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Prologue: A look into the past

The heat of the desert sun beat down viciously on the girl's face as she ran through the streets of the village. She hardly ever was able to feel the cool shade casting from the busy shops and the crowds had begun to get busier and busier as the day went on.

'Where could he be?' she thought to herself as she searched the crowds. After being shoved out of the way from a group of people, the girl nearly fell to the ground. She caught herself just in time and stepped out of the busy crowd. The girl brushed a strand of her brunette hair out of her eyes as she looked for a way to see through the crowd.

She finally resorted to climbing onto a stack of crates that were piled nearby. After a great deal of struggling, the girl was able to see over the busy street. She looked around intently and was about to give up when a glimpse of ivory skin being shoved around loosely like a leaf in the wind. She was about to sigh in relief until she noticed the crowd shifted and everyone rushed to give a man room to pass. He was riding a black horse and seemed to be in a hurry. He was wearing a cloak that cast shadows across his face as to block his identity from the world.

"Mathias!" the girl called out. She knew the small boy would not be able to hear her call through the crowds. The girl fixed her eyes on where she saw the boy and jumped to the ground. She began to run through the crowd again as fast as she could. She avoided bumping into everyone and was able to reach the boy easily. "Mathias!" she called again as she reached out to grab the boy out of the street.

The girl watched in horror as the horse barely missed crushing her and the boy. The crowd grew silent as the man calmed his horse. The girl pulled Mathias into an embrace, but let go when the man got down from his horse.

"Are you alright?" the man asked in concern. The girl nodded and pushed Mathias behind her as she faced the man.

"We're fine. I'm sorry about the trouble my brother has caused. He didn't mean to." She said to the man. She could feel Mathias shaking behind her, but she stood bravely. The man simply nodded and apologized as well. Almost as soon as the words left his mouth the crowds seemed to come alive again as though the event had never taken place.

The girl looked over at the black horse and noticed that the animal was panting from the heat. She looked from the horse to the man before asking, "Would your horse like some water? It looks awfully thirsty…"

The man shook his head and got on the horse again. "I was actually taking her down to the river now…Would you like to come?" he asked. The girl noticed he was smiling at her from under the cloak. She was about to refuse when Mathias gained a sudden burst of energy and courage.

"The river? I've always wanted to see it up close! Please sister may we go?" Mathias asked in excitement. The girl laughed slightly in response before looking back to the man.

"Would you mind the company?" she asked politely. She watched as he grabbed hold of the horse and held out a hand to the girl.

"I would love to have some company. Besides it's the least I could do to show your brother the river after scaring him so badly." He said as he smiled again. The girl couldn't help but be dazzled by how sincere the man's smile was. She nodded her head and smiled as he placed Mathias on the horse.

As they walked through the crowds, Mathias on the horse's back and the man and girl leading the way, the two talked a lot about each other.

"So, your brother, what's his name?" the man asked first.


"Why is it that he is so pale?" he asked. The girl stared at the ground as they walked.

"He just doesn't get tan, that's all." She mumbled.

"Well, what is your name?" he asked, changing the subject again. The girl glanced at him and noticed that as the sun began to shine in his face a bit, the 'man' was actually a boy no older than herself.

"Hilary. And you are?" she asked shyly. She was surprised when the boy didn't answer her question.

"Have you always lived in this town?" the boy asked. Hilary couldn't help but feel as though he was changing the subject, but decided not to force an answer.

"Yes, since I was born. What about you? Have you always lived here?" she asked. The boy nodded and looked at the ground again. "So, what about you? Do you have any brothers and sisters?" she asked again.

"No, I'm all there is…" the boy answered. Hilary looked at him and noticed that even though he had a small smile drawn across his face, his eyes seemed to darken in sorrow.

"That must get awfully lonely…" Hilary muttered as she kicked a small stone away from her.

