Hello everybody! This is my first Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, and I hope you'll like it. I'm in love with Kingdom Hearts II, so it was inevitable that I would dip my toes into writing for it eventually. This is Simple and Clean, taking place during the first game. The already planned sequel will be My Sanctuary, which will be the second game. Enjoy!

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Simple and Clean

Chapter One: The 1st Day

It was another one of those many occasions when Sora found his best friend lazing about under the shade of the paopu tree, seemingly deep in thought. Riku sat up at his arrival, but neither said anything as Sora took a seat, their shoulders brushing briefly. They watched together as the sun came closer and closer to setting.

"Hey, Riku…what are you always thinking about out here, anyway?"

The silver haired teen answered this with a question of his own. "Do you think there's something else out there, Sora?"


"Something besides these boring islands. If there is…then I want to go."

The brunette ate the idea up instantly, giving a big smile. "Me, too! How cool would it be to sail out and find a new world?"

"You'll do it, then? You'll come with me, Sora?"

"You bet!"

It was then, when Riku gave a small smile, that Sora spotted something on the beach behind him. "What's wrong?"

Sora squinted into the last of the day's light. "There's something…someone on the beach!"

"Someone?" Riku turned to have a look, but by then, his best friend had already taken off for the small form at a run. "Sora!"

The brunette dropped to his knees and pulled the girl into his lap. Her blue eyes fluttered open slowly and she got one good look at her rescuer before they slid closed again. "H-Hey! Wake up!"

Riku frowned at his side. "We better hurry and get her to the clinic on the main island."


Together, they hauled her to their small boats. "Here, Sora. Put her in my boat, and I'll row yours while you hold onto it-we'll just pull it along."

Sora nodded. "Okay."

The sun was completely set by the time they were done at the hospital. The girl would be spending the night there, hopefully to awaken the next morning. They strolled down the steps outside casually, until Sora remembered.

"Oh no! I missed dinner!" His shoulders slumped as he bowed his head in shame. "Mom's going to kill me…"

Riku stuffed his hands into his pockets, frowning into the chilly night air. "Mind if I join you? I…don't feel like going home tonight."

Sora didn't think twice before nodding in approval. He knew Riku's parents weren't the kindest of people, but the silver haired boy would say no more than that. Sora had gotten a glimpse of them a couple times, but had never met them-Riku always insisted on going to the other's house, instead. "Uh…oh! My mom washed the stuff you left last time, so…we don't even have to stop at your house, I guess."

"That's good." And he started walking.

Sora jogged to catch up. "But…won't they be worried if they don't know where you are?"

"You ask that every single time, Sora…and like every time, I'm going to give you the same answer: they won't even know I'm gone."

"That's what you always say, but…"

"But you're not sure." He finished for the brunette. "Maybe someday I'll take you there, and you can ask them for yourself." Riku gave a hollow laugh. "Come on, Sora. I'll race you. Loser does the dishes before bed."

"Alright, you asked for it!" Races were the one thing Sora was confident about beating his best friend at. At the count of three, they sprinted for Sora's house.

They arrived, panting and tired. Riku hadn't realized Sora's house was quite that far from the hospital. If he had, he probably wouldn't have even made the challenge in the first place, but it had been a good subject changer. Sora had won by merely a foot, and was about to gloat when his mother flung the front door open, almost smacking both boys in the nose. "Sora! How many times do I have to tell you not to miss dinner? Is it really that difficult?" She eyed the other boy. "And Riku, you're supposed to be the responsible one, aren't you?" She sighed lightly. "Oh, my boys are such a hassle! You have approximately 30 seconds to wash up before I put away the food." She loved them both like sons-Riku practically lived there half the time-but sometimes

"But, mom! A girl washed up on the beach, and-"

"Not listening, dear! Tell me about it at dinner-if you can make it there. The clock is ticking!"

The boys barely glanced at each other before taking off to the bathroom, fighting playfully as they both tried to squeeze in at once.

"Move it, Riku! I was here first!"

"Forget it, Sora! There's no way I'm missing dinner!" Even though they both knew very well that his mother wouldn't allow them to go hungry.

