I watch Reno smirk as he watches the hot water from the pipe cascading over my body. I push up into his hands as he runs them over my hard chest and stomach, the water starting to evaporate into the air around his delicate fingers.

Shit thats hot. And no. Not his hands. The fucking water. I let off a loud hiss but not in pleasure, and stare at him almost as if I am begging. He gets the drift and is up in a heartbeat, uncuffing me from the wall and helping me to sit up.

He looks so hot when he's concerned for me. Asks me if I'm ok. Tells me it was just a game and that he would never hurt me on purpose. He starts to ramble on like this for a few moments before I stand and pull his smaller frame to me, silencing him instantly with one hot blistering kiss. I know you wouldn't baby. And I'm just fine.

He breaks the kiss and lays his head on my wet chest, his hands gripping my back like flypaper. I feel him sigh and his jaw move. I think he's smiling. God I love you just like this Ren.

I look over my shoulder at the pipe which by now had expelled most of its water and was dripping slowly onto our wet floor. That would be fun to explain to maintenance in the morning. Yeah, Hi. Ummm...look, me and my dead sexy partner were having a rough fuck in the office last night and well, things got a teesny weensy bit out of hand. Can you come up to our office with a blowtorch and a new piece of pipe? Shit. I almost laugh out loud just thinking about it.

I stand holding Reno to my chest and listening to our hearts beating together, softly rubbing my wrists behind his back. Our bodies glisten with water in the dull light of downtown Midgar, making me wonder if I had died on that table and gone back into the lifestream. Never in my life had I felt this connected to anyone. What is this feeling? Its so warm and comforting, unlike anything I have ever experienced. I feel as if he were to leave me tonight that I might wither up and die.

He looks up at me and puts a hand on my face. Asks me whats wrong big man. Big man. I love it when you call me that baby. It's cute. I tell him softly that nothing could be wrong tonight. That he is so beautiful and perfect.

My reward is to feel him grip me to him tighter. We stand for what seems like hours with our arms holding each other close. I lean my head down every now and then to kiss the top of his head and smile, when suddenly I feel drops of water against my chest, running down my abs and thigh. Is he?

I tilt his head up to look at me and stare into puffy emerald eyes. My face turns to concern and all I can do is ask him what's wrong. Shit. Did I do something? Did I fuck up somehow? My mind starts to replay the last few hours, trying to find the moment that I could of screwed up.

He jumps up a bit and wraps his arms around my neck and softly whispers the words 'Hold me yo'. I put my arms around his waist and hold him up from the floor, burying my face in the crook of his neck. I hear tiny sobs racking his smaller body and walk to the couch slowly, sitting down with him straddling my lap as I start to rub his back. He sits up after a moment and sniffs, wiping the tears from his eyes and stares at me.

I'm caught between staring back at his beauty and staring back at what I perceive as pain. I feel him shiver just slightly and reach over to take a small blanket from the back of the couch and wrap it around his body. He smiles at me and thanks me with a gentle kiss on the side of my face. I watch as he unhooks the leather bands from my arms and chest, discarding them to the floor below and nodding. He tells me I'm perfect now, then his face becomes expressionless.

For the first time in our partnership, I can't read him at all. I have no idea what he's thinking and it scares me. He snuggles into me as close as he can get without ripping my skin open and crawling in, then sighs. He speaks so softly that if the room hadn't been dead silent, I wouldn't of heard him. He tells me that he feels like a whore, dirty and unworthy of me. That he's so sick and tired of the club scene and that he only wants me but feels that he can't have me because of his past. I feel more of those hot drops of water on my neck and hold him tighter as my own eyes start to sting, causing me to blink rapidly.

Reno places gentle kisses on my skin as he speaks, one of his hands around the front of my neck and absent-mindedly playing with one of my earrings. He tells me that I'm all he can think of and that it's been that way for a long time now. That every time he's with another man he feels as if he's cheating on me somehow. Then he tells me something that makes my heart stop and my hands stop moving completely. He tells me that he loves me. That he wants to be with me forever and no one else.

I can't breathe at all. I feel as if I was bitten by a poisonous snake of some kind and have suffered paralysis. He...loves me? I have waited for so many long years to finally hear those words from his mouth. I thought of what I'd say to him if he ever told me but my lips at this moment are glued together and my eyes are frozen open and staring forwards.

I'm too stunned to move, when my partner must of mistaken my silence for rejection. He's up fast, and grabs his pants and shirt as I sit up and hold the now empty blanket in my hands. Say something Rude. Say anything you big dumb lug. He's hurt. Not to mention that he's running again. Stop him. You can do this.

He won't even look at me as he whispers his apologies over and over. That he will ask for a transfer in the morning. A transfer? Are you fucking serious? We're the best team ShinRa has ever had and you want a damn transfer?

As he gets one leg in his pants, I can't watch this anymore and stand fast, letting the blanket hit the floor. I grab him from behind and hold him as he goes slack in my arms and starts to cry again. I don't know what to do. In all of the years I've known this cold blooded little killer, I've never seen him like this. So weak and vulnerable. This is not the man who would gladly put a bullet in his targets head and laugh at the corpse. This is not the man who after 12 drinks told Rufus ShinRa, at a company dinner, that he and Tseng should really switch lubricants because of what a tight ass he had been acting like. I laugh inwardly remembering the look on the bosses face after that remark. Reno was suspended for a week with no pay, but I still went to his place everyday to drink and play poker with him. The man in my arms was like a small boy, scared and in need of the one thing that nobody ever gave him. Love.

