Tears of Fire and Love

Chapter 1: Aang's Visit to the Spirit World

(a/n I've been waiting awhile to write this story. I hope it's good.

One thing I love about avatar is Aang and Katara's friendship. So what the hell, enjoy the FanFic…) :D

OK, remember that the latest episode of avatar doesn't count. The gang leaves Ba Sing Se after they find Appa, TOGETHER! They have to be together, Katara and Aang might have a few flames later. Now, on with the FanFic!

Sweat poured down Aang's front, and breaths as deep as hell were taken in. Swirls of black clouds surrounded him, and rivers of blood passed.

"Aang…young avatar… I must…speak with you…" whispered a snake like voice. It hissed in his ear, sending ice cold shivers down Aang's cold spine.

"Avatar Roku?" Aang's hoarse whisper echoed through the darkness. The hissing voice came back.

"Yes, it is me Aang. I must speak with you…..soon. I have opened the portal through our worlds. Tomorrow we will speak…" the black clouds disappeared, leaving Aang under a blue sky. He sat up, almost in slow motion, and looked around hopefully.

"Hello?" he called. Suddenly, his heart leapt with joy: Katara. She was coming toward him, in his dream. Her beautiful face, sea blue eyes, wavy hair-

"Aang! Wake up! Are you OK?" Aang's hopes were drowned as a cool rag swept over his forehead. He opened his heavy eyelids to see Katara in his tent, looking sickened with worry.

"Katara-!" Aang yelped. He sat up, and covered his body with a blanket. He only had his underwear on.

"Aang, I could hear you wailing from the other tent! What's wrong? It looked like you were having a nightmare… you yelled my name before you woke up," Katara said in a dead mute voice. She was serious.

"I'm fine; Roku visited my dream, was all. Apparently I have to go to the spirit world today. Isn't that great…" Aang said with a sigh. Katara looked at him with her azure eyes. They were like pools of blue trapped in her dark lashes.

"Well, OK. I was just worried. Ever since we left Ba Sing Se, you've been talking in your sleep. It really scares me. Good night, Aang," Katara left the tent. Her silky white night dress fallowed her as she left the tent. God, she's beautiful, Aang thought as he lay back in his sleeping bag. Her hair was always so beautiful at night, when she had it loose and wavy.

Aang had been in love with Katara ever since that hunk of ice released him, sending him in the arms of a pretty girl in a parka. Aang had always liked Katara for her breathtaking beauty and good sense of humor. The list went on from beautiful eyes to her amusing impersonations of Sokka, which they liked to imitate when Sokka's ill temper got the better of him. Aang even liked Katara when she had girl fights with Toph.

Aang stopped thinking of his massive, desperate crush on Katara and moved onto his dream. He knew he needed to talk with Roku tomorrow, and according to the moon that was in a couple of hours, but until then he had to sleep.


A bird chirped outside, and waves of sunlight filled Aang's tent. The young avatar stretched his arms out, and pulled on some pants. This time Katara would see him WITH pants.

No one was outside when Aang came out, so he went to go gather wood and maybe dinner. Sokka often complained on their lack of food, but even today he was going to be unhappy; Aang didn't eat meat.

Aang collected a large pile of wood, and found some blueberries and wild mangos as well. The sun overhead was still glowing pink as it raised from the trees. Aang put his pile of items down, and sighed with tiredness.

Only then he realized he was in front of a huge freshwater lake. The water was crystal clear blue, azure to be certain. Just like Katara's eyes… Aang smiled and headed back for camp.

Katara was bending water in a wooden bowl, and Toph was making a small rock dance in the air.

"Hey Twinkle toes, do you have any food?" Toph said with a yawn.

"Yeah, some- eh, Sokka, can you take the wood? This stuff his heavy!" Aang grunted. Sokka yawned, and turned over. He was in his tent, asleep.

"I've got them," Katara took the wood and made a neat structure of wood, ready to burn. She bended her water into her canteen, and looked off toward the trees. "I'm going to catch some fish. I can feel some water out there… and fish, too. Be right back," Katara hurried off toward the trees. Aang smiled, and watched her hair whip out of sight in the trees.

"Hey Twinkle toes, take a picture. It'll last longer!" Aang jumped, maybe eight feet in the air, and looked at Toph.

