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Of Weddings
Chapter 4: Of Practical Things

Iruka sighed contentedly from where he was curled up in Kakashi's arms. They'd been sitting in the same spot long enough for dew to settle on them, and the sky was starting to get lighter towards the east so he hadn't slept at all, but he couldn't bring himself to care. He was sure he would when he had to face his students in a few hours, but for now he was comfortable, and warm, and blissfully happy.

He'd never expected Kakashi to propose to him. The man was afraid of his attachment to his own shadow for goodness sakes! Iruka was more than happy to spend the rest of his life with the Jounin, but he thought that Kakashi would be uncomfortable with any further level for the relationship and had prepared himself for a permanent status quo.

To say he was thrilled, for once, to be wrong would have been an understatement. There was nothing in the world he wanted more than this. He just couldn't believe it was real yet. Thus his inability to fall asleep even if Kakashi had long ago.

Really, Iruka knew he probably should have teleported them home after Kakashi fell asleep. They had spent several hours in the same spot kissing and talking about nothing and making impossible promises until Kakashi hadn't been able to keep his eyes open any longer. He'd told Iruka to wake him if he fell asleep, but the Copy-ninja had looked so relaxed that he just hadn't had the heart to.

In fact, he looked more relaxed then he had in the last couple of weeks. Iruka grinned slightly, playing with the ring now on his finger. He'd known Kakashi hadn't been sleeping well the last couple of weeks. Was this why? Was he so nervous that Iruka wouldn't have him?

He loved Kakashi, really he did, but sometimes the Jounin could be so dense.

Iruka was looking at his ring, pondering whether it was manly to feel this giddy about the whole thing, when he felt Kakashi stir behind him.

Grinning, the chuunin turned so he could kiss the Jounin's unmasked jaw, thrilling even more that the face only he had seen would soon be his and his alone to love. "Good morning, sleepy-head."

Kakashi's right eye blinked open slowly as he pulled Iruka flush against his chest and buried his face in the chuunin's hair. "You were supposed to wake me."

Iruka chuckled softly, lifting his hands out of his lap to lay them on Kakashi's on his chest. "I couldn't do it. You looked so relaxed for once. I didn't want to disturb you."

"How long was I out?"

"A couple hours, maybe."

"Hm…and what were you doing during that time, 'Ruka?"

"Just…thinking. About things."

Kakashi's grip on him tightened almost painfully. "What sorts of things?"

"The things that I'm sure you haven't thought of yet. The practical things about what we're getting in to."

"Practical things?" He could feel Kakashi frown against the back of his head before the Jounin turned him around, so Iruka was kneeling between his thighs. "You're not changing your mind, are you, 'Ru?"

Iruka made a noise that was half-groan, half-sigh as he buried his face in the Jounin's chest, breathing in deeply the damp rich forest sent that was uniquely Kakashi, as he muttered, "where did I go wrong with you? Are you really so insecure about our relationship?"

Kakashi relaxed, slightly. "No, it's not that I don't believe you. It's just…it doesn't seem real. It's too good to be true. It's been so long since anyone wanted me that I can hardly believe you really do."

"It's not like were in different boats, 'Kashi. Do you think it's any easier for me to believe there is somebody who loves me?"

A part of Kakashi wanted to say yes, because as far as he was concerned it was obvious to him that Iruka deserved someone better and that of course he would love him because he couldn't help doing it. But, they'd already been through that once earlier when Iruka had tried to explain why his initial reaction had been to try and dispel a genjutsu, and he didn't feel like repeating that discussion.

"Well, if that's not what you were thinking about, what were you thinking of?"

"Oh, lots of things. Like when we want to have the ceremony. And where. Who we need to invite, what we're going to wear…"

"So, basically, all the things Sakura said she was going to think of for us?"

"Yes and no. I'm sure some of these things she won't think of because they're about just us, and I don't think she knew about us until last night."

"Things like?"

"Well, like," Iruka blushed furiously, directing his gaze at the fold in Kakashi's shirt over his chest instead of looking the Jounin in the eye. "Like whether we want to keep living in your apartment after or whether maybe we…could get a house together."

