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Now before I continue with what had happened after my little breakdown you must know something. The new world was a lot worse than before after the undead had suddenly fallen. For the last four years of my life, all I had to worry about was where are the zombies, get food, and water, make it back to the city, and survive another day. Now.. I wasnt all to sure. I had heard stories, far worse scary stories from strangers about looters who rob others, and sometimes take the women. I heard of people who had gone so crazy that they acculary acted like zombies and bit people. Some others just went plain crazy, and the only time I had heard about that was from a man named Daniel who happened to come to our city looking for medical care. He claimed that he was attacked by some crazy person who shot at him and captured him, and..well I really don't wish to get into details about what he did, but lets just say, that it was enough to kill Daniel a day later.

I still shiver at the thought of how many people were taken or killed by our kind. I refer to our kind because well stating the obvious, you got the alive ones. The breathing, heart pumping, decision making, alive humans. Then you got the flesh eating, dead corpses on the ground.

Still, sitting here in the apartment with my friends, safe, its not hard at all to recall the sight of those dead bodies on the ground. Believe me on that one. And this might sound a little gross or disturbing to you, but you would have said the same thing. The sight of those corpses laying on the cold barren ground was definatly one of the most beatiful sights I had ever seen in my life. It was almost like the corpses symbolized a new birth after death for our kind, and that it was like Spring. The season of rebirth. The bodies were nothing but beatiful withering flowers that had surivived the harsh winter, only to die in the season of rebirth giving new life to those flowers that still survived all seasons. Yeah, like I said it sounds disturbing, and I still do question my mental statis at times, but I'm still a clean bill of health to the medical team.

So where does that leave me in my story I guess you would be asking. To sum things up after that little moment with me at the gas station, we continued our way towards the Canadian border. It didn't snow, but it was defiantly not warm either once we approached the NY border. Luckily for us, we had found a clothing store in Philadelpha, that looked fairly still intact. Philly, such a marvolus city. You know that was the first time I had ever been there, and maybe when some kind of order comes back to the nation, I'll visit again. Let me tell you, there is nothing like surviving the end of the world, to make you appreciate all that you had before. All the freedoms, all the materials, all the education, all the family and friends and hope and everything. Now it was survival is the first law to freedom, you survive, you are free to live another minute. You carried all your materials in a backpack or pockets. Schooling and education was another thing. I was lucky that the apartment next to me in the city we left, that the woman was a retired teacher. So instead of only having a 9th grade eduaction, I can say that I am the proud holder of a high school diploma. No, i didnt go to high school and graduate with a class, and I guess you could say that the diploma isnt offical, but dosent matter to me. I bet you I know more now than I would have at the end of high school. If there was one thing I held onto it was the hope that I could use the education for something better and greater in the future. So like anything you want, you have to work hard, long, and strive for it. If you do, trust me, you'll be surprised at what can be accomplished.

Still in the end, I haden't really given much thought to a future. Because you never could have known that today or the next day or even next week would be your last. Your future was living another hour, making it through another day. Surviving. but now, that we lived through that. What was really the future? Could we possibly rebuild what was taken? Could we live to create a community where future was a possibility? Would i see any of this in my life time?

It was hard to know anything at this point. It still felt to me as though it were still live another hour and see that future scenerio. I guess that is why the saying 'live everyday to the fullest because yesterday was but a dream of the past, and tomorrow is butt a dream for the future.' has become my favorite.

Even today, with things still moving along, I wonder if a future is accessable. If a future can ultimatly be obtained. Well, here's a little fact for you just to emphazie what I mean by this. After six months, the death toll was estimated to be around 5 billion. That is well over half the people in the world. If I am not mistaken, I believe that the world's population before all of this was 6 billion. Ok so a billion people might sound like a lot. But imagine that number added into every country, every continent, every major city. Now imagine that the world is starting over from scratch, almost everything is done by hand, the dead clean up, food making, clothes making, fire building, water bringing from streams and rivers, everything with only 1 billion people. Sounds almost impossible, dosent it?