The bathroom door was shut in Sora's face. "Hey! No fair!" He banged on it a few times. "Rikuuuu…"

The door reopened. "What, you actually thought I'd leave you to starve?" He pulled the other in before he got a chance to answer.

At the table, Sora told his mother of the girl who made him late. "She had red hair and these really blue eyes…but I've never seen her before."

"Hmm…well, don't worry, dears. I'll find out what I can tomorrow. And look at that! You two must have been starving to have finished this quickly. Well, there's no dessert for late boys-washed up girl or not." She starting clearing away the dishes.

Sora nudged Riku, gently reminding him of their agreement. The older boy stood. "I'll take care of the dishes."

But Sora's mother waved it off. "Nonsense. You boys need your rest-I'm sure there's plenty of adventures to be had."

Not really… "It's the least I can do, in return for you letting me stay."

"Oh, for Pete's sake!" She placed the dishes in the sink and turned to face him, hands on her hips. "You do this to me every time! Having you over is a joy-most of the time-so there's no need to repay me."

"But I-"

"Stay out of trouble, keep an eye on my Sora, and that's all the help I need." She smiled and shooed them out of the room. "Don't forget to brush your teeth first! And change into your pajamas! I'll have no sand stuck in the sheets! Oh, dear-I keep forgetting to pick you up a toothbrush, Riku!"

The pair stopped half way down the hall, and Riku tried to protest her spending more money on him. "That's really not a problem-"

"Yes, yes, just use Sora's again tonight. I'll write it down this time, so I won't forget. Sweet dreams, dears! Try not to kick each other in your sleep! We don't need more bruises…"

"Goodnight, mom!" They both answered before giving each other strange looks, and falling into a fit of laughter.

Sora picked up the set of clean clothes that laid in his dresser drawer-a special drawer he kept just for Riku's things. "Here, you can go first."

"Alright." And with that, he turned and headed for the bathroom.

But Sora didn't need any real thanks. His friend had his own ways of showing how grateful he was, and that was good enough. Reaching under a couple of his shirts, Sora pulled out a picture of himself and Riku, when they were a bit younger, wrestling in the sand over the last unbroken wood sword. His best friend had been a lot more open back then, and not so unhappy. I kind of miss…how things used to be. "Why does everything always have to change…?"

"Really now, Sora-this place is boring enough as it is."

The brunette jumped, dropping the picture back into the drawer and closing it quickly. How much time passed, just now…? "I-I don't think it's so bad. I mean, we have family and friends here-Tidus, Selphie, Wakka-"

"But you already agreed to come with me, right? You're not backing out on this-are you, Sora?"

"No, no! I just meant, um…"

"It's your turn." Strange to have closed the drawer without getting your clothes out first.

"Oh, right." Sora was secretly glad for the save. And then Riku watched him open a different drawer, and remove his pjs before going off to the bathroom.

Curiosity getting the best of him, Riku opened that top drawer. Well, what have we got here…? He picked up the photograph and examined it for a moment. But why hide this? He could put it in a fame and hang it on his wall for all I care. Putting things back as he found them, he closed the draw up again. That doesn't make any sense…not that I'm going to bother asking him about it. Then he briefly wondered if it was strange to go to brush your teeth, only for your toothbrush to already be wet-but he figured Sora was used to it by now.

It wasn't long before said boy came back, his hair even more wild than when he'd left. Sora began a yawn, only to stop in the middle of it and look over at his best friend. "Hey, Riku…what's it like, being with someone?"

The silver haired boy quirked a brow. "What, like dating someone? How should I know?"

"You've never…?"

"With who, Sora? Selphie?"


"You're thinking about that new girl that was washed up on the shore today." Riku frowned.

Man…always right on the nose. "N-No! I just…"

"Everyone knows everyone around here. I've never seen her before. She has to have come from another world, Sora! This means that there is something else out there. She'll want to go home, right? She'll be our ticket out of here."

"But, Riku! You can't just use her like that!"

"Why not? We'd be taking her home, so what's the big deal?"

"Well…" Sora flopped back onto the bed. "I don't know."

Riku took a seat next to him. "You don't want her to leave-is that it? She doesn't belong here, Sora. If you washed up somewhere else one day, you'd want them to bring you back here, wouldn't you?"


