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Chapter 7

Kakashi stared in awe as the small slip of a girl they'd freed first waved her hand, said a few words and the Sound-nin were thrown through the walls, none of them getting up again. No wonder Akira had been so insistent these people not be allowed to remain in Orochimaru's 'care'. He shrugged as Raidou peeked tentatively around the corner before motioning his team forward.

"Buffy!" Dawn yelled and her sister caught her, hugging her tightly.

"Buffster." Akira greeted and she looked him over before shaking her head.

"Not even going to ask. Willow?"

"Out cold."

"So who was...Dawn!"

"What? I practically have 'it's Tuesday, kidnap me' tattooed on my back, of course I', going to learn to defend myself. There were a few soft chuckles, whatever Dawn had done earlier was obviously working on them all as they could understand the argument between the sisters.
"I'm tired of having to wait around to be rescued all the time and better I know how to use and control it then to have it react accidentally if I get mad at someone."

"Okay point. Where are Faith and Giles?"

"We've got other teams searching but its slow going since someone set off the alarms." Akira told them.

"Faith's close, I can feel her." Buffy said and Akira nodded, but the ninja just looked confused.

"Slayer thing, they can sense each other." He explained and they started moving again.

They ran through the trees, the uninjured carrying the injured and the Council group since they couldn't use chakra to stick to the branches. They were still hours from the border where they could expect backup and there were several groups of Sound-nin behind them. Dawn was clinging to Kakashi's back, her eyes shut as she chanted under her breath, doing her best to keep them hidden from their pursuers and to slow them down. A storm was raging several miles back but it was no natural storm and it was slowly waning as Dawn tired. They really needed Willow to wake up but she showed no signs of doing so any time soon.


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