Stay Away From My Heart

Rating: M

Spoilers: set in season 2, general spoilers.

Disclaimer: The show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all of its characters belong to Mutant Enemy, & Fox Prod.

Summery: Buffy hates Spike. Spike hates Buffy. They are supposed to be mortal enemies, so how can they ever work together?

When Buffy's friends go off to England for a holiday and she is left back home in Sunnydale, unexpected things happen. As they do. Buffy finds herself having to side with Spike to escape the ones they love. Hate is strong. But love is stronger. Will they be able to work together or end up killing each other?

Note: let's pretend that Jenny Calendar never came to Sunnydale. She just would not fit in with my story.

Chapter 1

"What?!" Buffy Summers stared at her watcher in astonishment.

Rupert Giles face fell. "I understand if you don't want us to go, with Angel losing his soul and all."

Buffy continued to stare open mouthed at him. Giles had just announced to her that he had recently won a competition and the prize was a trip to England for two weeks and he had enough tickets to take the whole Scooby gang with him.

How can he be saying this? She thought furiously. Only a few weeks ago my boyfriend turned evil and tried to kill me. Ok. Let's go to England and celebrate!

Her watcher must have been reading her thoughts because he said in a rush, "We can go to the watchers counsel, get more information on Angelus. Also it will give you time to decide what to do about him. And I know you will love it there. It's a beautiful place. It's only for a fortnight, and I do miss England so."

"But Giles what about the vampires? Who will slay them? Stop the spread of evil? What if Angel destroys Sunnydale or wakes up some kind of ancient demon while we are gone?"

"Oh Buffy don't be ridiculous. Even a vampire slayer needs a vacation. It will be good for you. For us all."

Buffy was about to argue but she stopped when she saw the hope in his eyes. It kind of scared her how excited her watcher was over a trip to England. He really did miss the place, and her friends all needed a vacation. They deserved it. Buffy chewed her lip thoughtfully.

"Ok. Go. Yes, and take my mother with you."

"But -."

""I'm not going."

"Buffy you have to come!"

Buffy sighed. "Giles, I'm The Slayer. I have duties, ok? Now you go and have a nice little holiday in England. Bring my mother, Willow, Oz, Xander and Cordelia. Don't you see? It's much safer for you away from the Hellmouth anyway, and I won't have to worry about my friends getting into danger, so I will be able to continue my nightly slaying without being distracted and I will be able to make sure Angelus doesn't get any bright – or should I say dark – ideas."

But Giles was already shaking his head. "I can't leave you alone, Buffy. Especially at a time like this."

Rolling her eyes Buffy hugged him. "Don't worry about me; I'll call you if anything should happen."

"I still can't – ."

"You will go!" She said firmly. She knew if he didn't he would spend the next month wishing he had gone and so would all her friends when they found out. It was going to be hard convincing her mum to go as well, but Buffy knew it would be a safer place for them, even if it was only for a little while.

Giles sighed knowing how stubborn Buffy could be. "Ok Buffy, but I want you to promise me one thing. You won't go seek out Angelus, and if you do see him – at the cemetery, at the Bronze, wherever, you won't fight, you will run."

Buffy was quiet for a moment. Run like a coward? Hardly her style. But looking back up, she saw the concern in his eyes.

"Not until we are back Buffy. Will you do this for me?"


"Spike my sweet."

Drusilla sashayed up to where he sat helpless in his wheelchair. Spike was in a foul mood, stuck in his chair all day, and he had no patience for her games.

"Miss Edith says you've been a naughty boy Spike. You've been thinking about the Slayer again." Her arms wrapped around him and she scratched the back of his neck. Spike tried not to wrinkle his nose in disgust; his black goddess was covered in Angel's scent.

"I've been thinking of ways to kill her, pet."

Spike was impatient. He had been waiting for ages for Dru and his grand sire to leave so he could practice walking, gaining back the strength in his legs.

"Spike, Come with me. Let's dance under the moon."

Spike growled, the last of his patience snapping. "You know I'm stuck in this bloody chair Dru! Play your insane games with your poofy sire!"

Drusilla growled back and struck the side of his face, leaving a long scratch mark from her sharp nails. "Your no fun anymore Spike. I'm going to daddy."

With that she flounced away. Spike heard Angel say something about getting a 'bite to eat' and then they were both gone at last. Feeling a bitterness well up inside, Spike slowly stood up and stretched his legs. Angel and the slayer ruined everything. But they would pay. Oh, they would both pay. When his legs were completely back to their full strength – and they were healing well – Spike planned to stake Angel in his sleep. So what if it was unfair. It was unfair that Spike had to sit helpless and watch Angel slowly turn Drusilla against him. He couldn't stand the jealousy and rage that burned inside him for much longer.

Spike would get Drusilla back and then they would both kill the slayer together.

Buffy walked through the graveyard tossing her stake up and down and singing a little out of tune song.

"Oh I'm all aloooooone.

Walking by this cold grave stooone.

My friends have gone away

For a holiday

And now I'm here again

Feeling this empty pain . . ."

Buffy sighed and sat down on the gravestone. Suddenly she was gazing up at the stars. At first Buffy, in her dazed state, thought she had merely fallen backwards, but then she felt strong hands grabbing her arms and legs and there were lots of them. Buffy shook one off her and blindly sent a punch that way, thrashing about. But there were so many of the vampires and she had been caught off guard. As soon as Buffy kicked one off her, another grabbed hold. Then something hit the back of her head and everything went black.

"Drusilla!!! Why are my hands tied behind my back?" Spike roared, from where he sat in his wheelchair.

Drusilla entered the room looking excited. "You finally woke up Spikey! We're going to teach you a lesson! You've been a very bad boy."