A pretty little rich girl

Flounced right into town

About five years old

She wore a pink dress

With a pretty plastic crown.

"Someday, I'll be ruler of Oz!"

She'd pronounce to all she met

And they would smile and pat her head

So her coronation date was set

On her sixth birthday her party

Was one fit for a queen

She said "Well, I will be one!

Just wait around and see!"

Around three o'clock her guests gathered

In the party room

A new toy tiara was brought in

As well as a wand-broom.

"Now I am queen!"

She yelled, with ecstatic pride.

And for a month

Her family by her law had to abide.

As her royal court

She chose her teddies and her dolls

Her advisor was Pink Teddy

'Cause he was kinda tall.

And she practiced and she practiced

For days and days and days

Until she thought she had perfected

Her proper queenly ways.

But being queen grew weary

And the little girl moved on

And her royal court became once again

Just her toys, and that was all.

Never did she dream

Her fantasy of youth

Might someday become

The sadness of her truth.

That she would be ruler of the land

With a tiara and real wand

And that her subjects would be real

And of her rather fond

But had she guessed it as a child

She never would have seen

Her rule was like a nightmare

And less like a daydream.

Gaining royalty, you see,

Comes at a sad price

And many things happen that

Aren't always very nice.

The little girl thought that

Ruling was all fun

Butterflies and puppies,

But never did she once

Consider that

A rule-ship

Might make you lose a friend

And no matter what you do

The grief might never end.

Think better of your decisions

And of where you stand

This is what changed the fate

Of little Galinda Upland.