"You are unbelievable!"

"Why, because of the way I was questioning that suspect?" Booth strode across the room and shut the blinds to his office, he didn't want any of his coworkers to see yet another fight between him and the anthropologist. The room was thick with annoyance, one misstep and you could start an inferno of anger.

When he turned, she was glaring at him from the other side of the room, her arms folded.

"No one should be interrogated like that, Booth."

"He knew, Bones. He knew what happened to that girl. If I hadn't said the things I did we wouldn't be inches away from the killer right now."

"So catching the killer is all that matters?" her tone was cool, and he didn't understand what was going on. Usually she was all over him interrogating suspects with aggression.

It pissed him off.

They were only a few inches apart now. Her eyes were hard, the grey or blue or green or whatever colour they were bright, angry. It made him a little taken aback. It wasn't him that she usually looked at like that. She turned to leave; she looked a little out of joint herself, maybe unprepared for how deeply he'd looked into her eyes.

He grabbed her wrist to stop her from leaving and getting the last word in, and she almost looked worried in her surprise. His predatory stare didn't move from her eyes, but hers traveled down to where his hand gripped her arm.

"Don't push me, Bones."

She blinked, catching hold of his gaze.

Threatening. He was angry at her, and she was already regretting what she had said.

Intense. She felt like she needed to take a step back, but knew the wall was only a little way behind her, and she didn't want to be backed up against it. She was already trapped by his stare. Her dominant side wanted to retort, return his sharp words and get one up on him.

He knew she wanted to say something, and her own gaze towards him held a hint of defiance, and he wished she wasn't so damned pushy. Though he had to admit, it turned him on.

Anger on Brennan was attractive. She got forceful, and if anything, her beauty was highlighted in her annoyance, the inferno hidden just behind her eyes.

He liked what she did to him. How she made him feel. And as much as she denied it, she liked it too. The tension between them was always there, and it wasn't only in their arguments that it turned sexual. There was an attraction, they both knew it, but they were both either too stubborn or too much in denial to admit it.

They both hated that they could make each other feel the way they did, that whenever their fights became heated the air crackled with electricity, one touch shorting a circuit and causing them to crash back to reality, remember themselves and what they were saying to each other.

But they loved how they toed the line of danger, knowing that at any minute one of them could overstep their bounds, and a flash of lust would pass over their eyes.

"If that's some kind of sexual innuendo, I want nothing to do with it."

Trust her.

His grip loosened on her arm and it was gone. The oppressive tension, the feeling of danger, everything. They were just Booth and Brennan standing in each other's personal space again.

"I'm going home now," she said, her arm falling back to her side.



She stood for a second, almost like she was going to say something, her face only inches from his, but she either couldn't or wouldn't muster up the courage, and turned away, throwing a goodbye over her shoulder.

He waited until she was out the door before saying anything, afraid he might accidentally come out with something like 'have sex with me' instead of