Life is funny sometimes, ya know? Sometimes totally amazing and at other moments horribly tragic. I learned this the hard way, unfortunately. I also learned that along the way you meet certain people who wether you know it or not, will have a significant impact on what kind of future you will have, be it for the best or for the worse.

Call them angels or devils, but mine came in the form of a slender, foul mouthed, redhead with the deepest emerald green eyes that you could ever dream up. Brilliant and sexy. Annoying and cocky. The man who would change me forever and show me the true meaning of what a partner really was.

The road was not easy, paved with hurt and jealousy, long frustrating days and cold lonely nights, but in the end he was determined to change all of that. And he did. He broke every rule in my thick book and spit on all of them in turn.

How did he do it you might ask? I'll tell you...


RULE #1 "Real Men DO NOT Dance.

Define dancing. The literal definition is to move rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures.

Thats not what it is to me. To me, dancing is sex standing up. A movement of the hips and stomach meant to cause arousal.

I DO NOT DANCE. I never have, save the few and far between slow ones, and CERTAINLY not in a bar or club, let alone any other public setting.

It's not that I don't like to watch. Dear Odin do I love to sit back in the darkness, away from the crowds, and peer out from behind my dark glasses at the only man that I think I've ever been attracted to. Wait. Snub that. THE only man that I've ever been attracted to.

You have to admit, that male or female, straight or gay, there's just something about Reno. Be it the way he moves, or the way he can stop a bus on one gil with his all too feminine eyes. Call it what you want, but Reno is sex, and I secretly wanted a piece of him.

I'm watching him right now. I can feel small beads of sweat forming on my bald head, and running slowly down the sides of my face.

He is staring at me. He knows that I'm here. Little bastard. I can tell by the way he's dancing, grabbing himself in all the right places in an oh' so slow fashion, and moving like a serpant to the hard techno beat overhead.

The lights above illuminate his shirtless glistening body as he runs his tounge across his lower lip. Secretly, I wish that it was my lip.

Wait...No I don't. What am I saying? I'm so not gay. I'm ShinRa's most feared executive. I love women. Beautiful, sexy, slim little Reno. WAIT...I mean women!...Damn him.

To tell the truth, I don't want a man or a woman. I realize in that split second that I only want Reno. Just Reno. No one else, regardless of sex.

His thick blackish red lashes. His sexy candy cane neck that I could spend hours licking raw. His smooth warm chest adorned with those shiny silver pieces of jewelry. His hard chiseled abs...

I can feel my heartbeat increasing as I watch him. My suit is starting to sticks to my body due to the fine layer of sweat now coating it. I loosen my tie and undo the first button on my white dress shirt.

Is it hot in here? I fidget in the seat of the dark corner booth as I look around to see if anyone else is as warm as I am. No one is.

My eyes shift behind my mirrored glasses back to Reno, and grow huge. Sweet Shiva, why is he doing that?

I watch as he grinds into a handsome stranger, his eyes fixed solely on me. My breath hitches in my throat as I see him wink at me. Cute Reno. Real cute.

I tilt my head up, nodding, and decide to play his little game. Bad idea Rude. Gods, what have I done. He's walking towards me now...slowly...his hips are moving back forth like a walking work of art.

Reno smiles and runs a hand back through his long ponytail and stops right in front of me. He never has to speak verbally. What he doesn't say, he more than makes up for with his body. He blinks softly at me and motions with his hand to a closed door at the back of the club.

I'm frozen in place, my hands subconsciously gripping the leather seat as I stare up at him. What the fuck am I thinking? I can't even consider going with him. I don't do things like this. He's my work partner, which reminds me of rule 2. Never, ever, under any circumstances make work personal. That way, when one of you is shot down and drowns in a pool of your own fluids, no one is marred for life.

I sigh. I know if I do this, my life is never going to be the same again. If I did this. If I gave him a part of myself that I would never get back. My very soul. Heh, I know what you are thinking. Hehe..thats crazy. Rude doesn't have a soul. Well, I'll have you know that dark and tainted as it may be, and contrary to popular belief, I DO have one.

What now Rude... My eyes blink hard as I wipe the sweat from my head with the moist napkin under my scotch glass. I have to laugh. Even the glass has beads of sweat running down the sides of it, and it makes me wonder if it's as turned on right now as I am.

I stand as Reno smiles and starts to walk through the crowded club, looking back every now and then to see if I am following him. The lights. The sweat. The people dancing in thick fog and the scent of stale liquor. It all feels like one big surreal dream. I smile. If this is a dream, I'm not sure that I ever want to wake up from it.

I reach out for him as I start to loose sight of him in the thick mass of people dancing around me, and then he's gone. My first thought? Turn the hell around and get off of that dance floor. I start to turn when two bright green eyes meet my own, just inches from my face. He smirks and asks me where the hell I think I'm going. I can't speak as my voice gets stuck in the back of my throat like a hard lump.

He moves his body closer, still smirking and staring up at me, his hand now touching me as he plays with my tie like the strings of a harp. I want to move my feet but find that someone has super glued them to the floor. Oh gods, he's snaking his hands around my waist. He tells me I need to relax. Relax? Is that a joke partner? I'm in a strange club with the man of my dreams, touching me in ways that I have only had wet dreams about. Relax? No problem Reno, I'll get right on that.

