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Oh, I gotta write this down, it's my favourite quote:

Hercules Grytpype-Thynne: "Moriarty, can I borrow your shoe? I want to read the paper…oh, we appear to have company…oh how lovely. Come in, sit down. Have a Gorilla."

--The Goon Show 'Napoleon's Piano'.

Neddie Seagoon: "Have you any ink?"

Grytpype-Thynne: "Here's a fresh bottle"

Seagoon: gulp "Gad, I was thirsty."

Jim Moriarty: "Sapristi in delible! Do you always drink ink?"

Seagoon: "Only in the mating seasons."

Moriarty: "Shall we dance?"

waltz music

Grytpype-Thynne: "Are you sure you won't have a Gorilla?"

Seagoon: "No thanks, I've just put one out."

--The Goon Show 'Napoleon's Piano'.

Everyone should listen to the Goon Show…its what keeps me going…Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Seacombe were all geniuses…and more to the point, they were all barking mad. Gotta love it.


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"Save A Horse. Ride A Love Cook."


Grab Me

Chapter 2

By YaoiFanLady 2

Never before had Sanji thought it even possible that his dreams could instantaneously come true.

Sure, he was an avid believer in the existence of the legendary sea, the fantastical ocean where all of the world's marine life came together; the chef's paradise named 'All Blue'. But he was also not a fool, and the blonde knew full well that finding the ocean would be a life-long pursuit that could even end up fruitless, though his stubborn nature simply refused the notion of its non-existence. Still, achieving his goal, his purpose in life, would not be an easy task and so Sanji had come to the opinion that dreams were to be strived for and rarely ever dropped themselves right into his lap. Hard work and persistence brought the dream alive.

There were many good examples of these in his turbulent life: living on the Baratie, learning how to be the best chef he could be just so he could show up Patty and Carne, as well as stick it to the Shitty Geezer; becoming a master of his individual fighting technique so that he could not only cook as good as Zeff could but also kick as hard as he could too…

Such things were achievements in his life that he had needed to work towards, to persist in and strive for. Dreams did not come true all by themselves.

So when the blonde, standing in his own kitchen on the pirate ship that he had joined to chase his dream of All Blue, had decided to confront a certain tanned, muscled and green haired master of santōryū about why his favourite bottle of cooking sherry had mysteriously disappeared, nothing had seemed out of the ordinary. Dreams didn't come true, and the dreams that Sanji had about the swordsman were not things he intended to chase in reality. There wasn't anything to be worried about-if he didn't act on how he felt, there was no need to embarrass himself or create unnecessary problems.

Unfortunately, that was not how it ensued. It turned out that the swordsman was far more tenacious in his pursuits of a goal than the chef was, and Zoro's reaction to Sanji's confrontation seemed to throw a spanner in the works, so to speak.

So now, once again, the blonde chef was standing in his own kitchen on the pirate ship he had joined to chase his dream. However this time a few things were different. He no longer gave a damn about the bottle of sherry, or whether or not he could possibly get lunch ready in time for his ravenous rubber captain and quirky members of the crew. Also, he was shirtless, sweaty, extremely aroused and his eyes hadn't left those of the other man since he had walked in the room.

Zoro stood less than a few inches from him; bronze hands sensually fondled the blonde's limber body while still maintaining eye contact, lower sections of the lower body rubbing suggestively against those of the cook. He too, was shirtless-all that remained where his boots, pants and underwear, though Sanji thought it presumptuous to assume he wore any. Similar to the chef, Zoro was breathing heavily and sheeted with a shimmery layer of sweat. With a smirk, Sanji felt the swordsman's own hard and hot arousal pressed against his inner hip.

It would appear that one of Sanji's dreams had indeed fallen right into his lap.


Best of all, the blonde hadn't needed to chase this particular fantasy, as it seemed for once that someone else was far more interested in it than he was. He had always found Zoro's single-minded persistence to be nothing short of ridiculous, but for once couldn't find a fault in it.

Sanji chuckled. 'If only the rest of my dreams were as easy as Zoro seems to be…' The blonde thought, a wicked smirk curling his lips at the mental stab towards Zoro's obvious desire to get into the blonde's pants so quickly.

Lost in thought and thinking of ways in which he could turn the situation to his favour, Sanji didn't take enough notice when the first mate made a particularly provocative lunge for Sanji's pale neck. After a few moments of harsh teeth and a strong tongue lapping at the one spot of Sanji's throat, Zoro leant back with a grin and stared at the red mark his sudden attack had left behind. Though having no effort to stop him, Sanji growled at the swordsman, irritated that he would undoubtedly have to find an excuse for it later when curious questions arose from the rest of the crew.