"Oh no, it's actually not at all." He assured forcing a smile, "I don't have to worry about keeping an eye on anyone but myself." He added laughing as Hilary stuck her tongue out at him.

"I would be lonely if I didn't have Mathias." Hilary whispered to herself. The boy looked at her in understanding before realizing her hidden meaning.

"You're an orphan?" he gasped as she nodded her head. He looked at her in shock and Hilary laughed.

"Quit looking at me like that. It's not like we're helpless and needing sympathy." She laughed. The boy smiled at her slightly before noticing that Hilary had zoned out slightly.

The boy stopped walking as they reached the edge of the river and freed his horse so she could drink. Mathias slid off of her back and ran to the water. He was about to jump into the cool liquid when the boy stopped him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Not unless you want to be Crocodile food." He warned as he pulled Mathias away from the edge.

Mathias flashed a smile at the boy before turning to walk back to Hilary. Unfortunately, somehow he managed to trip as he turned around and ended up falling on his face. Hilary walked over to her brother slowly and noticed the boy roll his eyes slightly.

"You really are a klutz. I'm surprised Hilary hasn't hired a body guard to protect you from yourself." The boy laughed. Mathias glared at him before tackling the boy to the ground. Hilary watched in amusement as Mathias tried his hardest to pin the mysterious boy to the ground. The boy continued to laugh harder as the little boy failed but he made it easier for him by pretending to be in pain.

"Okay Mathias, I think he's had enough. Get off of him before you 'kill' him." Hilary laughed. She watched as her brother climbed off of the boy and walked towards her. As the boy got up and brushed the sand off of his clothes, Hilary noticed that his hood had fallen and now the sun was able to reveal what the boy looked like.

He had two toned blue hair, dark in the back and a slate color in front, that was pulled back out of his face in a loose ponytail. He was very tan and muscular. He had black markings on his cheeks under his eyes and he was wearing a gold necklace that shined in the sun light. His crimson eyes shined almost as much as the gold and they seemed to show every emotion someone could feel. Even though he had been wearing a ragged cloak, Hilary could see now that it was all a façade to keep his beauty masked.

The boy heard Hilary gasp and looked up in confusion. It was then that he became fully aware of the sun beating down on his exposed skin and of Hilary's mahogany eyes staring in shock.

"Who…are you?" Hilary managed, her eyes still wide. The boy let out a sigh of aggravation as he went to pull the hood back on. He was shocked when Hilary continued, "Please…why are you hiding?" she asked as she began to walk towards the boy.

Mathias simply sat on a rock and watched the river water rush by. He soon became mesmerized by the shining water. Hilary paid no attention to her brother's actions as she waited for the boy's answer.

"My name is Kai. I'm…the pharaoh's son. I'm sorry that I didn't say anything before, but I wanted to get away from the palace life for a while. I didn't want you to treat me like royalty because in reality we are really not very different from each other…" the boy answered. He stared at the ground as if trying to avoid Hilary's eyes.

"No…we aren't." Hilary said finally placing a hand on his shoulder. Kai looked up and noticed she was smiling brightly at him. He felt his heart pound slightly inside his chest and felt his cheeks heating up more than usual. He glanced at the ground and then back Hilary only to notice that she was doing the same. He leaned closer to her and felt his cheeks heat up more. He was barely touching Hilary's lips when he noticed that she was blushing almost as bad as he was. After what seemed like an eternity, they closed the gap between each other. At first the kiss was light, but then it became a passionate one and the two became lost in the moment.

They were interrupted by the gagging sound of Mathias. They glanced over slightly and noticed the boy was pretending to die on the sand from sickness. Hilary laughed slightly as her brother's theatrics continued.

"You guys are disgusting." Mathias stated as he stopped 'dying' and walked towards Kai's horse.

Kai laughed as he tied his horse back up and led the way away from the river. Hilary and he walked silently hand in hand as they entered the town. Kai had his hood back up, but she could still see that he was smiling and blushing as they walked. Kai dropped the two of them off at their home before kissing Hilary again.