But I am proud to say, here we are, we arent going down with a fight.

I looked over to the TV hostess, who seemed to be anxious to hear what happened.

"I am so glad that you are able to share this story with us. It's not common that you hear about people's struggle's in the Aftermath." said Diana, (she was a TV hostess for a show that managed to survive all this time. ))) ((A.N. just to let you know, the main character is talking from the future point now, in the end end, the story will still continue through))

"That's the thing and the reason I am sharing my story with the world. Sure each story is there, we all have them, but all we hear is of the negivity. While there was a lot of that, there was still some positive things that a lot of people have seemed to miss. That is the point I am trying to get acrossed." I said back, folding my hands neatly onto my lap.

"So Bre, I must ask, because I am sure a lot of people are wondering. When you reached your destination, did you find your family or anyone." Diana asked, studing my face.

I learned a long time ago how to handle my feelings when it reached this subject. "No, sadly to say. The camp was destroied a long time before we even came. No survivors. No supplies. No one, the creatures had managed to inflitrate the site and take all that were inside." I felt my fist clenching in my lap. "No one is sure how they did. Who let them in or anything. We don't even know if maybe there were some survivors who managed to escape, but trust me, seeing the site and the barrier around it, that seemed impossible."

I heard the audience around me fall silent completly and Diana herself was almost in tears. Funny, I thought I would be the one doing that.

"So are you saying that maybe your family escaped? Maybe they were never in the camp at all?" Diana asked after a few seconds of silence.

I nodded. "That's true, at first I had no idea, what to make of it. I prayed that they were never there, or at best, that they managed to escape, but that wasn't the case." I stopped a moment hearing gasps from some of the audience. I took a deep breath and continued. " I managed to find a room that had a photo album with pictures of me and them in it. I also found a diary from my older sister Kiana. I learned that my father got infected on a scouting mission two years into the invasion. I had also learned that my mother, died the same way the first year it all happened. I still don't know to this day, if Kiana somehow managed to escape or anything. All i know is that through her diary, i caught a glimpse to an insight of a world, that was filled with so much hope and faith."

I stopped and leaned over my seat pulling out a small black book. I flipped open to a page I had marked. "This is an entry from July of the second year. My sister was eighteen.

"Today, I have heard a rumor that the food supply is at the minium. That the scouting team had been unable to find any supplies around the area. There might even be some speculation that we might have to move further North to find a new area that is plentiful. But at the least I can say I am not a bit at all afraid of what might happen. I am acculary quite excited today. My baby sister, Bre', the one that I mention all the time, is celebrating her 17th b-day today. Wow, she's getting old. I really wish I could have been with her at least to celebrate her b-day. I know how much she wanted to have a party when she was this age. I can't wait until i see her again. I know she's still alive out there waiting for me to find her. That is what excites me the most. I can't wait to see her face either when i show her what I managed to find in a shop as a gift. I acculary had one from last year, but I lost that when we raided a local store and was ambushed by a horde of those things. but still this one is way better than the other one. Some day sis, I'll meet you again, and that's a promise. We all just got to have a little faith, and wait it out, but I know that she'll be alright. She was always the fighter in the family, though its sad to say she could never seem to comprehend anything in math. i still laugh at that moments when she became so fustrated she sent her homework straight down the garbage disposal. But one day, maybe I'll try to teach her. Until then, Kiana"

I closed the diary as silent tears slid down my face. I held her gift around my neck. it was a locket that had my name on it, but no pics, so I managed to go through my album and have one made. One side has my parents and the other has us when a month before the invasion.

I saw the most people in the audience were now in tears as well as Diana. i took another breath and spoke. "But not finding anyone at the camp was the least of our worries. If you let me continue, I'll tell you with what happend after that."

Diana nodded. I am not sure if they were quite ready, if I were even ready to relive and tell the horrors that followed, but the world needed to know. They needed to understand.

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