"Dammit, bastard." Sanji immediately said, not noticing the smirk on the others face. He motioned to his neck and looped an arm around Zoro's waist. "How am I supposed to explain this?"

Zoro shrugged and leant in, stealing a few passionate kisses while the blonde grunted in defiance. "I dunno. The same way I'm supposed to explain the one you gave me, I guess." He raised an eyebrow at the playful frown on Sanji's face and licked the spot with a warm tongue, hands sliding up and down the taught flesh to rest on the firm globes of Sanji's ass. Moaning slightly, the blonde smirked.

"Well, I suppose I could just turn around and tell them the truth-that you and I had mad crazy sex on every surface of this kitchen."

Zoro rested his head in the dip of Sanji's neck as the blonde nibbled on a pierced earlobe, and the blonde could feel the swordsman smirk against his skin. Zoro snickered. "I don't think any of them would ever want to step into this room again."

"Mmmm, I can just imagine Chopper and Usopp's faces. They'd be mortified." Sanji giggled and licked a wet trail over Zoro's jaw, rubbing his groin against the man in front of him and eliciting a low and strangled moan from somewhere near his shoulder.

The swordsman looked up and smirked; sliding his hand once more down into Sanji's boxers, he deliberately began stroking the hardness barely hidden by the dark pants. "I wonder how the captain would react, if he knew?"

The blonde tried to hide the sigh of pleasure as the swordsman once again let his adventurous hands start wandering, trying his best to keep the teasing conversation going. "Luffy?" Sanji paused, and then fixed the swordsman with a wicked grin. "He'd probably ask if he could join in, knowing how curious he'd probably be about it…"

"Really?" The green haired man raised an eyebrow. "Now that could be fun…"

"Don't even think about it, bastard." Sanji purred, running his hands down to Zoro's groin and undoing the haramaki that was around his waist, dropping it coyly to the floor; the three swords looped in it chinked against each other. He rubbed his hands down Zoro's muscular thighs and then, smirking, ran a thumb down his cock. "You're mine, so deal with it."

"I'm yours now, am I?" Zoro grinned at the blush on Sanji's face as the blonde realised what he had said. "I didn't know that."

"Got a problem with it, huh asshole?" The blonde slapped Zoro's ass and silenced any retort the swordsman may have had with a fierce kiss, tongue rubbing enthusiastically against Zoro's as the swordsman pressed their hot bodies fully together.

At that point, the conversation was entirely and completely over, as both men decided that the time for talking was well over. Sanji enthusiastically undid the belt and fly of Zoro's pants as they fiercely kissed, their loud moans and pants for breath filling the small kitchen. His rear pressed against the wooden table and Zoro's hands caressing his thigh and cock, Sanji felt a burning blush rise to his cheeks and he groaned loudly, tilting his head back as the swordsman nuzzled passionately at his neck. Sanji reciprocated by sliding his hands down Zoro's front and wrapped his fingers around the swordsman's impressive length, pumping once and causing the tanned man to let out a long moan of pleasure.

Sanji smirked at the reaction, pleased that the other man was as sensitive to his administrations as he was himself. He leaned forwards and littered the strong jaw and neck with kisses and licks, sliding the dark pants down to the thighs and noticing, with a chuckle, that Zoro was indeed not wearing any undergarments-as he had predicted. Zoro grinned and kicked off his boots, Sanji following suit with his own and knocking them closer to their clothes. Zoro noticed how preoccupied the blonde was with what his hands were fondling, and he licked his lips.

"You like?" Zoro asked, his deep voice sending a chill down Sanji's exposed skin.

"Hell yeah," the blonde answered, flickering his eyes up to meet Zoro's with a suggestive bite of his lip. The fingers around Zoro's erection tightened and shifted again. "But I'll like it better when you're not wearing those damn pants."

"What, these?" Zoro motioned down at what was left of his clothing, which were around his thighs. He sniggered and grabbed at Sanji's rear, pulling him in and pressing his hot body against Sanji's. "Do it yourself, I'm not gonna make this easy for you."

"Bastard. I hate you."

"No you don't."

Sanji cocked his head and bit at Zoro's neck subtly, moving his hand over the swordsman's erection with more vigour. "Yes, I do."

"No, you don't." Zoro said, biting back the moan that threatened to surface and feeling his body react violently to Sanji's pleasurable teasing.