"I must get home. They'll be wondering where I've been and I don't think that they'd believe my story about the horse needing water…" Kai stated reluctantly. Hilary nodded in understanding gave him a hug.

"Will I ever see you again?" she whispered, refusing to let go until he answered. Kai hugged her back and seemed to let his words kiss her ear as he spoke.

"I would wish to see you next to me everywhere I went from here until the day I die. Perhaps, this is love. I'd never known nor believed that there was such a strong emotion in this world. But I know now, I love you Hilary, and I would sooner die than to loose you." He whispered. They both smiled as he finished his little vow, before Kai left.

Kai got on his horse and raced back to the palace. He turned to look back at where Hilary stood and flashed a smiled in her direction. She smiled back as she led Mathias inside. As Kai arrived to his own home, he noticed that there were visitors. After leading his horse to an area where some irrigated water flowed, Kai hurried inside. As he entered the building, he noticed that a lovely girl about his age was standing in the hall.

"Hello…?" Kai called out in confusion. The girl looked up and smiled instantly.

"Are you Prince Kai?" she asked. When he nodded his head he noticed that her smile brightened even more.

"Who exactly are you?" Kai asked, he was beginning to get freaked out by this girl's actions.

"Oh, where are my manners, my name is Kari. I'm am to be your wife." She stated as she curtseyed in respect. Kai stared in disbelief as his mind took in her answer.

'This can't be happening. Why is it that the one time my father does something without me, it has to ruin everything?' Kai thought to himself as he thought of Hilary.

"Ah, Kai. I see you have met Kari." A voice stated behind him. Kai turned to be greeted by his 'loving' father. Kai simply stared at his father waiting for an explanation as the man's cold eyes stared back. Kai began to feel sick as he noticed that Kari was already clinging to his arm affectionately.

"I'll let you two lovebirds get to know each other." Kai heard his father say as he turned and walked away. Kai nearly growled in frustration, and stopped himself from shoving the girl away from him before starting to walk down the hall.

Kari refused to leave him alone. When Kai walked towards the stables, Kari was right behind him. He thought that he might turn around and attack the girl if she didn't stop following him. As he opened the stall where his beloved black horse was staying, Kai noticed that Kari had stopped walking. He turned to look at her in confusion, but was amused to see that her face was horror stricken.

"What is your problem, now?" Kai asked smirking slightly as the girl resisted the urge to run away.

"What is that thing?" she managed as the horse paced in the stall slightly. Kai took a minute to try and understand what she was talking about.

"This thing is Isabella, my lovely horse. You're not scared of her are you?" Kai stated, hiding his amusement as the girl denied her terror.

"N-no it's just that, it's huge." She barely whispered. Kai rolled his eyes as he climbed into the stall. He unlatched the door and led Isabella out of the stall, watching from the corner of his eye as Kari practically jumped out of the way.

"If you are that scared of her, you can go inside. I'm going for a ride anyway." Kai stated. He had two reasons for suggesting this, one being that would give him a chance to see Hilary and two, he was actually afraid Kari would collapse from fright. Unfortunately, Kari refused to listen to him and walked a bit closer to him.

Kai watched in shock as Isabella seemed to thrash out as Kari came close. Of course this sudden movement caused Kari to scream and fall to the ground. Kai led his horse away before going back to check on the girl.

"Are you alright?" Kai asked. He was surprised to find that he was actually worried about the girl. She was still shaking and her eyes were wide in fear. "Kari?" Kai called to her. Her head slowly turned to face him and Kai noticed that her eyes weren't full of fear, but they were now full of hatred.

"Keep that thing away from me." She hissed as she stood up and ran out of the stable. Her words were icy and they sent chills down Kai's back even after she was gone.