"Or would you just explore and make new friends?" He crossed his arms. "Forget about everyone that was important to you?"

"Wha-no! What are you talking about, Riku? I would never do that!" Then there was a short silence. "But…isn't that what we're going to be doing, anyway? Leaving to see new places, and make new friends? Never coming back-"

"I didn't say that we're never coming back." There's really only one person on this prison island that I care about, anyway…and he'll be coming with me. So who cares?

"Well, we…we should think about this more, before we just go off. What if we can never find our way back?"

"That's just a chance we'll have to take." There was silence again, for a time. "So, you want to know what it's like to be with someone."

Sora blushed, having never really talked about the topic before, even with his best friend. "Yeah, but…you don't know anything either, right? So…"

"Then why don't we find out?"

Sora sat up on his elbows. "What? How?"

"Getting some girl is kind of a hassle…so let's try it out, here, without all the emotional baggage."


"You and me, Sora. Free experience and no hard feelings."

"But, Riku…we're both guys-"

"And? It's not leaving this room, so what does it matter?"

Sora tried to process it in his quickly overloading brain. "It's…it's just a kiss, right?"

"Right." Unless you want more-just extra experience for us.

"Well…then I guess…I mean, I guess it's okay…"

As soon as he okayed it, he found his best friend's face close to his, and he fell back, from being on his elbows, in surprise. "R-Riku!"

"What? You wanted this, didn't you?"


Riku got comfortable on top of the smaller boy before leaning down. They each stared into pools of blue for a moment, before he brushed his lips against Sora's gently. The brunette's eyes fluttered closed, and the older teen smirked as he kissed the other fully.

It was innocent, at first, but pleasure quickly overtook common sense. Riku poked his tongue against Sora's soft lips, begging entrance. After a moment of hesitation, the shorter boy opened up for him. There was no battle for dominance-Sora quickly gave in. The deeper the kiss became, the more Riku found that he wanted to take things further.

When his hand slipped under Sora's shirt and started feeling around, the younger boy's tensing up went unnoticed. However, Riku went a little too far for Sora's taste when he brushed over a nipple with his thumb. It gave the brunette a jolt that sent him scrambling backwards, eventually to make them both fall off the bed.


"S-Sorry, Riku! I just-"

"…maybe it's time to sleep."

Sora smiled sheepishly. "Sorry…"

"It's fine." Riku stood and offered his hand to help Sora up. "I said only a kiss, anyway…I guess I had it coming."

Sora blushed brightly and took the offered hand. "It…felt good, though."

What do I say to that? "Well, I always was the talented one."

The younger scowled at his best friend, hating to be bested. "Oh yeah? Well, next time, I'm totally going to be better than you!"

Riku quirked a brow. "Next time?"

Sora faltered and blushed. Oh no! I didn't even think before I said that! It just seemed…so much like all our other rivalries-for a second, anyway. "I-uh…that is…"

While his gaze was to the ground and no attention was being paid, Riku snuck up behind him, catching him in a loose hold before whispering darkly in Sora's ear. "If you want to go again, I have no complaints."

The brunette shivered pleasantly. "N-No! Just…I was…"

"You could never win against me, anyway."

"What?" The need to win against, or at least be equal to, Riku outweighed any other thoughts in his mind-it always had. "Fine! Tomorrow night, then. I'll show you."

He smirked and let go, speaking normally again. "You always were a sore loser, Sora."

"And you're not?"

"I can accept defeat gracefully."

Sora slumped his shoulders, giving up for the night with a yawn. "I'll beat you…"

He managed a small laugh. "I'm sure you will."

With another sleepy glare, Sora flicked off the lights and climbed into bed, refusing to speak to his best friend, who kept making fun of him. I wish I could be that confident all the time…no wonder my mom likes you. You're like the perfect son or something-so what's the deal with your parents? Shouldn't they be proud of you?

Riku had climbed in next to him and was thinking as well-except he wasn't about to brain-overload and fall asleep like Sora. That was really…amazing. There isn't much choice in girls on this sand prison anyway. Maybe I am gay…but if that's true… He looked over at Sora's sleeping form, who was unconsciously curled up against him. …then there's only one person for me.

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