Finally letting out the moan he had been holding in, Zoro leant forward and crushed their lips together, Sanji moaning and thrusting his tongue into the warm cavern of the other man. Both removed their hands from the other's groin and Sanji took the opportunity to push the swordsman's pants fully down his muscled legs for them to finally be kicked aside. Standing in front of a naked and fully aroused hunk of muscle that could only have been Zoro, Sanji felt his erection twitch in anticipation and he bit his lip.

'Damn, he's sexy.'

That first thought that came to his mind was instantly swept away as he felt strong hands loop around his waist and grasp at the dress pants that the cook was more than ready to get out of. Resting his head in the crook of Zoro's neck and placing his hands tenderly on the muscular chest, Sanji began panting as his final garment was slid carefully and completely from his body, the swordsman having taken both his boxers and pants in the single tug. Also kicking them aside, Sanji felt a blush of embarrassment rise to his cheeks, but that was dismissed as he felt a gentle calloused hand touch his jaw and move his face upwards, his mouth meeting with another's in a tender and promising kiss.

Leaning up into the kiss and shifting forwards, their burning skin finally came into complete and utter contact, the feeling of hot and sweaty muscled flesh rubbing against another seeming to blow any coherent train of thought from Sanji's mind. One hand still on his jaw, the other traipsed sensually down to grip securely at the blonde's thin hip, and Sanji felt both hands gently nudge his body downwards.

He knew what he had to do next.

The blonde leaned backwards and began to sink to his knees; meeting the amused look on Zoro's face with one of coy interest, Sanji felt the hands on his body skim over his skin as he shifted downwards. Sanji looked forward as he moved slowly, teasingly, down the swordsman's body, finally getting around to sticking out his tongue and licking a wet rail down Zoro's chest, over his stomach, abdomen and pectoral muscles, also taking the time to dip his tongue in between the thigh and hip. Sighing in pleasure, the swordsman watched with erotic interest as his new lover worked his way down the swordsman's burning flesh in a way that could only be described as innocently filthy.

Finally completely on his knees, Sanji continued to lick and kiss at Zoro's stomach and was teasingly feigning ignorance towards the burning erection which was pressing against his throat, instead moving his hands to clench at Zoro's tight ass. Zoro growled in irritation and placed one hand on top of Sanji's head, fingers immediately sliding and tangling themselves through the silky strands. The blonde knew what Zoro wanted, but he wasn't going to give it easily. He felt the broad hand on his head apply pressure downwards, the swordsman's way of asking for more, but the cook refused to comply, instead biting sharply at the flesh of the abdomen in defiance.

Zoro tried again, but once more, Sanji growled and simply refused to obey. Zoro growled and yanked Sanji's face upwards, earning another scowl and a slap on the ass. The first mate knew that the blonde was playing, but impatience and arousal were taking over.

"Hey, what is it?" The green haired man asked in slight annoyance, also slightly confused that the blonde was suddenly leaving him high and dry.

"Impatient bastard, aren't we?" Sanji smirked and bit heavily at Zoro's stomach, leaving another mark of ownership. "Anyone would think you wanted me to suck you or something."

"Something like that…" Zoro said quietly, knowing that Sanji was about to try something. And he was right, because the blonde's tongue promptly flickered out and slid over the tip of Zoro's erection, lapping up the pre-cum and causing the swordsman to once again let out a loud moan.

Grinning, Sanji quickly slid a hand from Zoro's ass and wrapped it firmly around his cock, immediately earning an erotic sigh that intensified in volume as Sanji's hand tightened and began to rub up and down the hard length. He smirked as Zoro's eyes closed and thrust his hips forward in response.

Sanji continued to pump Zoro's cock, helped significantly along by Zoro's eager thrusting. He looked up and saw a entirely arousing sight; a tall figure of pure muscle, bathed in sweat and chest heaving with each sharp breath, erotic sighs escaping from an open mouth set in the strong jaw of a tanned man who's arousal he was caressing. The blonde smiled and noticed that Zoro was lost in the moment, eyes closed in pleasure and body automatically moving in the way it thought felt the best.