The last was said very fast and half mumbled, as if Iruka were afraid of the Jounin's reaction. In truth, Kakashi didn't know how to react. The idea of having something with Iruka that was only ever 'ours' and never just 'his' was both exciting and terrifying. He'd have to think about that and decide just how scary it was.

He kissed the chuunin's forehead gently. "We have plenty of time to think about that, Itooshii."

Iruka smiled at him, bumping their noses together, "not some of them. We need a date soon."

"Why not now? I mean, you said yes. We can go to a church now and just finish up." Kakashi grinned, but it was forced and Iruka would know that. He'd just focused on getting Iruka to say yes to being engaged- the actual thought of marrying him having not been one he'd dealt with yet.

"Kakashi, you can't plan a wedding in a day. Well, not a REAL wedding anyway. You have to make appointments, and invite people, and…well, lots of other things. Sakura would have your head if you took the chance to help plan this away from her. And Naruto left on a mission yesterday. I don't want…"

"You don't want to go through such a special day without him," Kakashi finished for him, grinning for real this time.

"It sounds girly when you say it that way," the chuunin muttered, smiling a little himself anyway. "But, yes. He's like my little brother. He and Anko are the only family I have, besides you. I want him to be there."

Kakashi's lopsided grin softened into a tender smile, and he ran his hand along Iruka's face. "You're sweet, Itooshii." He suddenly frowned, an unpleasant thought striking him. "Does Naruto know about us?"

"Of course he does," Iruka said, and then frowned. "Well, I've never told him directly, but I've never hidden it from him either."

"I don't think Sakura knew."

"Yes, but she doesn't spend as much time with us. I'm sure Naruto noticed."

Kakashi thought he was giving the boy too much credit, but he didn't feel like arguing the point at the moment. When Naruto came back and attempted to kill him for defiling his Iruka-sensei- possibly succeeding because that boy was getting stronger by the day- then he would know his Kakashi was right.

"Besides that, we have other things to discuss before we get married." Iruka continued, turning around again so he was half-lying on Kakashi, back to chest, as he watched the sunrise.


"Yes. Somebody here has to take somebody else's last name and drop his own."

"Has too?"

"Well, it is customary. Girls aren't allowed to keep their own last names. I'm fairly certain they'll want somebody to give up their name."

"Well, that's easy. I'll take your name."

Iruka turned around so fast his ponytail caught Kakashi in the nose, and the shocked look on his face clued the Jounin in enough that he was able to catch the chuunin's hands before he finished forming the 'kai' symbol. "Oh no you don't! My pride can only take that once in so many hours."

Iruka smiled at him shakily. "Sorry, I just. You took me by surprise with that, that's all."

"Why?" Kakashi frowned, pulling Iruka's hands up to his chest as he subconsciously played with the ring on the other man's finger. "I like your name."

"Well…it…I just didn't think you'd want to be seen as the woman in the relationship."

Kakashi shrugged. "It bothers me less than it does you."

"That's because nobody just assumes you are," the chuunin muttered, laying his head against the Jounin's collar bone. "And, besides, you're the last one in your clan…"

"So are you."

"My clan isn't as prestigious as yours is."


"You're famous, Kakashi, and you know it."

"That's not really the point, 'Ruka. My name doesn't mean anything to me. I'd be honored to take your last name as mine."

Iruka lifted his head and smiled at him gently. "That means a lot to me, 'Kashi. Really. But for once, why don't we go with what's expected."

"You want to take my name?"

Iruka nodded, returning to his position of held against Kakashi's chest. "I like thinking I belong to you. You show me you're only mine in so many ways. I want to do the same for you."

Kakashi laid his head on the brunette's, burying his nose in the soft hair. "Only if you're sure, Itooshii."

"I am." Iruka smiled, and let out a contented sigh and Kakashi wrapped his arms around his chest. "Besides, Scarecrow of the Ocean is just weird. And I can't think of any good sea-creature jokes Genma could make with Hatake Iruka, can you?"

Kakashi had to admit he couldn't.