Here ends Severus Snape Begins the Beguine. I borrowed these wonderful characters from JK Rowling, but my play time's over and I'm reluctantly preparing to hand them back. We'll soon see what really happens to them in Deathly Hallows. :D

It's been awesome fun to write more about Severus, Zelda, Michael and the gang, even though magic became marginal as the characters worked on the mundane stuff that's essential in good human relationships. Not to mention the frequent sex…

Thanks for reading, and all of you who are regular reviewers, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Every review you wrote made my day. Writing's great, but knowing someone's out there reading makes it much, much better.

I'm going to keep writing, but I'm not sure what I'll write about yet. After this long with Snape, Zelda and company, I need to clear my head a bit, but I'll be around.