'What a pathetic sight...pathetic, but hot. Very hot, actually. Damn him.' Sanji cocked his head and then grinned widely when an idea hit him. 'I wonder…now would be a good time, I guess…'

He gave Zoro's cock one more tight pump before taking the head into his mouth, letting out a hum of sound as Zoro yelped and then groaned loudly, not having expected the blonde to suddenly take it up a notch. With a moan, the swordsman looked down to see Sanji's wet tongue caressing a circle around the head of his arousal, a knowing smirk curling his lips. Zoro felt his breath quicken when the cook suddenly pushed forwards and took Zoro all the way down to the back of his throat, swiftly pulling back a few seconds later only to repeat the action. Thoroughly turned on and trying hard not to yell out in pleasure, Zoro bit his lip and wound a hand through Sanji's blonde locks once again, shifting his hips backwards and forwards and thrusting his cock in and out of Sanji's mouth, pleased when the cook began energetically stroking him with a deft tongue.

"Sanji…" Zoro tried to form a coherent sentence, but his words were cut short when Sanji deep throated him rather aggressively, eliciting a strangled moan that echoed throughout the kitchen.

Grinning, the blonde chef finally leant back and gave a few more rough licks to Zoro's arousal before rising to his feet and greeting Zoro's breathlessly open mouth with a fierce kiss. "What was it you were trying to say, Zoro?"

Zoro immediately wrapped his bronze arms around Sanji's thin body and proceeded to grid against him, harsh kisses and bites littering every surface of the pale skin that he could reach. He smirked as Sanji moaned, leaning back and kissing him fervently. "Damn you. That's what I was going to say."


Zoro smirked and clenched Sanji's ass, pushing him back up against the table and taking the moment to admire the attractive rosy blush staining Sanji's cheeks. "All right, what did you think I was going to say, smartass?"

"I don't know. Anything but that, I guess." The blonde shrugged and raised an eyebrow as one of Zoro's thighs found its way between his own, which then began a torturous grinding against Sanji's hard on. Struggling to hold back a moan, Sanji moved forwards and touched noses with the swordsman, swiftly moving in for a light kiss before shifting his hips down against the thigh between his legs.

"Guess again." The swordsman snickered and resolutely placed both hands on Sanji's hips, gripping him in such a way that piqued Sanji's curiosity.

"Fine." Sanji said shortly, distracted by Zoro's sudden grasp on his hips. He grinned and raised an eyebrow suggestively, biting his lip and growling into Zoro's ear temptingly. "You want to fuck me. Is that it?"

Chuckling, the swordsman leant forward and kissed Sanji roughly. Pulling back, he smirked and in one smooth movement, picked up the lithe body in his grip and deposited Sanji on the table, causing the taller man to let out a surprised yelp and then curse loudly. Springing catlike onto the table moments later, Zoro pushed the blonde to lie on his back and smoothly lay on top of him, Sanji once again shifting his legs so that they could rest intimately together. Zoro smiled at the stunned expression on Sanji's face and kissed delicately at his shoulder, feeling the blonde press his hips upwards in response.

"Is that what you want?"

The swordsman's serious eyes met Sanji's and the blonde instantly knew what Zoro meant. This was the first and last chance that the swordsman was giving him to back out, as things seemed to be getting serious a lot faster that he had imagined. Sanji hesitated for only a split second before smiling serenely and kissing Zoro gently, allowing his lips to give the answer.

"Is that a yes?"

Sanji sighed. Obviously the moronic swordsman didn't know a kiss of permission when he felt one. 'Stupid Zoro.' Sanji immediately thought, smiling affectionately. 'Looks like I'm the brains in the relationship…why doesn't that surprise me?'

"Yes, that's a yes, dumbass." The blonde rolled his eyes and ran his hands down Zoro's back. "Do you want me to put in simpler terms for you? Fuck. Me. Got it now?"

"Oh, I got it."

Immediately, a wide grin spread across Zoro's face and he leant forwards, planting kisses all over Sanji's face as the blonde giggled and tried to shift out of the way; soon the sign of affection turned into a game as Zoro tried to catch the blonde's elusive lips. Soon though Zoro began to become more demanding and when he finally managed to press his lips against Sanji's, his tongue snaked inside the warm mouth and Sanji moaned as Zoro assaulted his mouth. Hands pressed on sensual places on each others bodies, Sanji felt like he was going to lose his cool if something more intimate didn't happen soon.