The song suddenly shifts and the beat gets harder, but I can barely hear it. My eyes are transfixed on...him. That and the fact that he has somehow managed to undo my tie and unbutton my white shirt completely, while my eyes were being hypnotized my his, like a cobra to it's prey.

I hiss softly as he pulls it from its perfectly tucked place in my black pants and he lets it hang open. Why is he just staring at me? Do I disgust him?

Reno suddenly leans in and places his hands on my chest, his lips lightly brushing my skin. Damn. That feels incredible. He looks up and reaches one hand around the back of my neck and pulls me down to his level. His hair gently brushes the side of my jaw as he whispers into my pierced ear.

He tells me how hot he thinks I am. How much he wants to touch me. Everywhere. How much he wants me to touch him back.

I swear that they have the heater in this damned place turned on high, because now I'm finding it hard to breathe properly. His scent is more intoxicating than anything I've ever experienced before. I want to bottle it. Keep it for myself and share it with no one. I suddenly close my eyes and moan a bit too loud for my own comfort as his tongue lightly wraps itself around the large spike in my earlobe.

I begin to pant as I lean my head to the side a bit, wanting...needing to get more of this drug. I can hear my earrings jingle as his warm wet mouth engulfs my ear, his tongue delicately tracing every inch and curve.

I find my own hands snaking their way around his sides until they come to rest on his hips. I grunt suddenly as he grabs my ass and pulls me right to him. I smirk. He is just as turned on as I am.

Reno blinks upwards as he starts to move slowly against me to the hard beat. I don't dance. So then why the hell am I moving with him? Why does this feel so damn right?

A bead of sweat rolls down the side of my face and lands on my bare chest in a clear rolling drop. His mouth is instantly against my hot flesh. I grab his sides harder as I crane my neck back and let my mouth hang open for a brief moment. I can't describe the sensations sweeping through me as I bring my eyes back down to meet his, neither of us wanting to look away.

He reaches up and takes off my glasses, then tucks them neatly into my jacket pocket. Tells me he wants to see the real me tonight, and he wants me to see him, not just another dark outline. I don't even try to stop him as he takes my hand and holds it tight.

He leads me through the crowd and stops outside of a dark door with the numbers 666 on it. How appropriate. And ironic.

Green eyes meet my brown ones as he traces my jawline with his slender fingers. He smiles and tells me to follow, but only if I really wanted this. I close my eyes. I can feel his body against mine. It feels so damn good. I open my eyes and nod.

Reno hoods his eyes and reaches out for the handle, then leads me in and shuts the door, locking it behind us. A dark office, no doubt the managers.

I turn in the almost complete darkness and step back as I hear light breathing in front of me. Before I know what is happening, my jacket and shirt are pushed off of my shoulders and I feel them brush my legs as they fall into a pile on the floor. Normally, I have a problem with things like this, but not right now. Right now, all that I can concentrate on is Reno's soft body against my own. His lips, sucking and nipping at my chest. His hands running small patterns all over my inked back.

Sweet Odin. Its amazing. His fingers are like feathers, cutting through the thin layer of sweat covering me. I moan the word 'more' softly as I feel him stop and move his fingers under the waistband of my slacks. Reality seems to escape me as he plays with my belt buckle and speaks softly to me.

He tells me to unzip his pants. Like an obedient slave, I move my hands to the front of his waistband and flick the button open with my forefinger and thumb, my own pants now unzipped, the sides hanging open.

Self consciousness doesn't even begin to describe the feelings flooding my brain. Never had I been almost stark naked in front of such a beautiful being. I think he must of sensed this, because he licks his lips and touches me gently. He tells me how perfect I am. That he has lusted after me for as long as he can remember.

Then his hands push my pants down as the fabric drifts down my thighs, knees, then calves, until they are crumpled around my heavy boots.

Shit. I'm stuck between running away like a complete coward and crushing my mouth against his. But a coward is not what he needs or wants, so I take a deep breath, and a chance, as I pull him close. I whisper his name and tilt my head to the side, my eyes fixed on his almost as if I am seeking permission to an exclusive club of some sort.

My fears are quickly quashed as arches his head back and goes up on his toes, his lips melting into my own. I've been kissed before, but gods. Not like that. Not by anyone this perfect.

I start to loose myself as he deepens the slow wet kiss, his tongue moving in my mouth like a delicious warm piece of caramel. His hands move to the waistband of my boxers and he pulls them lower, my own hands now tugging his pants off.

Reno smirks at me and kneels down, his eyes still pinned to mine as he unlaces my boots and removes them one by one, then removes his own. I want to pull his damn boxers off but something stops me. Fear? A new emotions overtakes me but is quenched by another blistering kiss as he stands and wraps his arms around my broad neck and lets our bodies touch.

I want more. I need more. I need to know what makes Reno such a sex god. Why everyone wants a piece of him. I had him all to myself now, and I'll be damed to hell if I was ever letting go.