The Demoness of Jusenkyo

Ranma Fanfic by Seras4545

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Prologue: Here There Be Demons


Demons are often misunderstood by those who consider themselves the

'normal' inhabitants of the world. They are feared and are hunted down

by the humans who found ways to overcome their superior powers.

They sealed the demons in magical waters in a valley, trapping them for eternity.

Or so they thought. From my research the demons need only find those they

can bond with, those who share similar traits in personality. Hopefully though

they never do as their anger would be great at their mistreatment.

I have read of some rumors however that hint that a demon powerful enough could

forcefully bond to another being and bend them to their will. I hope that it is just a rumor...

Unkown Author, Lost Book Of Demonology


It was a bright and sunny day, just past noon. There was a nice summer breeze that flowed over the forests and plains of china, soothing many who were out and about to enjoy it. This breeze eventually came to the peek of some mountains around a valley well known in Chinese legend and blew past two travelers who stood on the road leading down into the valley, ruffling the hair of the tall young man wearing a red silk Chinese tie up shirt and black kung fu pants and slippers and merely soothing the bald pate of the bespectacled older man standing next to him who simply wore a white gi and white kung fu pants and slippers that looked as if they had seen better days.

The young man smoothed out his hair and stared down into the valley, pondering whether or not it was a good idea to go down into it. The valley was filled with an eerie fog and looked very dark and ominous. He looked over to his companion and saw only the one track excitement in his eyes, the idea of the legend of the valley overcoming any common sense he may have had originally.

"C'mon Ranma! We're almost in Jusenkyo now!" The old man said, starting to walk down the road.

The young man, Ranma, grabbed hold of the older man's shoulder, stopping him in his tracks.

"Hold on pops. This place doesn't feel right. It's as if it's filled with a dark ki..."

The older man shrugged off Ranma's grip and continued at an even faster pace, forcing Ranma to follow him into the near blinding fog, fog so thick you could feel it pressing in on you.

"Nonsense Ranma! Genma Saotome is afraid of nothing! Come on now! If this scares you then you're getting soft boy! I thought I taught you better!"

Ranma snorted at the comment about being scared but kept his mouth shut. The feeling kept on getting stronger as they progressed however and it was starting to make him edgy. They soon reached the bottom of the valley and got under the heavy blanket of fog and Ranma looked around. The valley was as dark as he expected it to be, barely a ray of the sun getting through the ceiling of fog, giving the place a gloomy and slightly evil cast.

He saw pools of water with tall poles of bamboo sticking out of them in the distance, along with a small hut off to the side. The valley seemed strangely absent of life otherwise, the ground was barren and not a single plant was to be seen. Even the bamboo looked as if it wasn't even alive.

As Ranma and Genma drew closer the dark and oppressing feeling grew stronger and then came to a peak as they came to the outskirts of the pools. Ranma decided one last time to dissuade his father.

"Pops, I really think we should just skip this place and get outta here. It gives me the creeps."

Genma turned on his son, anger marring his face.

"You sound like a girl, Ranma! I brought you here to become the greatest martial artist and this is how you act! Ungrateful child!"

Ranma stepped back a bit, not used to his father being actually angry. He suspected that the place was getting to him too, but he refused to admit it.

"Now, come face off against me!" Genma said as he laid his pack down and leapt up onto one of the poles, assuming an offensive stance.

Shaking off his nervousness, Ranma did the same, taking up a position opposite his father, not willing to let his challenge go by. Ranma Saotome never backs down. They both measured each other up and then tensed. They leapt up and met in a flurry of blows. The battle began over the softly glowing and deceptively calm pools...


Re Yen sat back in his chair in the small room, enjoying a little hot tea in front of his fire when he felt the two intruders enter the valley. At first he thought nothing of it as most would back off from the aura of the valley and it's oppressive presence. He took a sip of the tea, enjoying it's soothing balm of mint and chamomile and honey, pushing the thoughts of the two intruders to the back of his mind.

After a few minutes he had nearly forgotten them when he felt their ki flare up and was startled to find that they were in the middle of the sacred pools! He cursed and got up quickly and ran out the door to stop the two fools and their fighting. He must prevent them from falling in the pools at any cost.

He saw them up in the air and was worried that he was too late as he saw them both up in the air and far from any of the poles. Then he sighed in relief as he saw them push off of each other and use the momentum to reach opposite poles. He used this lull in battle to shout out his warning.

"Sirs! You must stop! This place is extremely dangerous! Get down from there and for Kami sakes don't touch the water!"

