Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade or these quotes, which came from the anime.

Kai: Excuse me but I have a match to win.
Tyson: He ain't so tough...
Kai: I heard that!

Tyson: Bed! Perfect for a pillow fort!
(Kai grabs Tyson in the back of his shirt)
Kai: Will you learn to grow up? This isn't playtime remember?
Tyson: Why don't you try smiling, Kai? Or are you just afraid your face might crack?
Kai: Wha?
Tyson: Yeah! I hereby name this bed Fort Naptime!
Max: You're such a wet blanket. You should loosen up and have some fun. Tyson's got the right idea.
Kai: Hn. Why did I ever come here? I'm no babysitter.
(Max is giggling in background)
Tyson: Wah! Wah! Could you get us some soda and chocolate bars and then could you read us a story please?
Kai: Buncha wise guys.

Kai: For once, I agree with Tyson. Let's beat these guys!
Tyson: Wow, that's the most you've said in a week! You have communication problems, dude.

Max: Everyone looks like ants down there.
Kenny: Duh, they are ants. That's the balcony.

Tyson: That sure is a long way down.
Ray: Wanna push?
Tyson: Uuhhhhh!!!!(Shakes head repeatedly)

Tyson: My mouth feels like something furry died in it.

Max: All right! What are we waiting for?
Tyson: Our fifth wheel of course. Kai, are you coming?
Kai: Hn, and skip dessert?

Diego: I hear your blade's pretty good, but look here. Mine's got a surprise just for you!
Ray: What a freak...

Tyson: Ok guys, enough with the small talk. I've got an elbow-bending date with the buffet table. (He runs of to the buffet table)
Kenny: More like first, second and third date at least.
Max: With Tyson around, he'll have those chefs working overtime.
Kenny: Whoa!
Ray: What is it? (He looks at the buffet table and gasps at seeing Tyson standing on the table eating like a pig) I'm no expert at table manners, but something tells me that's not how your supposed to eat in a fancy restaurant! Unbelievable!
Kenny: Look at him go!
Max: I'd rather not.
Ray: For goodness sake, Tyson, use a fork!
Kenny: Or better yet, a shovel!

Max: Tyson, you look like a zombie!

Tyson: Are you sure you're not scared, Kai?
Kai: You can tease me all you want Tyson, but I couldn't care less.

Tyson: Kai.. way to go!
Kai: You'd be so lost without me.

Tyson: Are you sure you should be driving?
Grandpa: Sure dude, I've got a license!
Tyson: But it's for fishing!
Grandpa: Close enough my man!

Max: At least grandpa managed to keep the bus on the road.
Tyson: Yeah, for now.

Tyson: Hey, so where's the bey-stadium?
Enrique: You're standing in it.
Tyson: Huh?
Enrique: When I play, I play big little man.

Oliver: First step: bake them, shake them, and then take them!

Oliver: You play with your heart and not your head.
Tyson: And you don't play with either!

Kenny: We were wondering if you could give us a lift.
Oliver: Depends on who's asking.
Kenny: Oliver!
Enrique: And if we have room.
Kenny: Enrique!
Kenny: Because we have a tournament to get to!
Johnny: So what do you want, a medal?
Kenny: Johnny! Ok that's it what the heck is going on?
Johnny: The point is we like to win kid. Ha-ha!

Tyson: What just happened?
Robert: You lost. That's what.

Tyson: Looks like I win. Any last words there Robert?
Robert: You won, its no big deal.
Tyson: What do you mean it's no big deal... I won fair and square it is a big deal.

Tala: I hate to see you suffer like this really I do, but rules are rules and we have to finish this battle.

Tala: Hmm, I haven't quite decided what to do with you. Shall I finish you off quickly or make you suffer? Decisions, decisions.

Robert: Hey, I'm ready when you are pal!
Lee: No, me first!
Michael: Forget about them, they're all lame!
Sanqiunex: Hey, I'm always ready for a fresh victim!

Tyson: You're just talking trash, that's all!
Robert: No alas, I am talking to trash.

Brad: Here we are back in beautiful...uh...downtown...um...
AJ: We're in China, Brad. It's a country.

