James was sitting in an armchair, while Lily did her Transfiguration homework, James had finished his already and they were the only ones left in the common room.

Lily leant back into the couch she was sitting on, her eyes closed.

"Finished?" he asked softly.

"Not yet, I'm stuck on one bit."

"I'll help you in a minute, but first…" he trailed.

"First what?" she asked, opening her eyes, looking at him.

"Dance with me," he said and he pointed his wand at Lily and in a minute, her school robes were replaced for black pyjama pants with enchanted stars all over them and a white wife beater. He did the same for himself without the wife beater.

"Wha?" she asked confused.

"Your school robes and things are in your dorm and you look more comfortable now."

"Yes," she said to his question before. James got up and put his hand out to Lily and she let him pull her up. James was surprised when Lily didn't let go of his hand. They moved so they were in front of the fire and Lily put her arms around James' neck.

James wrapped his arms around her waist and dropped his head so his mouth was next to her ear and Lily put her head in the hollow of his neck. They swayed gently to the music in their heads, (Billie Holiday – I'll Be Seeing You).

After about 5 minutes, Lily did something that surprised them both, she kissed his neck gently.



Three times.

James moved so he was looking down at Lily, then he leant down and whispered, "I love you," before kissing her.

His lips moved slowly over hers. He was kissing her a full 10 seconds before she kissed him back. Their firt kiss was slow and gentle, but it should showed everything they felt for one another. They were still dancing.

When they broke away, they moved as they were before and Lily whispered, "I love you too," and she kissed his neck once more, before closing her eyes and relaxed completely into James.

Unknown to them, Sirius, Remus and Kelly, the best friends of Lily and James, were watching them with smiles in their faces.

"Finally," whispered Kelly.