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Author's note: Just a short little fic because I felt like it…maybe someone else will get some enjoyment out of it, too…

"Rodney, you give that to me right now!" Elizabeth barked, startling the unwary scientist from his work in the science lab.

"Give you what?" he asked, slightly puzzled. He followed her stare to the coveted object he held tightly in his hand. "Oh…no. NO, Elizabeth. Not that. Anything but that!"

"I want it and you will surrender it to me," she said flatly, staring him down. "…immediately!"

"Please, no, Elizabeth," McKay pleaded with the currently terrifying woman demanding his prized possession. "It's mine!"

"If you do not give that to me…" She began the threat she knew would succeed. "I'll tell Colonel Sheppard and he will track you down and string you up by your ankles…"

Rodney continued to give her a stubborn look, so she upped the ante.

"…over a giant vat containing all of the citrus we can find!"

He swallowed hard. He didn't especially like the idea of drowning in citrus while simultaneously suffering anaphylactic shock, but it wasn't much of a threat, for he knew that they wouldn't actually inflict the torture upon him. It was the thought of Sheppard chewing him out royally for denying Elizabeth what she had requested that frightened him. Not to mention the horrible attitude she'd give him for quite a bit of time to come if he didn't submit. She had gotten so moody lately! But still, he had worked hard to obtain the coveted item, and he wanted to keep it for himself.

"Elizabeth," he whined as a last ditch effort at maintaining possession of the object they both desired. "Do you have any idea what I had to go through to get this? Who I had to suck up to? Who I had to bribe? What I had to trade?"

She said nothing in response. She simply stood there, staring him down, looking more and more pissed with every passing second.

Dr. Rodney McKay, arrogant, stubborn and prideful man, folded.

"Fine! Take it!" he fumed, tossing the chocolate bar to her. She adeptly caught it and unwrapped the treat, exposing it halfway before taking a large bite, and then cooed with pleasure as she let it melt in her mouth. Rodney snorted in disgust, turning t to walk away from the thief that had denied him the last candy bar he could get hold of until a fresh supply arrived, and who knew how long that would be.

"I hate pregnant women," he seethed as he stalked off down the corridor.