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Chapter 11: Believing in You

Italicized: thoughts

Naruto woke up and looked at his clock. The numbers 3: 15 am shined bright red in his face. He sat up and felt a movement besides him. He looked to his side and saw Sasuke sleeping peacefully next to him. He smiled as he saw Sasuke's face. He lied back down with his head tipped to the left side and his left hand supporting it. He stared at Sasuke for a while, trying to memorize every detail on his face. His right hand moved forward lightly, brushing through the cool air then touching a warm face. He scooted forward and placed a small kiss onto Sasuke's cheek. Sasuke stirred awake as he felt warm lips against his left cheek and he woke up to find Naruto looking at him.

"Ah!" whispered Naruto embarrassingly.

"What were you doing?" asked Sasuke.


Naruto looked away flushing bright red. Sasuke gazed at Naruto, and saw his face blushing. He's so cute. Sasuke grabbed Naruto and kissed him. Naruto's eyes widened, but softened as he melted into the affectionate kiss. Naruto laid under Sasuke as he kissed him more passionately, their tongues intertwining. The heat of desire rose between them, but Naruto broke apart and looked away flustered. Sasuke glanced at him and tenderly touched Naruto's cheek. Naruto leaned into the touch and closed his eyes.

"I'm…not ready..." whispered Naruto.

"It's okay…I can wait…" said Sasuke gently as he leaned forward placed a small kiss on Naruto's rosy lips lovingly.

Naruto closed his eyes as he felt the warm touch of Sasuke and fell into slumber once more. Warmth covered their bodies as they slept peacefully into the night of dreams, in this big wide world, not afraid to take on new things, painting over their sorrowful pasts.

Naruto sat up quickly and found that Sasuke was no longer at his side. He got up from the bed and ran downstairs swiftly and saw Sasuke sitting on the cream colored couch with Iruka and Kakashi.

"Naruto?" asked Sasuke as he saw him.

"Ah…um…" whispered Naruto as he looked around.

"Good morning," greeted Iruka who stood up and gave Naruto a gentle hug.

Naruto hugged back and smiled as Iruka let go.

"Kakashi-sensei, what are you doing here?" asked Naruto.

"Hmm? Well, let's just say I'm a good friend with Iruka," replied Kakashi.

"How come I never knew that?"

"Heh, Kakashi was the one who recommended the school," said Iruka.

Naruto looked up at Iruka then looked away, remembering what happened a month ago. Sasuke got and walked over to Naruto and grabbed his hand.

"Eh? What're you doing Sasuke?!" asked Naruto.

"It's okay, Iruka and Kakashi-sensei knows about our relationship," replied Sasuke as he dragged Naruto away.


"I told them."


"Come on, we're going."

"Going where?"

"School, where else?"

"But, but, but...I…I can't go back there!"

"Don't worry, I'm with you, I won't let anyone do anything to you."


The door shut behind them as Iruka and Kakashi stared after them.

"Shouldn't you get going too?" asked Iruka.

"I rather stay here with you," said Kakashi as he too got up and walked over to Iruka.

"You shouldn't do that."

"Don't worry; I got someone to take my job for today."

Kakashi hugged Iruka and kissed him lightly on the lips. Iruka melted into the kiss and relaxed in Kakshi's arms. They held onto each other for a long time.

Meanwhile at the time, Sasuke was dragging an uncooperative Naruto to school.

"Sasukeeee! I don't want to go!" said Naruto as he was trying to pull away from Sasuke.

"You're going whether you like it or not," said Sasuke.

"Nooooo! Let go, Sasuke!"

"No! Now stop being to stubborn!"

Sasuke had continued to drag Naruto, and in the end Naruto stop struggling. By the time they reached school, a lot of kids were already there waiting for Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto stopped abruptly once he saw everyone.

"Sasuke…" whispered Naruto.

"Don't worry, come on," said Sasuke encouragingly.

Sasuke tighten his hands around Naruto's and then they made their way towards the school campus. When they got there, everyone was staring at them, especially Naruto, and many of them were whispering. Naruto scooted closer to Sasuke, which many girls started to get angry for. They made their way to the building and into Tsunade's office.

