A/N: Okay, I lied - here's another song. I've had it knocking around in my head for a while and had to put it up, because it doesn't really go anywhere else. This one, unfortunately, will not make since unless you know Hairspray. Well, it'll make sense, but you won't know the tune. If you do know Hairspray, it's to the tune of Good Morning Baltimore Reprise. Takes place from Nessa's view after Boq is turned into a tinman.

Good Morning Munchkinland

By Nessarose Thropp

Oh oh oh

I'm all alone

Boq's heart is gone

And mine's broken, too

This morning life was

A Munchkinland fairy tale

Now I feel so frail

My sister's run off

And now I've lost Boq

I much prefer

The way things were this morning

So, Boq, come back to me now

'Cuz I love you

And it's not my fault

Don't you care at all?

So get ready Munchkinland

You're about to see what I can

Do to get Boq back to me

Then he'll open his eyes and see

That maybe Munchkinland

Runs better under my hand

And then – possibly

He'll find he does love me

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