Chapter 14

I decided I needed to take a walk. Pip came with me. As we waked down the street and passed the shops, Pip talked about his life. He was twenty years old, and he was currently homeless, big shocker there.

"In high school I was voted most likely to succeed." He said. I held back a sarcastic comment.

"Why was that?" I asked. He sighed.

"I come from a wealthy family, and well, in high school I was good looking and I did some modeling, so everyone thought I was going to become a big shot producer or something." He said.

"Wow. Yeah, I was once decent looking to. Then I gained a fuck load of weight and got poodle hair." I scowled. Pip raised an eyebrow.

"Your still beautiful," he said. I snorted.

"How do you figure?" I asked. He stopped walking.

"You've got flawless skin. Your features are extraordinary, you've got amazing cheek bones, and big eyes. But out of everything I think it's the vibe you send out that is most beautiful, your not like other girls who think and know their beautiful, your real." He replied.

"Thanks," I mumbled. I noticed I was only two miles away from my house so I departed from Pip. He waved his goodbyes and then walked back towards the park. I began to walk up the hill when I heard running behind me. I twirled around and saw Pip running back to me.

"When will I see you again?" he asked. I fought the temptation to roll my eyes.

"I don't know, I'm sort of busy with school and all. I'll see you around." I lied. He squeezed my arm gently. I sighed.

"Please, I know I may seem quite crazy, but my dreams are telling me that I need you in my life. It's like a sign from god or something." He said. Or from Satan, I thought. He released my arm after he realized how corny he had just sounded.

"Pip, I don't think my dad would like it if he found out I was blowing off school to hang out with a homeless guy. No offense, but you aren't exactly Mr. charming." I said. I waited to see hurt in Pip's eyes but there was none. He nodded.

"Then help me," he said. I rolled my eyes.


"Fix me up, I don't know, cut my hair or make me shave, just help me." He said. I grabbed his wrist and pulled him up the hill.

"Just follow me and don't talk." I said a little harshly. He was more than glad to follow me up the massive hill and then into my empty house.

"My dad can possibly show up at any moment so let's not speak." I said.

I sat Pip down in a chair and pulled a pair of scissors out of the cabinet. He said nothing as I grabbed his ponytail and carelessly cut it off. I began to cut around his face and such. His hair was greasy and I found mud and grass in unusual places. When I finished his hair looked limp and greasy. Quietly I brought him up to the shower and gestured with my hands for him to take one.

While he showered I went up to my dad's room and searched for some old clothes he wouldn't miss. I settled on an ancient pair of Levis and an old white t-shirt with a faded black AC/DC printed on it. Then I did what no daughter should ever need to do: search through his underwear drawer. I grabbed a pair of white underpants and quickly shut the drawer. I stood up slowly and walked back to the bathroom. I opened the door and dropped the clothes on the ground and then waited in the hallway.

Time passed and at last the door opened. I almost peed my self. There was no longer a homeless man standing in front of me, now there was a young, brawny, hot man standing in front of me. His hair was still damp from the shower but it brought out all his facial features. I couldn't help but stare.

"You clean up well." I said. He laughed softly.

"Yeah, well, I was a model after all." He said. The shirt was a bit tight on him which was all the better, because he had a nice body. It wasn't incredibly toned like in fitness magazines but it was nice and almost secretly toned.

"Wow, I guess so," I said, sounding like a twelve year old. He was making me feel giddy.

"Well, how about you do your school work and I'll cook dinner." He said.

"You cook?" I asked. He gave a shy smile.

"Well I had to learn in high school, 'cause chicks really dig it and all." He said, as his face turned red. I smiled.

"Well then cook away." I said.

I tried to pay attention to chemistry, I really did. But Pip just started cracking jokes and I had to join in. He opened the stove and checked the chicken. The door suddenly opened and my dad came in followed by Sam.

"Hey, kid, something smells edible." My dad said in a loud cheerful voice. He entered the kitchen and starred at pip who pulled out the baked chicken and set it on top of the stove.

"Hi, dad!" I said a little to sweetly.

"Who are you?" my dad asked, nodding to Pip. Pip removed the baking mitt and extended a hand for my father to shake.

"I'm Pip, a friend of Ella's." he said. My dad shook Pip's hand.

"I'm Dean, father of Ella, who just happens to have a large gun collection." He said. The smile on Pip's face vanished.

"He's just kidding," I said.

"No I'm not, I do own a lot of guns." My dad said.

"Yeah, but you would never…okay maybe you would." I said. Sam laughed.

"Well this should be a fun meal." Pip said.