Once again showing an unusual knack for knowing what Sanji needed the most, Zoro sat back in between Sanji's legs and littered kisses down the pale torso until his mouth was hovering over Sanji's own burning arousal. Propping himself up on his elbows, Sanji's eyes widened and he let his head fall backwards as a moan escaped his lips; the swordsman was slowly sliding the blonde into his mouth. Closing his eyes, Sanji felt everything heighten; the warmth of the cavity his arousal was sliding in, the wet sensation of a deft and powerful tongue rubbing over the sensitive rib of his head, the feeling of the tip of his cock touching the back of Zoro's throat ever so gently as Zoro slowly moved up and down Sanji's length…

So lost in the moment, Sanji didn't notice Zoro reach over to the far edge of the table where a few odd cooking utensils and ingredients had been placed earlier in the day. Never stopping what his mouth was doing, Zoro managed to find what he had been looking for. The small bottle of wine that Sanji had been using for dinner the night before gripped firmly in his rough grip, Zoro smirked around Sanji's arousal as the blonde moaned his name in such a way that gave Zoro shivers. Quietly taking off the cap, Zoro slicked his fingers and gently placed the bottle back on the table, pleased that the blonde wasn't paying enough attention to notice. It seemed that the sensations that the first mate were administering to the cooks arousal were keeping him thoroughly preoccupied.

Familiar and pleasing caresses were sending electrical impulses to Sanji's brain, but then Zoro did something that Sanji had never experienced before. An unknown sensation as a cold and wet finger gently pressed against his virginal hole sent a panicked and surprised wave over his body and Sanji jumped, looking wide eyed down at his new lover. Zoro saw the fleeting expression of fear flicker through Sanji's visible eye and he leant away from the blonde's arousal, gently leaning over and calmly pressing his lips against Sanji's cheek, forehead and neck.

Sanji let Zoro softly reassure him, but the finger pressing against his most sensitive area didn't move away. In fact, the pressure at his hole only intensified until he felt a lubricated finger slide into his body. Letting out an uncomfortable grunt, Sanji shifted his hips upwards and felt Zoro nibble tenderly at his ear.

"You ok, Lovely?" Zoro asked, his deep voice purring against Sanji's neck. The blonde grimaced at the name that the swordsman had referred to him as, but decided that there was something else irking him more.

"Yeah, it's ok." The blonde kissed Zoro's chin and then let their lips met, while the cook continued running his hands down to rest over the tanned man's lower back. "It just feels really…unusual, I guess."

"Mmm, it won't hurt for long, once-"

"Hey, I never said it hurt!" Sanji immediately said, stubbornly meeting Zoro's sympathetic gaze. "I can take it, keep going."

Zoro grinned at the stubborn defiance that the cook was so famous for, and complied with his request. A little pain could maybe teach him some humility, the swordsman rationalised. But when he applied a little more pressure to Sanji's sensitive hole, the blonde merely grunted and then chuckled defiantly, meeting the swordsman with a fiery kiss that seemed to say that Zoro didn't have to worry about him. Zoro then entered another finger and pressed them full in, moving them a moment later. Finally hitting the spot that Zoro knew would change the blonde's mind about the discomfort, Sanji let out a loud, low and long moan, arching his back to press against Zoro's own sexually heated flesh.

'Oh god, what was that?' Sanji thought fervently, as Zoro's fingers once again pressed, harder this time, against the part of his body that sent shivers of fire down his spine. 'Oh god, oh crap, oh fuck…damn you, you bastard, do it again…'

The first mate grinned and chuckled darkly, having noticed how strong a reaction the blonde had shown towards his touch. "You like that?"

"Yes. More. Please."

Sanji cried out again when Zoro once again shifted his fingers teasingly, stealing the breath from the other man's throat. Suddenly, Zoro had pulled his two digits out of Sanji's body and was pressing himself against the lithe body below him, distracting Sanji with an intense kiss while he reached with one hand for something behind Sanji's head. Though wondering vaguely what the other man could be doing, Sanji allowed his mouth to be dominated while the swordsman swiftly brought the hand back down and moved it towards his own erection. Understanding, Sanji allowed Zoro time to lubricate himself, trailing deep patterns in the muscle and flesh of Zoro's back with his nails. Responding well to the pain, Zoro moaned and sat back once more, wrapping one hand once more around Sanji's cock and the other grasped on Sanji's thin hip.

Zoro looked up and, panting, met Sanji's gaze with something like kindness in his eyes. "This is going to hurt."

Sanji knew what was coming next. He felt his body tense in anticipation, his mind instantly reminding him of how much two fingers had hurt just by themselves. But he pushed it aside and nodded his head. "I know."

Zoro raised an eyebrow and slowly pushed his hips forward, coming to a stop when the blonde winced; the head of Zoro's cock slid effortlessly inside Sanji's body, having been heavily lubricated moments later. Having expected it to hurt more, Sanji let out a moan of relief; he was glad that the swordsman wasn't too hell-bent on inflicting excess pain. Panting heavily, Sanji saw Zoro bite his lip and push in a little further, eyes flickering up to watch for a negative reaction. Already used to the intrusion, Sanji raised an eyebrow and clenched his muscles, wrenching a moan out of Zoro as his inner warmth clamped around his cock.