"Oh, Sasuke, you're here, and with Naruto too," said Tsunade.

Sasuke nodded and Naruto scooted out from behind Sasuke and bowed his head.

"I'm very sorry about what happened a month ago," apologized Naruto.

"There's no need to apologize, it's all in the past now, as long as you're okay, then it's okay," replied Tsunade.


"No, you don't need to. Everyone in the school knows about the secret, but it's something that we, the whole school have decided to keep to ourselves. Do not worry, your secret is safe with us."

"But the kids are-"

"Hmph, I'm sure your friends will stand up for you."


Naruto looked behind him as he heard the door open and there stood Sakura, Hinata, Neji and everybody else that he first met with.

"Minna…"whispered Naruto.

"Don't worry, we'll stick for you!" said Sakura smiling.

Naruto smiled, as tears started to fall from his sapphire eyes. Sasuke watched them as they all came and comforted Naruto. The school day went on with no trouble. Almost everyone didn't seem to mind Naruto coming back, which gave Naruto some courage to continue school. The bell rang for the end of school and everyone started to pack up. Naruto walked outside and saw Sasuke standing there waiting for him and he ran to him. They walked home together, Naruto whistling happily.

"See, nothing went wrong," said Sasuke.

"Heh!" laughed Naruto, "yeah!"

Then Naruto stopped and Sasuke stopped behind him.

"Naruto, is something wrong?" asked Sasuke.

"Well…what if Kyuubi tried to break free again, what am I going to do?" asked Naruto.

"I'm sure you can stop him."

"But last time I couldn't!"

"What do you want to protect?"

"What do I…you, and everyone."

"Then you can, if your heart is set to it, just like I'm still after my brother. I believe in you."

Naruto turned and hugged Sasuke tightly. Sasuke was caught by surprise and stepped back a little.

"I love you Sasuke…" whispered Naruto.

Sasuke was lost for words, but smiled slowly, and hugged Naruto back.

"I love you too," whispered Sasuke softly.

Sasuke followed Naruto home and went inside. Naruto led him to his room and closed the door. Sasuke sat on the bed and lay down on the bed. He heard Naruto's footstep come near him and he opened his eyes, but Naruto's lips met with his and they kisses lightly. Sasuke pulled Naruto closer to kiss him more passionately. Sasuke switched their position and now Sasuke was on top. Sasuke moved down kissing and licking Naructo's neck. Naruto whimpered and moved his head to give Sasuke more access to his neck. Sasuke left butterfly marks behind while moving down more, but stopped.

"Naruto…are sure?" asked Sasuke.

"Mmm…I want you," whispered Naruto.

Sasuke continued to kiss him, caressing Naruto's whole body and eventually theur clothes were scattered about the room.

"Ah…haa…nnn, Sa-Sasuke, I'm going to…ah!" moaned out Naruto.

Naruto came into Sasuke's mouth and Sasuke licked it all. Naruto was panting hard, and looked at Sasuke lustfully. Sasuke's finger went towards his mouth, and Naruto licked it, making it soaking wet. Sasuke then started to prepare Naruto. Naruto winced in pain, and Sasukie apologized. Naruto smiled and kissed Sasuke's cheek.

"I'm okay, just…go in…" whispered Naruto.

Sasuke positioned himself in front of Naruto's entrance, and thrust inside. Naruto screamed in agony, tears staining the side of his eyes. Sasuke didn't move for a while, making sure Naruto got adjusted to him. Once Naruto relaxed, Sasuke started to move slowly in and out. After a while, Sasuke started to thrust in faster, making Naruto moan out his name each time. Naruto was starting to reach his limit and soon he came, and afterwards Sasuke came. Sasuke pulled himself out of Naruto and they slept next to each other, hugging each other tightly. The night went on.


A year passed quickly and Naruto ran through the hallway. He went up the stairs and opened the door quickly and saw Sasuke sitting in the desk with a book in front of him.

"Sasuke!" yelled Naruto.

Sasuke looked up and smiled at him, then got up and walked over to him.

"Let's go home!" said Naruto and he held onto Sasuke's hands.

Sasuke squeezed his hands and they left together.