the dress jacket, which Sanji gladly shouldered out of.

As passionate lips and sharp teeth caressed Sanji's pale throat, Zoro once again started to undress his voluntary captor, this time sliding the tie undone and down to the floor. Making quick work of the top seven buttons and exposing a tantalising sliver of porcelain skin, Zoro clenched the top of the black-clad thigh and rubbed his thumb painfully close to Sanji's hard on.

"Unh…Zoro…" Sanji moaned slightly when bold fingers ran up his shaft through his dress pants, his fingers clenched in the shirt that Zoro was still wearing and his eyes closed in abandon.

Zoro grunted and bit slightly at Sanji's collarbone, feeling Sanji press downwards wantonly with his hips, pushing his ass against Zoro's groin. The swordsman groaned slightly and removed Sanji's shirt entirely, throwing it somewhere to his left as he stared with admiration at the thin yet muscularly healthy torso of the cook. Sanji gasped as the cold sea air hit his hot skin, and leaned down to give Zoro another kiss, their tongues dancing in equal passion. Without breaking the kiss, Zoro removed both of his hands from Sanji's slim body, finally stopping the kiss and leaning away from the man sitting on him. Sanji looked down at the swordsman and frowned.

'What's he doing?' Sanji wondered, but his musings were soon answered when Zoro grinned wolfishly and reached down, grabbing the lower of his shirt.

With a pull, he dragged the cloth up and over his powerfully built torso, going slowly so that the blonde could see his muscles flex with the stretch. Sanji found himself staring at the swordsman's overwhelmingly desirable body and reached out to help pull the rest of the shirt free, deliberately sliding his hands over as much of the tanned flesh as he could. His fingers ran a few times over the ragged scar that marred the flesh from shoulder to hip, slightly amazed that the swordsman was even still alive to begin with. Sanji shook his head in awe, wondering how such a vicious battle scar could now be such an everyday part of the swordsman's body, like it had been there from the beginning.

While Sanji was lost in thought, Zoro took the liberty to give the blonde a proper once over, his mind immediately reminding him of how flexible Sanji could actually be. Zoro raised an eyebrow, remembering fights where the blonde cook had stretched and bent parts of his body in such a way that was unnatural unless training and natural flexibility made it possible. A dozen filthy thoughts flew instantly through Zoro's dirty mind as he envisioned a possible scenario: the supple body twisting in pleasure, sheeted in sweat, pale hands clutching at paler bed sheets as the body moved in time with hard thrusts, the blonde hair falling unkemptly across rosy features as moans of pleasure escaped from open and kiss-swollen lips…

"…Oh, fuck yeah…" Zoro muttered to himself, suddenly feeling the urge to make that desire a reality.

Throwing the shirt to sit with the cook's clothes on the decking, Zoro noticed the blush on Sanji's face and the look of desire as he stared at his upper body. He grinned and reached over, pulling their bodies together and relishing in the gasping moan as their bodies touched.

Automatically, Sanji bucked his hips and found that the swordsman reciprocated, their groins rubbing together in a way that sent a shiver of pleasure down Sanji's spine. The cook's nimble fingers reached down to Zoro's pants and felt what he had been sitting on; Zoro's throbbing arousal strained against his dark pants, and when Sanji ran a thumb down over the length, Zoro groaned softly, swore under his breath and pushed his hips upwards.

Sanji grinned at the almost pathetic look of desperate need that was smattered on Zoro's face, but his blackmailing thoughts were thrown aside when he felt calloused fingers slide past his belt, touching flesh that was previously covered by his pants. He let out a gravely purr as he felt adventurous fingertips run through the silk of his boxers, touching where he desired it most. The blonde looked up to see Zoro, a scarlet blush on his handsome features, smirking in approval. With his free hand, he undid Sanji's belt, pant button and fly, allowing enough room for all of his hand to slide fully to Sanji's groin.