"What's her problem…?" Kai asked himself as he brushed his horse. He had a bad feeling about Kari and he knew that his horse had sensed it as well. Kai stared into Isabella's topaz eyes, but couldn't name the emotion lurking inside. "No matter, how about you and I go see Hilary and Mathias. Sound like a plan?" Kai suggested. He smiled as his horse nudged his hand in response and they rode away from the palace.

Kai felt a rare breeze blow his slate colored bangs into his face as he began to slowing ride out into the town. As soon as he was out of the palace walls he pulled out a cloak and threw it on. He brushed the strands of hair out of his eyes and continued to ride. He couldn't shake the feeling of someone watching him as he passed by a few people in the streets. He was wearing a casual looking cloak to help blend in and he knew that no one in town would ever suspect it to be him, but he still couldn't shake the feeling.

He decided that if he was being followed it wouldn't be wise to lead them directly to Hilary and Mathias so he stopped at some booths to do some shopping. He found a sweet little booth selling trinkets like bracelets and necklaces. Kai bought a carved crystal star for Hilary and continued to walk. As he continued to walk he noticed a small stand selling toys to children. He bought Mathias a ball for him to play with and waited a while before continuing to walk. Even after about twenty minutes of simply walking down the line of booths, Kai still couldn't shake the feeling.


Hilary and Mathias walked through town hand in hand. She looked around at the different shops and gasped in disappointment as she came to the trinket booth. She stared at the area where the crystal star necklace once sat and sighed.

'I was so close to being able to afford it. Oh well, at least now I have some extra money for Mathias…' she thought to herself as she continued to walk.

"Hilary? Isn't that Kai?" Hilary heard Mathias say. She looked to where the boy pointed and smiled.

"Yes that's him, alright. Come on." She concluded as they began to run towards the cloaked figure.

Hilary tapped the figure on the shoulder and smiled when Kai turned around. The boy smiled childishly as he noticed who was approaching him. Hilary hugged him happily, but couldn't help but notice Kai's reluctance to return the embrace.

"Kai?" she asked in confusion. She was shocked when he pulled her into a nearby alley. Mathias said that he was going home as Hilary and Kai began to kiss in the shadows. Hilary pulled away and looked at her brother with concern.

"If you're going home I want you to be careful and don't stop anywhere else, alright?" Hilary ordered. As soon as Mathias smiled and agreed she let him go and watched as he ran down the street. She waited a second before looking back at Kai. "What's going on?" she asked finally.

Kai gave her a fake look of confusion and smiled. "What do you mean?" he asked. Hilary stared at him in the eye and noticed that his eyes seemed to be holding a very familiar emotion.

"Kai, why are you sad?" Hilary asked finally. Kai sighed and sat down on a nearby crate. Hilary sat in front of him and waited patiently as he explained what had happened.

"Hilary, I'm in love with you. How could I even begin to love Kari when I know I already love you?" Kai asked finally in despair. He buried his face in his hands as he waited for Hilary to speak.

"Kai, I love you too…I don't know how, but we'll get through this. Okay?" Hilary whispered finally. Kai pulled her into an embrace and began to kiss her again. Hilary welcomed the kiss as they stood in the shadows. They were so caught up in the moment of their passion that neither one noticed a pair of icy cold eyes were watching from not far away.


"Lady Kari, would you like us to dispose of this filth?" Kari's head guard asked as they took their eyes away from the scene in front of them. Kari simply glared at the ground as she tried to think of a way to handle what was happening.

"Lady Kari?" her guard asked again and Kari flashed an angry glare at the man before coming to a conclusion.

"Let's go." She hissed as they walked towards the loving couple.


Kai heard his horse freaking out not far away. He pulled away from Hilary instantly and jumped to his feet. He watched in horror as Kari and her head guard walked towards them. Kari's cold glare seemed to pierce through his heart as she came closer.

Kai took Hilary's hand in his own as he watched the two stop a few feat ahead of them. He could feel Hilary shaking in fear as the guard glared at her. He moved in between their gaze and glared at the guard. He hated that he was causing Hilary trouble, but what he hated more is that there wasn't anyway to stop what was about to happen.