"Smartass…crap cook…" The swordsman panted, growling at the feral glint in Sanji's eye.

"Who, me?"

Sanji pouted innocently and wiggled his hips, instructing Zoro to keep going. Complying, Zoro slowly moved forward until he was completely sheathed inside Sanji's burning body, both hands now securely placed on Sanji's hips. Sanji once more tensed his muscles, causing Zoro to curse and lean forward to press his lips against Sanji's in a searing kiss. Lifting his legs to wind them around Zoro's, Sanji used his thighs to push Zoro's ass down, pressing the swordsman further into himself. Not one to miss an obvious invitation when he felt one, Zoro pulled his hips back and then tentatively pushed himself back against Sanji's body, letting out a moan of pleasure as Sanji arched in response.

Once again repeating the motion, a slow and steady pace began to emerge as Zoro thrust into Sanji's tight ass, a low moan escaping his lips every time he slid himself back inside his lover. Sanji too, was panting loudly, overwhelmed with the new sensation of a hard item being pumped in and out of his body. Zoro lay on top of his lover and kissed the pale long neck while Sanji slid flat palms down sweat glossed skin to clench at Zoro's rear. The temperature steadily rising, Sanji cried out Zoro's name when the swordsman thrust back rather roughly, and Zoro nibbled at Sanji's shoulder in apology, under the impression that he had hurt the blonde.

However Sanji showed no signs of pain, and in fact thrust his hips on Zoro's next downstroke to recreate the roughness of the last push. Catching on, Zoro moved a little harder in the next drive and wreaked another delightfully filthy cry of his name from Sanji's kiss-swollen and open lips. He grinned to himself-Sanji obviously preferred it a little rougher. Please to comply, Zoro sat back and pulled Sanji's hips up with his hands, starting a new, much rougher and harder rhythm than before. Pounding into the thinner man, Zoro felt his self-control slowly begin to ebb away as Sanji became more and more vocal, Zoro's name mixed with quite a few swear words echoing in the small kitchen.

Chest heaving, Sanji looked over at the swordsman nestled between his legs and panted one simple sentence, the request sounding like music to Zoro's ears.


A feral grin spread over Zoro's tanned face and he immediately slammed into Sanji, causing the blonde to scream out and leave him breathless. Zoro leant over and growled, almost dangerously, into Sanji's ear. "As you wish, Lovely."

Without a second's hesitation, the first mate established a fast and punishing pace that was mirrored by the elevating cries of pleasure from the man beneath him; the sound of flesh slapping against flesh was almost completely drowned out by Sanji's yells of ecstasy. A few minutes of the punishment managed to continue before Zoro started to feel the edge coming, his body covered in thin sheens of sweat and low guttural growls issued forth from his mouth with each thrust, and he knew that Sanji must be close too. Nails raking down the table, Sanji arched and pushed with each thrust, his internal warmth also clenching in time with Zoro's rhythm.

One hand on Sanji's waist, Zoro's other callused hand slid roughly to Sanji's erection and promptly began to pump it in time with his own pounds into the cook's warmth. Seeming to almost push Sanji to the edge, Zoro used the last of his mental strength to convince his hand to lift Sanji's rear up off the table, changing the position so that his cock slid into his lover and hit that one spot that had driven Sanji wild last time. Hard thrusts hitting his prostrate and a warm hand rubbing his erection, Sanji called out Zoro's name loudly, managing to stutter a faint recognition of the pleasure.

"Close…god…Zoro, yes, harder…" The blonde felt Zoro's pace quicken as he too neared orgasm, and one single thought flew through Sanji's pleasure-ridden mind as his eyes saw white.


With a scream of Zoro's name, Sanji arched his back and came violently into Zoro's hand, entire body tensing with the climax. Zoro let out a deep and loud cry as he thrust one last time before also reaching his orgasm, the intense heat of Sanji's body driving his senses over the edge.

Panting heavily, he collapsed on top of the sweaty cook beneath him and laid his head heavily in the dip of Sanji's shoulder. Lethargically, Sanji's raised both arms and let them fall over his lovers back in a half-assed attempt at a hug, feeling his heartbeat pound in his throat. For a few moments, only the steady thump of two speeding heartbeats and the frantic pants for breath filled the blisteringly hot kitchen before Zoro finally propped himself up and slid effortlessly out of Sanji, collapsing to the cooks left side a moment later. Loosing a groan as he felt his lover leave him, Sanji swallowed loudly and turned his head to look over at the exhausted man leaning on his side next to him.

