Author's FINAL note

I'm sorry for all the confusion. The epilogue was extremely confusing, a thousand apologies.

Well, here's the things I know for sure...

1. I'm not writing the sequel until I finish my new fiction, Living Shallow which is expected to have 10 chapters. (I'm currently writing chapter 5)

2. The Sequel will be called Together and Apart, where all your questions will be answered.

3. There will be a firebender in the family.

4. Azula will return and Zuko won't betray them again

I know this doesn't tell you a lot, but you get the picture. The sequel won't be nearly as confusing and totally demented, (I own every avatar dvd out so far and I've been going through them for new ideas) so stay tuned.

I'm hurrying on the new story. It'll be done quickly.

Kataang 4 ever,