Just to say, my grammar in this may not be so great because I keep on rambling on.

Everyone, it's me. I'm sorry to say that there will probably be no last chapter of this fic. My dad died on Sunday of a heart attack and I don't think I can do another chapter now. And I know many of you have been waiting months for this. I would love to, but I just can't. Thank you to everyone who has read/reviewed/alerted/favorited this fic. It's been a really pleasure doing this and I will miss every one of you. I'm even crying now because I have loved all of the positive reviews I have gotten over time and they always made me smile. I hope you understand.

In memory of my dad
February 1, 1955-March 3, 2007
Dad, you were the greatest person I ever met
And you was the one who understood me the most
I will always miss you and can't wait to see you in Heaven