I hold his back to my chest and lean into his ear, kissing it softly. I tell him that I think of him all the time too. I tell him about that man at the bar the other night and how I could of gone home with him, but didn't. I hold him and almost shake him slightly as I tell him he's not leaving me. That if he did I would follow him for the rest of his life, no matter how far or how fast he ran. I tell him that he can't get away from me no matter how hard he tries so he might as well just stay and have me love him back. Did I just say that? Did I just tell him that...I loved him too?

He turns in my arms and stares at me, his eyes deep and shaking. He timidly asks me if I meant that. If I really do love him back. I smile and nod, asking him if I've ever lied to him before.

The only way to describe his face is like the most beautiful sunrise you've ever seen, magnified by one hundred. He jumps up and wraps his entire body around me, causing me to fall back onto the couch with a grunt. He ravages me with hot kisses and takes my face in his hands, telling me that he would of died if I had rejected him. That he loves me so much it hurts him to be apart from me.

I crush our mouths together and suddenly we find a new level of intimacy between us in the dark room. No more is the dominant Reno, trying to be something that he thinks I need. No more is that cocky bastard from the dance club. All thats left now are our raw emotions and something new. Our shared love.

He pants as he kisses me feverishly and whispers to me to make love to him. Says he wants to feel us. Says he wants to share a part of himself with me that he's never given anyone else. His heart.

I want to cry, and truth be told, I rarely do. The last time I did was when my old partner was killed just inches from me. Those however were tears of pain. These were tears of happiness.

I moan his name over and over as he straddles my lap on the soft leather couch and I nod, telling him that I would like nothing more. That he's not leaving me tonight. That I'm going to hold him until we have to work tomorrow, but since the door is locked we may not get much done in the way of paperwork.

He smiles and kisses my eyes one and a time and rests his forehead against my own, looking down at me and blinking softly, his voice dripping of sex and need. 'Make love to me big man' he says and grinds into my hard stomach.

I run my hands up and down his back slowly and nod, pulling him into a long wet kiss, our tongues moving in a slow sensual dance that only he and I can hear. How ironic. I do dance.

We move against each other so perfectly it's as if our bodies were made to connect with one another's. Like we were created for this moment. If we were, then I'm grateful to the gods for giving me this amazing gift.

I feel him reaching between us and rubbing our hard lengths together as we both start to sweat and tear at each other with nothing less that complete passion. I groan and pant as I let my head hang over the back of couch and he is instantly on my exposed neck, biting and sucking gently. For a brief moment I worry about him leaving marks, until I remember Rufus coming into brief us the other morning wearing a black scarf around his neck. I remember I looked across the table at Tseng and he instantly averted his eyes from me. Those two are so pathetic sometimes, but shit, more power to them for having each other. I was always jealous, but now. Now I have what I have always wanted and I was holding on with all that was in me.

He pants and looks me in the eyes and asks if I'm ready. I nod as I feel him place my cock against his tight ring. I watch his face as he sucks in a breath of air then drops down onto me in one slick movement. Oh gods. The tightness is still so intense. So hot and snug as he heaves for breath in my lap. I place my hands on his hips and rest our foreheads against one another's, waiting for him to adjust to the new pressure inside of him.

In just a few moments he's kissing me again, and his body is moving up and down on my cock, so slowly I could of screamed right then. He whispers his need for me over and over as we make love, my hands now up over my head and his fingers intertwined with my own. I push my hips up into him gently as he pushes down, a perfect compliment to each other. So this is what it's supposed to be like. I really was being cheated.

Our breathing becomes more labored. Harder and faster we move against each other, our hands never loosing that tight grip on one another's that we so desperately needed on this night. I can feel him clamping down tighter and my cock starting to throb as we just stare into one another's eyes, unable to look away even for a second. He tells me he wants us to come together. That he's close and knows that I am too.

I pant and moan his name as I see his eyes grow wide and start to close. I tell him to keep them open. To look at me. That I want to see his eyes. He nods and swallows hard as he bites his lower lip and then grips my hands so tight I swear the circulation is gone completely. He comes hard between us, moaning my name loud and I groan and push up into him one last time, his name on my lips as we sweat and shake, still staring into each others glossy eyes.

He makes no effort to withdraw my cock from within him, instead just staring at me and smiling. His grip on my hands loosens slightly as he licks his lips and kisses me gently. He tells me that he loves me. Forever.

I smile back and nod. I tell him I love him too. That forever will come to fast for my liking, but I'll deal. He stands and gets up, my hot come dripping out of him and leaving a stringy sticky string between us for just a moment. He walks to the bathroom and comes back out with a warm wet towel and cleans us both up.

I lay down on the couch and pat the empty spot in front of me. Reno smiles and picks the blanket up from the floor then throws it over me and slides into the awaiting spot. I tell him that I want to hold him like this every night from now on and he nods. I'm sure that he's smiling but I can't see his face. I can only hear his heart beating and his gentle breathing.

Reno yawns and snuggles back into me as close as he can get then mumbles 'I love you yo' and falls asleep in my arms. I lay there for quite a while, just running my hand over his smaller arm and kissing the back of his neck.

It's ironic how many rules I've broken by now, but I think after all of this I'm just gonna throw my book away and start from scratch. Love does that sometimes. Oh, and good news. I found something else out. Real men DO dance.