A/N: Alex/Harry and Draco are both ten years old now and it just occurred to me that I don't know the date of Draco's birthday. I'm going to make it near Alex's though.


"It is time to teach Draco the ways of the Malfoy." Lucius informed Narcissa as he passed her in the hallway of the Malfoy mansion.

Narcissa's eyes widened and she grasped her husbands arm, effectively preventing him from walking away. "Lucius…no, he's not ready."

"He's ten, that's older then I was." Lucius stated as he turned around to face his wife.

"Lucius, he's still a child."

"Yes, and it's about time he grew up." Lucius said coldly, his eyes emotionless.

"He will, just give him some time." Narcissa pleaded, but to no avail.

"He goes to Hogwarts next year Narcissa, he must learn this before he does."

"Why?" Narcissa questioned angrily while thinking, 'Why must you turn him into some kind of monster.'

"Because," Lucius said delicately, "You know as well as I do that it is a tradition that the Malfoy heir develops all mannerisms and beliefs before he reaches Hogwarts."

"Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the Malfoy ways should change?" Narcissa questioned, her eyes narrowed.

"Narcissa, they've been the same since the beginning of the Malfoy line, why on earth would they change now?" Lucius asked incredulously.

"Maybe to keep up with the times? Those ways are conservative and I guarantee you very few families still uphold their old ways."

"No, what you mean to say is that half-bloods and blood-traitors have changed their ways, all respectable pure-blooded families retain their old ways. Draco will learn these ways, before his eleventh birthday." Lucius said, his steel-grey eyes boring into her icy-blue ones.

But Lucius…." She replied weakly.

"End of discussion." He replied in a tone that booked no argument before yanking his arm out of her grip and walking down the corridor.

"And what of Alex?" Narcissa called after him.

"…He must learn them too."


"Draco! Alex!" Narcissa called up the stairs, "Hurry up, we're leaving for Diagon Alley!"

"We're coming mother!" Draco retorted, rudely pushing past her on his way to the fireplace. Narcissa shook her head sadly; ever since Lucius had given Draco 'the talk' Draco had been rude and cruel, the change hadn't been instantaneous but it had been obvious that Draco was different. Alex however, he was another story.

"Coming mum." Alex said softly, making his way down the stairs. When he reached the bottom he hugged Narcissa and smiled up at her. He noticed her slight frown and gave her a curious look. "What's wrong mum?" He asked, concerned.

Narcissa shook her head slightly, as if trying to prevent herself from thinking any further. "Oh nothing dear." She said, forcing a smile onto her face. Alex smiled in return and grabbed Narcissa's hand, dragging her into the living room.

"Come on mum, we'll be late!"

Narcissa laughed softly as she ran behind Alex, a small spark of joy in her normally dispirited eyes. She had really thought that she could bring Draco up differently to how Lucius had been brought up. She had spent many nights praying that she could change Lucius' mind, save Draco from such a twisted way of life. But she failed, Lucius had proven resilient and Draco was so very much like his father. She remembered the day Lucius had changed him; Draco had sat there, an excited look on his face, drinking in Lucius' every word. She'd barely been able to watch as Lucius destroyed the sweet boy she had tried so hard to protect. She'd known that once Lucius talked to Draco he'd be lost; he had always tried so hard to please his father. Her thoughts turned to Alex, he'd been there too but his reaction had been very different from Draco's. Although he never said anything out loud Narcissa could tell he hadn't agreed with anything Lucius said. She'd seen it in his eyes, those emerald orbs burning fiercely in rebellion. Still, whenever Lucius or Draco was around Alex would act like he was supposed to. His mask of prejudice and pure-blooded upbringing would slide on and it pained Narcissa to watch him act like them…even if he hated every moment of it.

Narcissa was jolted out of her thoughts as a harsh voice cut through the air.

