Come To My Paradise: A KakashixIruka Story: Part Fifteen – Not Here, But Not Forgotten++

Alright, my last chapter!! The next story I write will be a Naruto one, but it won't be a KakashixIruka'll be more like a YouxKakashi story. Thanks for all the reviews, people, even if 2 of them were pretty mean. Now they are deleted, in fact. Hm well...anyway, let's finish this story!

Iruka woke up the next morning in his and Kakashi's bed. He slowly opened his eyes and looked over at Kakashi, who was still sound asleep. Iruka smiled and put the blanket over him and Kakashi.

Thoughts were coming back to Iruka's head about last night, when he had been attacked by the fake Helena. He remembered how Kakashi had rescued him and protected him like Kakashi had promised he would before the mission began. Iruka rolled over on his side and put his hand under his head. "Kakashi, you know you didn't have to risk your life for mine...I was worried about you." Iruka whispered. Iruka just wanted to know where the real Helena was. And what Kakashi had said before. "Don't you ever think that if she truly loved you, she would have went with you? Otherwise, I don't know what else she would be up to." Iruka remembered Kakashi saying. But then Iruka wondered why he himself didn't choose her over the students? If it really was love, he would have stayed with her, no matter what. Iruka closed his eyes, and he felt an arm across his body. He rolled over and saw that Kakashi's eyes were open. "I had to risk my life, Iruka...I had no other choice. I didn't want you to die...not before I do, anyway." Kakashi said with a smile that made Iruka blush. " heard me, Kakashi?" Iruka asked. Kakashi pulled the blanket off him and sat up on the bed. "Yeah...but I wanna know what you're thinking. You seem to look very deep in thought." Iruka sat up and sighed. "It...was nothing. I was just thinking about how weird this mission has gotten. Like having the fight with that golem, and...falling in love with you." He said. Kakashi smiled. "That's not weird, except for that golem part. I loved you before the mission – I loved you on my birthday. That was the best present I've ever received." Kakashi stated with a grin. Kakashi put his hands on Iruka's shoulders and pinned him down until he hit the pillow. Iruka was surprised as he noticed that Kakashi was hanging above him, and they were inches away from touching each other's faces. "And this is when Naruto and the others walk in..." Iruka joked. "You're just being paranoid, Iruka-sensei...Isn't this what love means?" Kakashi replied with a smirk. They both leaned in closer and kissed each other, and Kakashi never wanted it to end. He was so glad that he could stay with Iruka.

Several hours later, Kakashi and Iruka finally got out of bed. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were also awake, but they had no idea where Helena was, or what was going on. Iruka, happy from his and Kakashi's 'love moment' turned on the TV to Make Out Paradise. The Genin thought they would go outside and train more, since they didn't want to see a hentai program. Kakashi and Iruka sat on the bed as they saw two people making out on the TV. Kakashi couldn't help but smile as he remembered that Iruka was a good kisser. Iruka knew straight away that Kakashi was thinking dirty thoughts.

"We interrupt this program to bring you news." The news reporter said as he appeared on the screen. "Hmph...News interrupting my show..." Kakashi mumbled. "Wait, I wanna see what's so important." Iruka said.

"There was a brown-haired girl by the name of Helena Miyazaki found in a forest today covered in blood, her clothes ripped off, and her hair looked like some of it was ripped out." The news reporter went on. "She was sadly murdered. It appears she must have been out here for a while." Iruka stared at the TV, almost in tears. "What...? Helena? So that's what happened to her..." Iruka said softly as he looked at the ground. Tears flowed down his face and onto the floor. Kakashi looked at Iruka, wondering if he could somehow help. "I...I was too late, Kakashi...we...we failed the mission...and she's gone..." Iruka burst out into tears, hugging Kakashi and burying his face in Kakashi's chest. Kakashi put his arms around Iruka and hugged him back. "I'm sorry, Iruka..." he said. "I...I just wanted to see her and save her...but she...she's..." Iruka cried. Kakashi stared to sob a little, too. "Don't cry,'re making me get upset." "I'm sorry..." Iruka replied. "I...I just...wanna die so bad now." "No, don't say that. Don't you ever say that. If you died, I would want to die...and you told me that I shouldn't, didn't you?" Kakashi asked, hugging Iruka tighter. Iruka nodded. He tried to make his tears stop, and make the sadness in his heart go away, but he couldn't. "You will see her again one day...she's not here, but she's not forgotten."

It was time to go back to Konoha now. Iruka was beginning to accept the face that Helena isn't coming back, but he can be with her again. She is always in his heart. Thanks to Kakashi, Iruka was feeling better than before – he had more confidence.

"Umm...thank you, Kakashi-sensei..." Iruka said, as everyone walked back to the village. "Hm?" Kakashi said. "Well for showing me many things. Thank you." Kakashi smiled. "You're welcome, Iruka-sensei." Kakashi felt the urge to kiss Iruka until he ran out of breath, but he didn't want the Genin to get suspicious about them. "So guys, get enough training done?" Kakashi asked. "How could we not?! All we were doing on this mission WAS training!! And watching TV!!" Naruto said. Iruka and Kakashi laughed. The mission has changed their lives a lot.

The End++