An abrasive palm rubbing teasingly against his erection, Sanji tightened his fingers around Zoro's own hardness and leaned in for a desperate kiss, eyes sliding shut and meeting the eager mouth with vigour. Grinding his hips against Zoro's palm and moaning slightly each time, Sanji opened his eyes to see an expression of feral amusement on the swordsman's face.

Panting, Sanji frowned and stopped moving his hips, slightly unnerved by the predatory glint in Zoro's eyes. "What're you looking at me like that for, Zoro?"

The aforementioned man grinned wickedly and leaned forwards, enclosing his hand around Sanji's shaft and pumping once. As Sanji groaned, the smirk widened. "I'm just thinking that for a guy who's never been with another guy, you certainly are enjoying yourself." He chuckled, and Sanji felt his face redden. "I mean, your acting like you've thought about this…perhaps, fantasized?"

"You're an asshole." Sanji automatically retorted, but his sentence was cut short with a gasp as his erection was once again caressed by Zoro's wandering hand. "So what if maybe I have? It's not like I would have ever really tried to seduce you, anyway!"

"Hmmm…seduce me, huh…" Zoro purred, deciding then and there that he was going to take control while he still could.

The increasingly intense massaging that Zoro's hands were doing distracting the blonde from seeing Zoro grin one last time before the swordsman licked his lips and leant over. Sanji jumped slightly as their torsos once again came into tortuous contact, but Zoro kept on moving until he had shifted from out beneath Sanji's light weight and was kneeling directly in front of the blonde.

Lifting his hand out of Sanji's pants, he placed both palms resolutely on Sanji's hips and met Sanji's open lips with a deep and feverish kiss, rubbing their bodies together. Sanji looped his arms around Zoro's neck and moaned from the back of his throat, feeling Zoro put pressure on Sanji to move backwards. Resisting only slightly, the blonde allowed Zoro to push him to the deck and pulled the swordsman with him, parting his legs so that their bodies could rest intimately together.

Once they were comfortable, Sanji ran a hand down and abruptly grabbed Zoro's tight ass with a large hand, pushing the hips down while thrusting his own groin upwards. Zoro, surprised by Sanji's sudden eagerness, moaned loudly and ground his hips downwards, a grin flickering across his face when Sanji wiggled his hips against him almost invitingly.

"You've definitely thought about this before, haven't you?" Zoro muttered quietly into Sanji's ear, running his tongue down the shell as he waited for an answer.

"Like I said before, bastard, so what if I have?" Arching his neck, Sanji felt Zoro chuckle against his shoulder. He blushed and ran a finger down the ridged spine of the body lying on top of him, causing a spasm that made Zoro grunt and shift against him. "I mean, what's so bad about that? I haven't heard you arguing."

"Nothing's wrong with that all," Zoro growled and increased the pressure of his body on the thinner one below him. "It's just that if you get to act out a fantasy, I think its fair that I get to act one out too. Don't you agree?"

Before he could answer, Sanji felt Zoro's breath catch in his throat as he let out a moan; the swordsman was once again plagued with thoughts of what he'd really like to do to the blonde. Feeling his heart hammering in his throat and his groin throbbing with need, Sanji wondered vaguely what Zoro's fantasy could entail.

"It depends what your fantasy is, don't it?" Sanji leaned up and bit at Zoro's shoulder, leaving a red mark that would have Zoro floundering for an excuse a day later. "You could be a really kinky bastard deep down inside for all I know, and I dunno if I'm too keen on the idea of being tied up."

Zoro pushed himself up on his elbows, rubbing his shoulder with a free hand and pressing the other down on Sanji's pectorals. "You know, that's a good idea, now you mention it…"

Sanji growled and punched Zoro's shoulder half-heartedly. "Don't even think about it, shitty swordsman!"

The swordsman snickered mischievously. "Alright, alright, relax. Are you always this aggressive to anyone who shows an interest in you?"