The old man didn't seem to hear him but the young one with the Chinese clothing did and looked at Re Yen with some confusion. To Re's horror the older man saw the opening in the younger one's defenses and leapt and used a roundhouse kick that connected with a solid 'whack' that even Re heard from so far away.

The young man was sent flying into the air toward Re Yen. Re calculated where he would land and found that he was on a head on course for one of the pools near the edge. Panicking, Re ran towards the pool, hoping to get there in time to catch the young man before he could touch the water.

He came close to the pool and saw that he was going to make it and began to rejoice when he felt the force flare up, destroying his hopes of stopping the travesty.

Get back, human! He is mine and mine alone! I will not allow you to ruin this like your ancestors have ruined our lives! Re yen heard the voice rumble through his mind, shattering what mental defenses he had developed from living among the pools. He felt the force pulse and suddenly he was thrown back. He flew through the air and then landed painfully on his back, knocking the air out of his lungs and leaving him stunned.

He watched helplessly as he watched the young man, a surprised look on his face still, fall toward the pool. The water in the pool seemed to flow up into the air in greeting and to Re's surprise it took the form of a woman with long flowing hair, who caught Ranma in her embrace and then they both disappeared beneath the waters which quickly grew still and calm again.

Re got to his feet, still not completely understanding what had happened. Then he felt the arrival of the other man. He looked up to see fear and wonderment on the old man's face.

"What happened? Why is he not coming back up? What has happened to my son!?" He said, his voice growing more and more unstable.

Re was about to answer in retort, to tell the man that he had doomed his son to an untimely death in the pools of sorrow, when he saw the water boiling and steam began to roll off it, adding to the fog. Sudden understanding flashed through Re's mind, the comment making sense now.


The old man looked at him in confusion. "Wha?"

"I said RUN! Run if you value your life at all!" Re was certain now of what was happening and felt it boded ill for the world. He struggled to get up as the older man tried to understand what was going on.

As Re reached his feet, the severity of the situation seemed to hit the older man. He turned to Re, the fear in his eyes the greatest emotion now.

"What do you mean, run? What about Ranma!?"

Re cursed and was about to grab the fool and run when an overwhelming force rolled over them and the air seemed to grow as thick and unmoving. Then they were blown to the ground as a gale of steam erupted from the pool, burning their skin slightly with it's heat as it passed over them.

When Re got up for the second time, though much slower and groaning with the pain and effort it cost him, and looked toward the pool Ranma had fallen in, he froze in fear, no longer battling the force that had paralyzed him earlier. Standing in the still steaming crater of what used to be the sacred pool was a figure out of his nightmares. She appeared much like the young man, mimicking his hairstyle of a pigtail at the nape of his neck with the rest of his hair remaining unbound and the well built and chiseled body, though she was slightly taller and her hair was the color of fire, with a few other obvious changes that came with her such as her bountiful assets.

Her eyes, which were still closed, slowly opened to reveal that they had changed to a deep blood red that seemed to glow with an inner fire. When she locked eyes with Re, he flinched at her piercing gaze and the alien feel of her mind as she probed his own, seeming to look for something in particular. He was unable to drag his eyes from her and he could sense the power and knowledge she wielded. He sighed in relief as she looked away from him, apparently not finding what she was looking for. She turned her attention to the still prone old man next to him and smiled, which caused Re to shiver as the smile did not reach her eyes and had a malevolent feel to it.

She walked out of the crater, staring intently at the man as she approached. Re felt he had an idea of what she was going to do and fought free of his paralysis and rushed in between the demoness and the old man, using what knowledge he had of magic to raise a barrier around the two of them against her.

She stopped at the edge of the barrier and looked at it as if it was some kind of novelty. Then she smiled slightly as she reached up and tapped it in the center. As she did so Re felt a pain shoot through him and his power was broken. When his power broke the barrier shattered into millions of tiny shards of mana, scattering over the ground and slowly dissipating.

He fell to his knees, feeling the backlash of his spell and feeling suddenly weak. He looked up to see the demoness looking at him with something close to interest.

"Hmm... It certainly has been a while. So magic has fallen this much in our absence. Such a pity, especially when we will need it soon. But you show promise, you have much untapped potential that is held back only by your lack of knowledge. Be grateful, mortal, that I let you live."

She turned her gaze away from him once again and he felt a sudden weight lift off him as she turned her attention once again to the man, who was just now beginning to wake. When the man opened his eyes and saw the demoness in front of him, he started to panic and run away when he was frozen in his tracks as if encased in ice. Re could see a slight red aura around her right hand and the world seemed to become darker as she exerted her control over the man's body, forcing him to come to a standing position and turn around to face her.