Kari smirked evilly and Kai stared in confusion as he tried to understand what she was smirking about. Before he knew it, Kai felt Hilary's hand ripped from his grasp and he was thrown to the ground. He heard Hilary gasp and release a muffled scream of agony as he was kicked hard in the ribs.

"Get that whore out of my sight." Kari hissed angrily as she turned her back on them. Kai felt himself being pulled to his feet by his hair and was forced to watch as Hilary was dragged in the opposite direction by another man. His eyes widened as he saw the tears streaming down her face.

'No, this can't be happening…' Kai thought to himself. He felt his body burning as every emotion seemed to break free. He knew that her tears weren't because of her tears. Kai felt as though Hilary was crying for him and that was what made him sick.

"HILARY!" Kai called out before he felt himself get punched in the gut. He lost consciousness instantly, but Kai's mind was still screaming for the girl he loved. He dreamt of being lost in a sea of black nothingness. He tried his hardest to scream out Hilary's name, but he had lost his voice.

Kai sat up in his bed, sweat slipping down his face as he looked around frantically. The heat of the sun had already come into the room and he knew that it was the next day. He jumped out of bed instantly and ran to the door. He threw the door open to be met by a pair of cold eyes. He stared at Kari with pure hatred as he thought of what she had done.

"Where is she?" Kai demanded as he thrust the girl's small body against the wall.

"Where's who?" the girl replied with false innocence. Kai growled at her and she laughed. "What do you care for a poor little orphan anyway? She was just a waste of space. No one cares if she and her brother just disappeared. Do you really think anyone ever really noticed them anyway?" she whispered menacingly.

"Where is Hilary?" Kai yelled in her face.

"Kai, you are to be my husband, got it? I simply got rid of a little whore and an annoying brat." Kari stated as she shoved past him.

Kai stared at the wall in horror. 'Got rid of?' Kai thought to himself. Kai practically flew out of the palace and to the stable. He ran inside to find Isabella's stable empty. 'Not Isabella too…' Kai thought as he looked around. He felt tears come to his eyes as he thought of his beloved horse and companion. He remembered when he had found her half dead on the outskirts of town. He had been walking through the town with his father when he caught sight of something black in the desert. He had worked hard to keep her alive and after he proved that he was able to take care of the horse, Kai's father had allowed her to stay.

Kai walked out of the stable numbly and looked up at the palace walls one last time. He saw Kari staring down at him in confusion, but he ignored her and ran into the town. He didn't have any coverings, but he didn't care. People looked at him in shock as he ran through the streets. He turned down the alley that led to Hilary's home and soon saw it. He noticed that it looked untouched from the outside, but he refused to relax.

He ran through the cloth door and was greeted by the sickening smell of blood. He looked around and took in all of the sights. Mathias' body was hanging from what looked like a clothing line. His eyes were open slightly and he had a droplet of blood on his lips. Kai looked away as his pale skin seemed to glow in the sunlight. He walked further into the house only to be met with Hilary's beautiful body lying on the floor. Her brunette hair was soaked in her own blood and Kai could see the tears still damp on her cheeks.

Kai looked around slowly looking for a certain item that would set him free from these horrors. His crimson eyes fell on a small knife sitting on the floor. He picked it up carefully and slit both of his wrists. He dropped the knife as his blood began to spill onto the floor. Kai felt himself getting dizzy and soon wasn't even able to keep himself from falling over. He smiled as tears rolled down his cheeks and he saw Hilary's smiling face cross his mind.

'So this is what death feels like. It's almost like falling asleep…How simple' Kai thought to himself as he slowly lost consciousness.

Kai, you have suffered a great deal. You found true love only to have it snatched away from you. I will personally make it possible for you to have a second chance. When your heart and your true love's heart is weighed, I will make sure that both of you will be able to live again.


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