An amused smirk on Sanji's face, the blonde rubbed his hips seductively up against Zoro's arousal while he spoke. "No, it's just you. You annoy me."

Pretending not to be affected by Sanji's tortuous grinding, Zoro held back a moan and looked up at the galley before looking back at Sanji with a devious expression. "Ah, I see. So you'd probably get mad at me if I took you into the kitchen, locked the door and fucked you against the wall, or the floor, or the table?"

Sanji's brain immediately swamped him with mental images of what Zoro was referring to with some imaginings of his own creation, and he let out a needy moan. "No, sounds good. Let's go already; god knows we can get busted out here at any time."

Zoro nodded in agreement and kissed Sanji one last time, allowing the blonde to dominate as their tongues searched their warm caverns with enthusiasm. Leaning back and deliberately thrusting against Sanji as he got up, Zoro stood and walked over to grab their clothes while Sanji heaved himself to his feet.

Sanji frowned and looked around, shivering absently as cold sea air swept over his sweaty body. 'Actually, where is everyone? I would have thought Luffy or Usopp would have run past at least twice by now…and it must be getting close to lunch too…OH SHIT! LUNCH!'

"Fuck it, I still have to make lunch!"

Zoro looked up from untangling their clothes and his face fell disappointedly. "What? Lunch? Why?"

Sanji smacked his forehead and walked quickly over to grab his shirt, jacket and tie, slinging them over his shoulder distractedly as he hissed irritably. "Yes, lunch! I came to kick your ass 'cause you'd drunk all of my cooking sherry remember?" Zoro nodded absently. "Yeah, well I needed it to make lunch, so I came to demand that you pay for the next crate of supplies. But then you grabbed me, god knows how long ago now, and lunch still isn't ready!"

There was silence for a second, and then Zoro frowned. "So where's Luffy, or Usopp? They would have come to bother you for food by now, wouldn't they?"

Sanji fumed, stomping a foot violently to enforce his displeasure. "I have no fuckin clue, but if they're hiding around here somewhere watching us and laughing quietly to themselves, there'll be hell to pay!"

He slunk over to the stairs and put one foot up, but stopped before ascending. He looked back at the swordsman and a look of feral abandon came across his face. "You know what?"

Zoro raised an eyebrow at the expression and stopped himself from sliding back into his shirt. "What? Should I be worried about our Nakama's livelihood?"

Sanji reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled cigarette. Straightening it out and lighting it up, he took a puff of smoke and shrugged. "I ain't gonna kill em. I've thought of a better torture."

One eyebrow rose in interest and an intrigued grin spread over tanned features. "Oh? And what might that be?"

"You'll see."

Sanji smirked cunningly and prowled over to Zoro, a hand reaching out and grabbing the waistline of the swordsman's dark pants. A mischievous grin on his face, Sanji began to walk backwards towards the kitchen, pulling Zoro suggestively with him. Fully aware of what the scheming blonde was doing, Zoro allowed himself to be pulled up the stairs and to the kitchen door. The hand on his belt slid down and roughly ran over his cock once, making the swordsman moan and break into wicked chuckles.

"So what's this revenge of yours, then?"

His heavy voice laced with mischief as he sniggered, Zoro dropped his clothes on the floor and closed the door behind him, locking it and watching as Sanji also discarded his garments and took a few long drags of his cigarette. The chef grinned coyly.

"I'm taking you up on your previous offer." The blonde walked over to the table and lent back on the edge temptingly.

Zoro strutted over and pressed the entire of his body flush up against the blonde's, rubbing their groins together. "Oh?"

Sanji purred demurely and undid Zoro's button and fly. "Yeah…lunch will be very late, and they're just gonna have to suffer."

"Oh, good idea." Zoro bit his lip and slid his hands tantalisingly over the cook's lean torso. "I like it."

"I thought you would. Now I've got something better to do than cook…"

To Be Continued…


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