She looked him over and Re could feel the anger exuded from her as she frowned. "So, you are the one who has caused him such pain." She said calmly, though Re could feel the anger and hate buried in her voice.

Apparently the old man could as well and Re saw the blood drain from his face.

"Yesss... Your stupidity and thoughtlessness has caused your son a lot of pain and misery, and would have caused his death here if he hadn't been suitably compatible with my race. Now, I think it is nigh time you paid for your mistakes, Genma Saotome. I must say though, that if I hadn't read your mind and memories I wouldn't have believed a human could sink so low as to try to teach demonic powers such as what your kind calls the Neko-Ken to a five year old child, nor did I think they could sink so low as to sell them off as many times as you did for something as trivial as food. I'll give you ample time to think on the wrongs you have done to Ranma after I kill you in the most painful way possible."

Genma started to struggle frantically, much to the apparent amusement of the demoness.

"Give it up, mortal. Only someone as strong as your son or this man here would be able to break my spell enough to move to any degree. Just be glad that I won't let your soul sink into the afterlife. Your son still loves you too much to let you disappear completely. But you will have quite a bit of time to think before Ranma decides to release you, I think. Now, time to have a little fun."

Re shuddered as the screams were ripped out of the one called Genma, the spell unable to hold the force of the pain within him. Re stood transfixed as he watched the demoness tortured the man well into the night.

He nearly vomited as he felt some of the blood splatter his face and chest, sickly warm and sweet smelling, though he managed to keep it down. He felt slightly sorry for the man but also felt, after hearing of the Neko-Ken and the times he had sold his own son as if he was property, that Genma deserved what he received and more.

He sighed in relief as the screams suddenly stopped, though his gorge rose again when he saw the demoness rip the body apart and remove the heart. She raised her left hand, still covered in blood, and it was enveloped in the red aura of her power. The aura coalesced into a compact form and resolved itself into an urn, which she then levitated into a position right in front of her.

She then reached out with eye blinding speed and grabbed something that was before invisible, but turned out to be the soul of Genma. She carved a rune into the heart, then seemed to shove the soul into it. The rune began to glow and then it started to beat again, much to the horror of Re.

She opened the urn and placed the heart within it. "Do think on what you have done wrong in your life, Genma. Otherwise you might never come out and you will never rest in peace." She whispered, just loud enough for Re to hear. She then placed the lid on the urn and a red glow infused the rim, apparently forming a mystical seal on it.

She then turned to Re, who began to fear for his life despite her words earlier that she would spare him.

She smiled at his discomfort. "No need to worry so, Re Yen. I need someone to train the Avatar and you have enough potential to do just that. Now, try not to fidget too much. I only have enough energy to do this once and it is vital."

She reached out and placed the tip of one of her fingers upon his forehead and he felt a jolt of power as her finger began to glow red. Then he was swamped with a deluge of information and memories, ones that clarified much that he had wanted to know of demons, and many that informed him of things he had no wish to know. He staggered under the overload and would have broken the connection if it wasn't for the demoness' hand that shot out and steadied him. When it was finished he knew what the demons truly were and what was soon to come in the next couple of years and what must be done. The demoness then handed him the urn and stepped back.

He looked into the Demoness' eyes and saw the inner light fade and her shoulders slump. Then, when she looked up again her eyes were just a plain blood red, if you can all red eyes plain. She looked as if she had no idea what had happened, and he knew that she probably didn't know. She looked around in a daze and then, with a shock that seemed to get through to her befogged mind, she saw the blood all over the ground, the body of her father, and the blood all over her own body.

Her eyes widened in disbelief and then pain passed over her features. She walked slowly, staggering a bit, to her fathers body and knelt beside it, lifting his head up to look into his pain riddled face. She then let out a wail of pain and grief, and cradled her fathers head to her chest. She began rocking back and forth as her sobs wracked her body, shaking with her pain filled cries.

Re watched the scene in silence, wanting to comfort the grieving girl but knowing that she needed the experience and that she probably wouldn't accept comfort from him in any case. So he watched on until she had cried herself into a stupor and then eventually sleep.

He walked over to her and gently pried her father's body from her grasp and then carefully picked her up and took her within the hut and placed her in the bed. He took a little time to cast a simple spell to clean her and her clothes off, not wanting her to wake to the sight of blood. He then covered her with a blanket and left the room, closing the door behind him.

"I hope her mind survives what we are putting it through. If not then our cause is for naught." He said silently sitting down in his favorite armchair, taking a little time and energy to clean himself off first, the ordeal of the day taking it's toll on him. He soon nodded off, drifting into dreams of Demons and a younger world where magic abounded in plenty, and of one Demoness who was to be the hope of her people...


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