Come to my Paradise: A KakashixIruka story: Part One – Kakashi's Birthday++

It was eleven o'clock at night and the Jonin named Kakashi Hatake was lying on his bed, looking up at the ceiling. He sighed. "It's my twenty-sixth birthday in an hour...I wonder what's going to happen tomorrow." Kakashi rolled over on his side and glanced at his Make Out Paradise clock hanging on the wall, as another minute went by. He loved to collect Make out Paradise things, but right now, he is trying to get all of the books. Kakashi slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep.

At about eight in the morning, Kakashi's alarm went buzzing off. He slammed his hand hard on it, then he gained the strength to get up. He got out of his pyjamas as he wiped his sleepy eyes and got into his Ninja clothes that he normally wears to the academy along with the other senseis. Suddenly, Kakashi looked at his table and saw his Make Out Paradise book volume one – an orange book for adults only. He walked over to it and smirked. He put it in his back pocket and left the house.

On his way to the Ninja Academy, Kakashi saw Sakura Haruno sitting on one of the seats around Konoha. Sakura didn't notice that Kakashi was walking over to her, since she was just looking at the ground. "Hi there, Sakura, ready for your next mission today?" Kakashi asked her, sort of waiting for a "Happy Birthday, Kakashi-sensei". Sakura looked up at her sensei. "Oh hi, Kakashi-sensei! I didn't even see you there," she replied with a smile. Kakashi just laughed a little. "Well, Sasuke and I are ready for our mission, but I don't know about Naruto...I think he's still asleep." Sakura stated, wondering how long Naruto could sleep for. But Kakashi didn't care...he couldn't believe that Sakura, one of the best students, had forgotten what day it was. But despite that, Kakashi tried to smile and forget about it. Maybe the next person he sees will remember... "Well, I...I'd better get going..." Kakashi said, walking off to the academy.

Kakashi finally got there, but he didn't feel like the usual person he was. Normally, he'd sit next to a tree and read Make Out Paradise, but he wasn't in the mood. Everyone had forgotten about his birthday. When he passed people in the village, all they said to him was "Good morning, Kakashi, ready for that mission?" or "Hey, Kakashi, how are you today?" Even the senseis and the Third Hokage had forgotten. Kakashi started thinking things like ''Am I one day early?" or ''Is this a dream? A nightmare that I just can't wake up from?" But he kept looking at every Calender and it was the right day, and he was sure that he was not dreaming. Kakashi sighed and sat down on a chair next to a small table at the park. There was no one on the other side of the table...Kakashi had no one to share his day with him.

Kakashi closed his eyes and lay his head on the table. This just wasn't his day...Suddenly, Kakashi felt a hand on his shoulder...he turned around and saw Iruka Umino smiling at him! But Kakashi wasn't in the mood. '' are you doing, Iruka?'' Kakashi muttered, thinking what Iruka was going to say instead of "Happy Birthday." Iruka sat on the chair at the other end of the table. ''Well...I've got something for you, Kakashi...I think you might like it.'' said Iruka, with a smile. Kakashi blinked and looked at Iruka, and what he was pulling out of a plastic bag. Kakashi was speechless. He didn't know what to say...Was this a present for his birthday?

''Here...I've been saving up some money so I could buy this for you." said Iruka, handing Kakashi the object. Kakashi took one look at it and smiled. "MAKE OUT PARADISE?!!! VOLUME TWO?! Iruka..." Iruka smiled as well. "Happy Birthday, Kakashi Hatake..." he said. Kakashi was about to burst into tears. "Thank you, Iruka…you're the only one who remembered." Iruka smiled, but he was surprised that everyone else had completely forgotten. "You're welcome. Ok, I'm going to see the Third Hokage about our mission. This time, it's Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, you and I on one team. I guess you need a chunin on your side for now." Iruka waved and walked off. Kakashi decided to open his new book and start reading.

Part One End++

I will probably sumbit part two when I start writing it up.