"I'm not staring at anybody!" he said innocently. He gave the trees a swift glance, though.

"Uh huh, sure Aang," she said lazily.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, for starters it's no secret your in love with Princess over there, and I can feel the love practically spinning around, ya'! Its pathetic, the way everyone wastes their time staring, and no time talking!" Toph said with a roll of her blind eyes.

"I…can you really feel love?" Aang asked Toph.

"Like hearing Sokka's snores every morning, and Twinkle toes, he's pretty loud," Toph mumbled. Aang thought for a moment.

"Does Katara…like me?" Aang asked.

"Hey, ask Katara!" Toph snapped. Aang sighed, and looked down at the fire wood. How was he going to start a fire?

"Hey, I got some fish!" cried Katara. She ran back to the camp, carrying six large fish.

"Oh, thank God!" Sokka strolled out of his tent. "I'm starving!"

"Were you waiting for us to do all the work?" demanded Katara.

"Nah, I just woke up!" snorted Sokka. Aang looked worriedly at Toph. Had Sokka heard them?

"How are we going to start a fire?" Toph asked. Aang shifted uncomfortably on the ground. Oh no, not him…

"Aang can firebend!" suggested Sokka. Aang gulped.

"No way… I can't….No, sorry!" Aang said quickly. Katara frowned, and stared at the ground. Aang still got tears in his eyes when he thought of the time he had burned Katara. He never talked about it.


One rolled down Aang's left cheek, and hit the wood. Then, suddenly, the wood caught fire. Aang jumped back. Was he crying…tears?

"AANG!" Sokka yelled. Aang jumped back, and stared at the small flame, that was spreading all through the wood. Licking, burning, blazing… The fire looked alive, eating the wood hungrily.

"Aang! I don't know how you did it, but add a fish to that fire!" Sokka said. He slipped a fish on a strong stick, and put it into the heart of the flames. In moments it was cooked nicely.

They all ate, even Momo, who had stolen Sokka's. Luckily, Aang didn't eat fish and let Sokka have his. Appa enjoyed his as well, grunting in recognition of the fish. Aang ate a good portion of berries and mangos.

When they were done, Aang decided it was time to visit the spirit world.

He went to his tent, and prayed silently.

"Dear spirits, please let me arrive there safely," Aang whispered. He crossed his legs, and was about to meditate, when Katara's voice came.

"Can I come in?" she asked. Aang murmured a quick, 'yes,' and she came inside.

"Can I watch over your body, Aang? If I don't, who knows what could happen to it? You'll be very vulnerable," Katara asked quietly.

"Sure, Katara. Thanks. I appreciate it," Aang began to meditate, and no sooner than his legs crossed, his spirit floated up, onto Avatar Roku's animal guide.

"Young avatar, thank you for coming. We must discuss a new bending problem, you're having," Avatar Roku's booming voice rattled through Aang's ears like a church bell. His new bending problem? The fire tears?

"The fire tears?" Aang asked.

"Yes, Aang. When a firebender turns thirteen, he's usually going through…'puberty…' and those fire tears are a sign of it. Today, you were born, uhh…. One hundred and thirteen years ago. However, you are thirteen today. This means that you shall be having more signs of firebending. You may bend more freely, and in more control. It only occurs openly and more dangerously, in your tears," Aang looked surprised. His thirteenth birthday? Monks didn't celebrate birthdays, and surely he couldn't be going through…puberty?

"Avatar Roku, umm….let me get this straight. I'm crying fire, it's my birthday, and I'm going through puberty?!" Aang said in a slightly shocked voice.

"Yes, Aang. You are becoming a man. You are becoming a firebender. It is time to learn your bending, and find a teacher. Good luck to you, and please, try to decide if you're a monk, or not. Yes, I know you're in love with Katara."

In a flash of light, Aang was back in his body. When he saw Katara's eyes on himself, he quickly became flustered.

"I….ummm…" Aang was lost for words.

"Aang…what happened?" Katara whispered in awe.

"I… well, Katara, apparently today is my birthday, and…" Aang tugged at his collar. "It's time to learn to firebend!"

Of course awkward wasn't even close to how Aang was feeling.