Summary: Naruto is a new kid in school. He falls for Sakura only to find out that she has a major crush on the most popular guy in school, Sasuke. What happens when these two meet up with each other, will war break out or will something spark in their love life?

Italicize: means thoughts

Chapter 1: Starting a New Life

A blond hair boy sat on a chair in an office, the smell of coffee staining the bright tan room. His feet swung on back and forth as his feet couldn't reach the floor. The door opened loudly and a lady with long blond hair came barging in, her clothes showing a few cleavages. The blond hair boy gave a bored sigh and yawned lazily.

"Obaa-chan, when can we get this over already?" asked the blond hair boy.

"You-…My name is Tsunade, not "obaa-chan." Anyways, your name is Uzumaki Naruto. Last I heard from the administrators, you transferred from schools after schools after schools because of money problem," said Tsunade.


"…Well, it says that you lost both your parents and a close friend to your parents is taking care of you."


"Well, since this is a school for talented teens, we pay for all the financial aids and everything else. It says your ability is…eh?"

Tsunade raised an eyebrow at the comment. Naruto grinned widely as he saw the look on her face.

"Eating 20 bowls of ramen is NOT a talent!" yelled Tsunade.

"Eh? But Iruka said it is," said Naruto, still smiling.

Tsunade sighed and putted her hands on her head. This was going to be a hard one. If Naruto had no special ability, then he couldn't attend, what was with this? Are they joking or do they really mean it?

"If…if you want to know my talent…you better get ready," whispered Naruto, his voice changing into something more sorrowful.

"What?" replied Tsunade as she heard him speak.

"Iruka only wrote that because other people would have been looking through the documents. He wanted my talent to remain a secret."

"…Show me."

Naruto sighed and got up. He walked up to Tsunade, his eyes closed. In one quick blink, Naruto's eyes changed colors, his voice changing quickly as lightning.

"Heh, you are all worthless mortals," said the unknown voice.

"Wha-what?" said Tsunade as she scooted back a little.

Before the voice could go on, Naruto had force himself to change back. Tsunade stared at him, wide eye. This was his talent?

"Naruto…" whispered Tsunade.

"A demon that resides within me…my talent…being able to control him and using his powers when I need them," said Naruto quietly.

Tsunade nodded and told him to wait by his home room. Naruto did as he was told. He walked through the hall ways, starring out the windows as students in P.E. ran laps. He starting a new life for once and he hoped that he wouldn't mess up this time again, like he did so many times before.