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Background info: The thing in Kyle's bedroom never happened, because it was all screwed up, and this story works better if it doesn't happen. Jess and Rory left the party when Jess asked, and he didn't feel like talking so he went to the diner and Rory went home. They are not mad at each other and Rory is worried about Jess. Jess' dad did come, I know the time-line is all screwed up but just go with it. Jess left to go see Jimmy, but Luke didn't kick him out, and Rory never saw him leave on the bus Also, it is only the beginning of April and Rory doesn't graduate until the end of May, I'm making up the date and I have no clue if it coincides with the show because my DVDs are in my room, and I'm kind of doing my own thing here so it doesn't really matter. Oh yeah and one more thing a backpacking trip through Europe was never planned, instead Lorelai planned on taking Rory on a 1 week vacation in July to somewhere in the U.S. I'm going to just dive into the story now, and if anyone has any question, include them in your reviews!


Jess stepped off the bus, he was in California it was 2:00 in the afternoon, and with a three hour time difference from Connecticut, it was time to call Rory. It was 11 in Hartford, which meant her cell would be off, and he could leave her a message, exactly as he planned. Jess quickly found a pay phone and called Rory's cell.

"It's Rory, Talk Please" Rory's voice came through the phone as Jess got her voicemail. The sound of her voice made him go weak he already missed her, he wasn't sure if she knew he was gone.

"Hey Rory, its Jess. Uh, I don't know how to tell you this but, my dad came back and then left. I'm in California. I wanted to see him, and get to know him; I mean the guy's my dad. I'm sorry about not talking to you, but I can't tell you in person what I have to tell you; I'm not graduating high school, which means I can't take you to the prom. Rory, I also needed to say, I love you. I think I have since I first met you. Please, Rory just wait for me, I will call you later and I will see you at your graduation, on May 20th at 1:00pm, I promise I'll be there." With that Jess hung up the phone. Wow that was one of the hardest phone call's I have ever had to make. She's not going to know who the guy that left that message is, it is so not like me, but I had to tell her some time.

Jess found a yellow pages, and located where his father worked, he owned a hot dog stand. Jess set out on foot to find this hot dog king who apparently was his father. He had no clue what he would find, if he would have anything in common with his father, or hell even like the guy.

Jess got to the hot dog stand, and recognized a guy studying a pickle jar as the guy that came into the diner a few nights ago.

"Jimmy!?" he yelled and the guy looked up.

"Jess?" he called, squinting and shielding his eyes, as he was looking directly into the sun. "What are you doing here?"

"Can I talk to you?" Jess asked.

"Sure" Jimmy called to him, then turned to a guy standing beside him, "cover for me" he said before leaving the stand.

"What are you doing her Jess?" Jimmy asked walking up to Jess.

"What were you doing in Stars Hollow?" Jess countered.

"I…I don't know I just wanted to see you."

"What after 18 years, you just thought maybe I'll go see how that son I left is doing?" Jess sarcastically spat at his father.

"I couldn't handle being a father; I would have screwed you up." Jimmy said as if that was the answer to Jess' question.

"And growing up with a mother who's a whack job didn't?"

"She seems to have done a decent job."

"How the hell would you know? She sent me to Luke about two years ago, she 'couldn't handle me' either apparently. Luke has been more of a parent to me than you or Liz ever was!"

"What do you want from me, Jess? I didn't ask you to come here, and you haven't even told me why the hell you're here"

"I know who Liz is, and I figured I may want to know who my biological father is, I mean who wouldn't be interested after a father who you've never met suddenly appears, listens to a stupid song with you and then leave!"

"Fine Jess, what do you want to know?"

"I wanted to spend some time with you, get to know you; I mean we do share a last name."

"Don't you go to school back East?"

"Not graduating, I skipped too many times. What do you say Jimmy, I'll be out of you hair by the beginning to middle of May."

"Why in the beginning or middle of May?"

"I promised my girlfriend I would see her graduate from high school."

"I have to talk girlfriend, Sasha, but if she says okay, then you can stay."

"Thank you" Jess responded, he did want to know his father, maybe then he would discover some of the answers to why he was like he was. He read everything in sight, and had no clue why, Liz didn't read never had, she was too busy getting drunk and high. Luke certainly didn't read anything. Jess knew he was nothing like his mother, and he was a lot like Luke, maybe him knowing Jimmy would be able to fill in the missing pieces.


Rory turned her cell phone on when she got on the bus and it buzzed, telling her she had a new voicemail. Rory listed to the voicemail fro Jess.

He's in California, and he loves me! Who does that, says I'm in California oh and by the way I love you! He's not graduating high school? Why couldn't Jess talk to me. Ugh, that boy just shuts down, and it drives me up the wall! Why couldn't he tell me his dad came to see him? This is pointless only Jess can answer these questions. He loves me? He loves me.

"He loves me" Rory said under her breath, so only she could hear it, but needing to hear it out loud. Jess loves me? I can't believe it Jess loves me. Do I love him? Am I kidding myself, of course I love him, I love everything about him, and I don't know why the hell I do.

Rory replayed the message, "Please wait for me…I'll see you at your graduation" Rory said talking to herself under her breath. Jess would never say anything like 'please wait for me' Well at least if he said something like that he must really mean it. He says he loves me and then thinks I won't wait for him? Of course I'll wait for Jess, It's what a month, and it's not like I wouldn't have let him go if he had discussed it with me first. Rory chuckled to herself at that last thought, God forbid Jess discusses anything that important with her.

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