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Chapter One

Maddie sat at the kitchen table clutching a cup of tea. It was probably cold by then, she figured. After all, she had been sitting there for a good hour, waiting for Danny to come home. He had missed his curfew again.

And the strangest part was that he had been home earlier, after they came back from the hospital. Then, he just seemed to disappear; she and Jack couldn't find him anywhere, not even in his room. They didn't worry too much, assuming he would be back by his curfew. But he wasn't.

Jack had attempted to reassure her, and convince her to come to bed. "Danny'll be fine. Just watch; he'll come home within the hour. Then, we can give him another lecture about how he shouldn't be late, and everything will be just fine!" he had said. But she had insisted upon waiting up for Danny. That had been at 10:30. It was now – she looked at the clock – 11:58, and he still wasn't home.

What if he's hurt? Maddie wondered nervously. She didn't want him in the hospital too. It was stressful enough to have just one of her children there...

But Danny always came home with bruises and scratches, as if he'd gotten into a scuffle with someone. It was sometimes disquieting to Maddie how much she didn't know about her own son. He'd been acting differently ever since he started high school, and she only wished she had an explanation. The only thing she got was call after call from the school, informing her when Danny skipped a class, or was late, or (more rarely) had destroyed school property. And when she and Jack met with Danny's teachers, they would say that Danny often fell asleep in class, or didn't do his homework, and that his grades were slipping.

The Danny she remembered was a relatively well-mannered student, at least putting some effort into school, and scraping maybe a B or B plus average, with the occasional A. Now, all she heard about were his Cs and even some Ds. She was afraid for her son. If his grades didn't pick up soon, his future wouldn't be too bright.

Maddie sighed and stirred her tea, taking a small sip. She looked up at the clock again. It was midnight.

Ring, ring.

The phone.

Ring, ring.

Maddie practically jumped from her seat at the table, sprinting to the phone. Please let it be Danny… At this point, she was past being angry with her son. She just wanted to know that he was safe and unharmed.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hello, is this Mrs. Fenton?" a woman's voice answered.

"Yes. May I ask who is calling?" Maddie was slightly dismayed that it wasn't Danny. But who was the woman? Her voice sounded familiar.

"This is Nurse Mendoso, from Amity Hospital." The many implications of this statement danced around in Maddie's head.

"Are you calling about Jazz?" she said quietly, with apprehension in her voice. "Is she alright?" Her hand trembled, shaking the phone against her ear.

"Yes, yes, Jasmine is stable. You can visit her tomorrow. Er, later today, I mean," the nurse reassured her. Then her voice turned somber. "But she's not the reason I'm calling. It's because of your son… Danny."

It was dark.

That was the first thing Sam noticed when she woke. She didn't know where she was. But she had an inkling of how she got there, since she was bound at the wrists, ankles, and knees by glowing green rope. The ghost that had attacked the school had taken them hostage.

By "them" she meant her and Tucker. She sat up (which, considering how she was bound, was quite an achievement) and looked around. She seemed to be in a small room. The only light came from the crack underneath the door to her left and her glowing ropes. By this light, she could vaguely make out a shape on the floor near the wall opposite her, bound by the same ropes. She presumed it to be Tucker. He began to stir.

"Ow," he groaned, "My head…" Sam watched with amusement as Tucker attempted to sit up. Due to his extreme lack of physical skill, he was having quite a bit of difficulty. It was so comical that Sam couldn't hold back a chuckle.

"Sam, I know that's you!" Tucker begged, hearing her. "Will you please come help me up already?"

"Um, no," Sam said after rolling her eyes. "I'm tied up too, genius."

"Darn!" the techno-geek exclaimed. After a few more moments of struggling, he gave up and laid on the cement floor. "So… do you know where we are?"

"Nope. Not a single clue."

After Danny had left the cafeteria that afternoon, Sam had been sulking about him while Tucker was trying to comfort her, and get her to talk. A few minutes later, the temperature had dropped significantly: a clear sign of a ghost.

A female, insane-looking ghost had suddenly appeared in front of them. This sent the rest of the students in the cafeteria running. Sam and Tucker had been about to run to get Danny, but the ghost stopped them by knocking them out.

Sam presumed that she had then kidnapped them, thus, they were in this small, dark room with no clue of the time or their location.

"Do you think Danny knows where we are?" Tucker asked.

"If he doesn't, he definitely knows we're missing by now," Sam replied.

After a few moments, Sam heard Tucker gasp softly.

"What?" she inquired.

"I think I know – " he started, but was cut off.

"Well, it seems that my two newest prisoners are awake at last!" exclaimed an odd-sounding voice. The door abruptly swung open and slammed loudly against the wall. The ghost from the cafeteria floated in with a huge grin plastered on her face.

"Who are you?" Sam demanded. "And where are we?"

"And why didn't you just phase through the wall instead of using the door?" Tucker asked. Leave it to Tuck to ask the stupid questions…

"Shut up, you fool! I'm the one who asks the questions here!" the ghost exclaimed, turning to Tucker, the grin still on her face. She stuck out an open palm and clenched her fist slowly. Sam didn't under stand what was happening until she heard choking sounds from the other side of the room.

"Tucker!" she yelled, afraid for her friend's safety. With the increased light from the open door, she could see his face turning nasty colors.

Then, the ghost unclenched her fist and Tucker gasped for air, his skin returning to its normal color. "I'm okay," he whispered between breaths.

"I hope you've learned that I ask questions, and you don't," the ghost said happily, completely unperturbed by the whole incident. "I would hate to have to do that again!"

Sam realized that this ghost wasn't some unthreatening nuisance like the Box Ghost. This ghost was dangerous… And she and Tucker were her hostages.

"It's because of your son… Danny."

Maddie didn't say anything. She feared that if she opened her mouth, she might scream into the phone.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Fenton, but your son is badly injured. Oddly, the Red Huntress herself brought him in a little while ago. She said that he'd been caught in a battle between her and a ghost. If you and Mr. Fenton would like to come down to the hospital right now, I'll have one of the doctors brief you on his condition."

For a moment more, Maddie was silent. Then she found her voice. "Yes, we'll be there shortly."

"Okay. Dr. Herreshoff will meet you in the waiting room."

"Alright. Goodbye." She hung up the phone, and quickly went upstairs to wake Jack for yet another trip to the dreaded hospital.

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