Zoro's eyes were half-open and his cheeks were a brilliant crimson; shifting his gaze downwards, Sanji saw that Zoro's body was heaving with every breath, muscles glistening in sweat. Slowly, Zoro's eyes met Sanji's and their eyes connected for a brief moment before Zoro smiled and shifted over, resting one arm over the cooks torso and placing his head on his heaving chest. Sanji smiled a moment later, realising that it was Zoro's bizarre attempt to cuddle. He chuckled and, ignoring the pain shooting from his lower back, rolled over to face his lover, placing their foreheads together and slinking an arm around the tanned waist.

'That's how you do it, stupid.' Sanji thought to himself, feeling the need to sleep overcome him. 'That's another thing I'll have to teach you, I suppose. How to show affection. Stupid Zoro.'

"We can't sleep here, you know."

Zoro's voice knocked Sanji out of his reverie, jolting him out of the sleep he didn't know he was about to slip into. Sanji opened his eyes and frowned, remembering a second later where they actually were. 'That's right-we're in the kitchen. On the table. Crap.'

"I can't be fucked moving." The blonde pouted when he saw Zoro grin and shake his head.

"Well I could carry you to bed, I guess." The swordsman raised an eyebrow and Sanji knew that the bastard was about to mention something that Sanji would want to kick him for. "Would you like that, Lovely?"

Sanji frowned. "Why are you calling me that?"

"I think it suits you." Zoro said smugly, kissing Sanji lightly on the lips. "It's my new name for you."

"Well I don't like it. Call me something else."

"I thought you'd say that. So you get a choice: its crap cook, or Lovely. Pick one."

Sanji growled and lazily kicked Zoro's thigh. "Cut it out, asshole. Can't you just call me Sanji like everyone else?"


Sanji sighed, not having the energy to fight for a name that sounded a little more masculine. "So why am I 'Lovely'? At least there was a reason behind crap cook."

"Because that's what you are. You're lovely." Zoro smiled and sat up, looking down at Sanji with a playful expression on his face. Sanji furrowed his eyebrows and also sat up, resting his heavy head on Zoro's warm shoulder. The swordsman kissed Sanji's sweat glistened hair and hopped off of the table, looking up at a very perturbed blonde cook. "So now you're mine, I can call you 'my Lovely'. See? It makes sense."

"I still don't like it. It sounds girly. I aint no girl, if you haven't noticed." Sanji gently slid off the table and took the handtowel that the other man was offering him, ignoring the possessiveness that Zoro's words had portrayed.

"True." Zoro admitted, having cleaned his lower half and slid on his pants. "But you can be very effeminate sometimes."

Sanji stopped in between slipping into his boxers and dropping the towel and looked up, a scowl curling his features. "Say that again and I'm going to kick you into next week."

Zoro shrugged. "Like you can be fucked. And besides, I thought you wanted to go to bed."

Sanji sighed and felt exhaustion seep into his muscles. 'He's right, stupid swordsman. I could really use a nap…' The cook felt his shoulders droop and Zoro smirked triumphantly, going back to cleaning himself up. 'But 'Lovely'?! I mean, come on! That's the worst pet name I've ever heard…stupid Zoro…no imagination…'

"Still want me to carry you?"

Sanji looked up to see Zoro, wearing only his pants, holding his arms out and motioning towards the door, a know-it-all smirk on his handsome face. Sanji finally smiled and dropped the towel on the table, having finished cleaning himself off. Though still only wearing his boxers, Sanji felt his tired body agree wholeheartedly with the swordsman's suggestion.

"Alright, fine. But only so long as no one sees us, you don't tell anyone I let you carry me and you CANNOT call me 'Lovely' in public." The cook crossed his arms stubbornly and glowered at his lover. "Clear?"


The swordsman gathered up their clothes and passed them to the cook, a pleased grin never leaving his face. With Sanji holding their belongings, Zoro swooped down and swept Sanji off of his feet, securely holding him bridal style and laughing at the mortified expression on Sanji's face.

Checking to make sure the coast was clear, Sanji turned the doorknob and Zoro elbowed the door open, hurriedly stealing a quick look around before sneaking down into the bowels of the ship where their sleeping quarters were. Closing the doors behind them, Zoro put Sanji down and locked the door, while Sanji put their things down and crawled into the nearest hammock. Making himself comfortable, he shifted out of the way so that Zoro could join him, a few moments later the two repositioning themselves so that Zoro was lying on his back and Sanji was cuddled into his chest.