"What in the name of the Dark Lord are you doing?" Lucius demanded fiercely, his eyes livid pools of molten silver. Alex immediately dropped Narcissa's hand and straightened his back, his chin jutting out in quiet defiance.

"Nothing." He muttered, eyes locked in a staring contest with the angry blonde.

"Alexader!" Lucius growled, "You are never to act in that childish fashion again, do you understand me?"

Alex's eyes bored into Lucius's as he refrained from spitting out his answer. "Yes."

"Yes sir." Lucius said tightly, "You will address me with respect."

"Yes sir." Alex replied, a mocking glint in his eyes, the adoration they had once held when looking at Lucius was all but gone.

"And you!" Lucius had turned his attention to Narcissa. "You are NOT to encourage him. Have I made myself clear?"

"Crystal." Narcissa replied icily.


"Alex, are you sure you're not hungry?" Narcissa questioned gently. Alex shook his head slowly, his untameable hair drifting freely about his face.

"You don't want a drink or anything?" She persisted, a slightly worried look in her eyes. Alex had been unusually quiet for the past few hours.

"No thank you." He replied politely, his small fingers absently playing with his shirt hem.

"Alright then," she reluctantly conceded, "But don't hesitate to ask if you feel hungry later on okay?"

Alex only nodded his emerald eyes fixed on the ornate patterns woven into the expensive looking table cloth. As his eyes followed the golden curve of a woven dragon's back his mind pondered the values and beliefs he'd had thrust upon him only months ago. He remembered how shocked he'd been as Lucius described how he was to act from that moment on. He recalled Lucius' words exactly…

"…you are both sons of respectable families and therefore you must both act appropriately. Befriending blood-traitors and mud-bloods is strictly prohibited and from now on I expect you both to keep your distance from them, especially that Weasly twit. You are not to talk to anyone of lesser blood status unless you are insulting or degrading them. Malfoy's have been raised this way for centuries and you Draco, as the Malfoy heir, must take on these traditions and eventually pass them on to your own heir. Alex, while you are not part of the Malfoy line your father is one of the most influential wizards of this time and it is his beliefs that I and now you uphold so diligently. Your father has been increasingly concerned about you consorting with blood-traitors and it is in everyone's best interests that you cease immediately. It is important that you both understand that I will not tolerate any disobedience of any kind. Your actions from before were excused purely because you were ignorant as to how you should act; now there is no excuse for delinquency and you will be punished for it. Have I made myself clear?"

He'd never agreed to it, he simply couldn't see why 'blood' made him different from anyone else. Of course, he tried his best to hide this when Lucius was around and although he hated it, he acted the same as Draco in order to placate him. Draco had never been the same after the 'talk'. He seemed to have taken Lucius' words to heart and tried his very hardest to prove himself to his father. Lucius, of course, remained distant and refused to give Draco the one thing he truly desired; approval. Draco longed for his father's approval; he mimicked his father's actions, words and behaviours in a desperate attempt to achieve it.

Alex was knocked out of his musings as he heard an oddly familiar voice cry out in excitement.

"Alex! Draco!" This cry of exultation was quickly followed by a "Hush Ronald. What have we told you about the Malfoys?"

But the exuberant red-head was undeterred and, breaking free from his fathers grip, he dodged around both people and tables before coming to a halt in front of the Malfoys.

Lucius' eyes narrowed as he glared vehemently at the youngest male Weasly.

"Remove yourself from my table," he spat, "before you taint it with your stupidity." Ron blinked then simply ignored Lucius and turned to Draco. "Not very friendly is he?" The oblivious Weasly stated watching his mother and father running to catch up with him out of the corner of his eye. Draco turned his silvery gaze on him and Ron recoiled slightly as the immense dislike Draco now held for all Muggleborns and 'blood-traitors' became evident. "I think you'll find Weasly that there is very little tolerance for blood-traitors among respectable pure-bloods." His tone was cold and clipped and reminded Ron of an unforgiving winter's day. "Now leave before I decide to hurt you."


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