Brad: Mysterious is right! All we know about Bryan is that he has a falcon bit-beast named Falborg!
AJ: And that he needs a suntan! Talk about pasty!

Brad: And speaking of burly, check out that guy's eyebrows!
Gary: Why don't cha come down here and say it to my face! (pauses) I like my eyebrows!

Brad: You gotta like a guy that's not afraid to show his midriff.
AJ: Uh...no, you don't.

Kenny: So who's side are you on, Dizzi?
Dizzi: I'm not on anyone's side. I'm on your lap.

Brad: Coming to you live from the bleak Biovolt stadium. Where genetically engineered mutants serve you your concessions!

Brad: No matter which way you slice it, it sure is an honor to be in the presence of true greatness.
AJ: Aw, thanks Brad!
Brad: I was talking about Kai.

Dizzi: Aah! It's haunted toilet paper

Ray: You guys should really pay more attention to your waiters. I was serving you all night! You'd better leave me a nice tip.

AJ: Well, if you'd check your notes, Brad, you'd realize that Kai has just joined the battle.
Brad: You have notes?!

AJ: And he hasn't even broken a sweat!...Unlike you, Brad! Phew!
Brad: I can't help it! I was born with overactive sweat glands.

Grandpa: You gotta admit, it's way better than that elevator music you listen to!
Mr. Dickenson: I dance like this in the elevator too!

AJ: As long as Driger's prime, he still has a shot at winning!
Brad: And I have a chance at singing in the Vienna Boys Choir.

Kai: You talk the talk, but can you back it up in the stadium?

Tyson: I know, I know, it's just a hologram.
Dizzi: What was your first guess, a floating head?

Max: I'm king of the world!
Tyson: All hail king Max.

Kai: There's no Kai in team either.

Tyson: Awesome. French cuisine is really good!
Kenny: Really? How can you tell? You're shoveling it in so fast, you don't even have time to taste it.
Tyson: Do, too.
Kenny: This is a seven-course meal, and you're on your tenth.
Tyson: Oh, yeah? Then bring on eleven and twelve!
Kenny: You've had hors d'oeuvres, soup, salad, fish, mean, and veggies.
Tyson: Where's dessert?
Kenny: All I'm saying is, remember your manners.
Tyson: Oh, you mean I've been using the wrong fork?

Ray: Which way is the stupid bathroom?

(Max and Tyson making fun of Kenny because he's scared of vampires)
Kenny: Well isn't it possible that I just ate some spicy food and it's making me unbearably sticky, huh?
Tyson: Spicy food, huh? Hmhmhm. Whatever you say. (In Count Dracula voice) I'm really scared of vampires!
Kenny: (freaking out) No, hot sauce!
Max: I hope the hot sauce didn't spoil it's blood.
Kenny: Hey, leave me alone. (Tyson laughs in background) Quit poking at my neck!
Tyson: I want to suck your blood! Hoho, hahaha.
Kai: This just keeps getting worse.

Kai: Who's the loser now Johnny?!
Tyson: Hey, way to go Kai!
Ray: Yeah, the old sourpuss actually did it!

Kenny: Max, do you think (Tyson) he's got butterflies in his stomach?
Tyson: (munching down on food and almost chokes)
Max: Probably. He's got everything else in there.

Kai: Sorry Gramps, but Tyson and I have work to do. Seeing as the World Championships are over the Bladebreakers don't exist anymore. That means we're not teammates. We're competitors and I want action!
Max: Hey don't forget about me! I want a battle with the world champ too you know.
Ray: Hey give him a break! If you want a battle, then try taking on my Driger!
Mariah: Bring it on Tyson, unless you're afraid to lose!
Emily and all the other teams: Yeah!

Grandpa: Well little dude, looks like your homeboys get first dips on your training!
Kenny: Don't say that Grandpa, we're all one big team.
Everyone: Yeah!
Tyson: Yeah, that's right Chief and it's the only way to get to the top!
DJ Jazzman: Alright folks, take out your beyblades and in 3,2,1, let it rip!!!
Everyone: Let it rip!!!!

Okay, so those were just some of the quotes, mostly from the first season. If you want more quotes from the other seasons, next chap is coming up in a while!