Zoro chuckled, pulling the covers over their almost completely bare bodies. He rested a hand on Sanji's silky blonde hair and toyed with a few strands before moving to trace relaxing patterns on his upper back. "So you did come to me for a cuddle after all, huh Lovely?"

"Shut up." Sanji mumbled tiredly, already starting to doze off. "You're not gonna leave me alone with that name, are you?"


"Whatever. Now shut up, you wore me out. Let me sleep."

Zoro smiled again, feeling the steady tickle of Sanji's warm breath against his still heated skin. Sanji nuzzled against Zoro's chest and then closed his eyes, one hand lying over Zoro's scar and the other curled beneath him. One last thought trailed sluggishly through Sanji's mind before he fell asleep, and Zoro noticed the smile that curled his attractive mouth.

'Lovely…its not that bad a name, really….I could get used to it...I guess…I like it better than crap cook…not that I'll ever tell him.'

A few minutes later, Zoro's loud snores echoed through the room and Sanji blearily opened an eye, the loud drone having woken him up. He growled and curled around Zoro further, nuzzling until Zoro shifted and the snoring stopped.

'Stupid Zoro.'

Robin finally put down the book she had been reading on the small table next to her seat and took a last sip from her glass of tropical juice. Smiling slightly, she got up and inconspicuously stretched, looking around to the kitchen to see the door open again. Smiling knowingly, Robin blossomed a few hands and closed the door quietly before quietly walking up to the back of the ship. Silently she sat down on the edge of Nami's tangerine box and watched with bemused interest as Usopp, Chopper and Luffy fought over whether or not 'longnose' was one word or two.

Robin had suggested that they play scrabble while waiting for lunch, and the three pirates had gotten distracted as the game became more competitive. According to Luffy, if Usopp could put down 'firecracker' as one word, then 'longnose' could count as one word too; Usopp blatantly disagreed, and Chopper was trying to play peacemaker.

"Are they still arguing over that?" Nami emerged from the tangerine grove, basket full of round orange fruit in hand and a disapproving frown on her face.

"It appears so, Navigator-san." Robin said good-naturedly, smiling as Chopper accidentally knocked Luffy with one of his horns while trying to pull Usopp away from the scrabble board, which he was attempting to tip over.

Nami whipped out her staff, assembled it swiftly and hit all three boys on the head, huffing under her breath. "Sanji better have a good excuse for keeping lunch for so long!"

Robin only smiled and blossomed a few hands to help Luffy untangle himself from Usopp and then looked over at the navigator with a knowing twinkle in her eyes. "I'm sure Cook-san has a very good reason."

Nami merely shrugged and wandered back into the grove, allowing the three winded boys to stop looking guilty and set up the scrabble board for another match. Robin straightened her hat and thought of an excuse that she could provide the two older men with when they woke up.

Sanji and Zoro would owe Robin.

A lot.

And there we are! HOORAY!


A: In episode 202 of the Japanese Version (WHICH RULES), Zoro refers to Sanji as 'Idiot Lovely'.

Heres the scenario:

The marines have them surrounded and throw a few shells of tear gas at Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Sanji. Usopp's goggles protect him from them and Sanji almost gets his head cut off coz he can't see, but Zoro's scooting around with his eyes closed, kicking ass. He says "Tear gas won't work on me, unlike Idiot Lovely over there." Which really pisses Sanji off…and then Luffy Gum Gum Whips all the marines and accidents gets Zoro and Sanji as well. Sanji calls Luffy a dumbass and then starts on Zoro…"And you, you stupid marimo, what'd you say before?!" And then they get into a play fight and it's really funny. So yeah. I decided that Zoro's pet name for Sanji could be 'Lovely', coz he actually does refer to him in that term…so why not affectionately name him that too? Lol. YAY!


Seagoon: "Where am I?"

Grytpype-Thynne: "England."

Seagoon: "What number?"

Grytpype-Thynne: "7A. Have a Gorilla."

Seagoon: "No, they hurt my throat."

Grytpype-Thynne: "Oh, naughty Gorillas."

--The Goon Show 'Napoleon's Piano'.

I hope u guys liked it, I dunno…I think it may have got a little weak towards the end there, but I loved it anyway. Tell me what you think, I love reviews!

Ps: go Robin!! Ja ne!

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