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Chapter Seventeen

The Wallpaper

Escape to Dust

Warning: Semi-Graphic Non-con. Nothing grossly descriptive, but I like to be on the safe side. Read at your own risk, and respect that this is part of my story line and falls under my ability as an author to have an artistic license.

Like Nectar in a Sieve
All this good a ridiculous notion
Drown with the sand
Fly, Fly with the dust

Forgive me Nectar, I have denied your nourishment
Now to whom shall I cry
Everything gone
Fly, Fly with the dust

Shout! For we are no more
I have done nothing! The worst sin of all
I have prayed like a dead man
Fly, Fly with the dust

Gone is the faith of the last believer
Forgiveness a parched corpse
The withering flame burns out
Fly, Fly with the dust

The withering flame burns out
Fly, Fly with the dust

About Two Years Later.

Death is such an interesting occurrence. Its affects are fickle, unsteady, and different every time, for every person. It is also unforgiving, and completely absent of mercy. Always can one find a way to fix something, if the right amount of effort is exerted. However, death truly proves itself as the only undefeatable enemy. Death's affects may be fickle, but it in itself is a rather unchanging thing. It is an equilibrium equalized, because the day a person is born, they are meant for death.

Eiri sighed at his mental rambling. They made writing his books easier, which in turn made his editor happy. They also made his therapist happy, for she said it meant he was coming to terms with his inner demons, and he was now able to "think about things without attaching them emotionally to past demons." After saying that, she had tossed him out of her office, cut all of his prescriptions off, rescheduled him for once every other week, and told him to do this.

Visit his grave. Yuki Kitazawa, and all that was left of him, lay in his rightful place about two meters, give or take, beneath Eiri's feet.

The sun hit the back of his neck like a blow dryer on high, burning and scalding. The "light" summer style that Mika had purchased for him only added to the discomfort Eiri felt. If it were up to him, he'd be right back in jeans and a t-shirt, the luxury of his youthful days, but it was better to just please his older sister. Arguing with Mika Uesagi was like arguing with a rock.

Tossing the bouquet of flowers to the ground at the foot of the tombstone, Eiri turned on his heel and walked away.

One more grave to visit, despite the fact that regardless of what his therapist said, he didn't think it would do him any good.


"What beginning do you mean, K-san?" He wasn't trying to annoy the other man, it was a legitimate question. There are many places the story could start at, but it all really depended on what the agent wanted to hear. Despite the relevancy however, K rolled his eyes.

"Beginning beginning. Not the beginning of time, just when you first started to interact with Tohma Seguchi." Eiri nodded and took a sip of the steaming coffee. "However, before we start…"

K trailed off, grabbing a black, rectangular object from the side of the table. Sliding it to the middle between the two, he pressed the top and popped the cover open.

"I'll be recording this testament for future reference, Eiri-san." And with that, K pressed the cover closed, and pushed the largest button on its side. "State your name for the record please."

"Eiri Uesagi."

"Do you agree to answer the questions truthfully and to the best of your ability?"

"I do."

"Alright then, let's start from the beginning we discussed; when did you first meet Tohma Seguchi?" As K asked, he pushed back and stood, walking to the corner of the room to a filing cabinet. On top he pulled a yellow pad of paper from the middle of a large stack of files and documents, patting at his shirt pocket before wrapping his fingers around a pen.

Eiri watched K carefully as he paced around the room, tapping the pen lightly against the note pad. Papers littered the room, giving the aura that it was serving more as a store room rather than an interrogation room.

"I didn't really get to know Tohma beyond him being my brother in law. My family was a well established one, as was his, so it was natural that when my sister and him asked for permission to marry the parents had little objection. I don't know how my sister and he met; it was while I was too young to really comprehend." K-san raised his eyebrows, stopping to glance at Eiri.

"You had no idea of the inner workings of the Seguchi family? What sort of business they were into?" Eiri shook his head.

"Not a clue, as I assume no one did. The Seguchi family was and still is a highly secretive one. Mika doesn't even know about their operations."

"And for the record, Mika is?"

"Mika Seguchi, my oldest sibling, and married to Tohma." K nodded, and began to pace again.

"When did Tohma Seguchi become more prominent in your life?"

Eiri sighed, for here it was: the genesis, the beginning, the conception story. How badly he dreaded this.

"I struggled in school socially, even in private school, do to my physical differences. I don't look traditionally Japanese, and that caused a lot of hardship. When I was about sixteen, I think my sister voiced her concern with Tohma, since my father was clueless as to what to do. I kept beating up kids who bullied me and I was about to be expelled.

"Tohma had a tutor hired. The man was handpicked, well educated, and had a reputation for success. I was pulled out of school and I started lessons with this man immediately."

"This man's name for the record was?" K stopped again, deciding to prefer leaning lazily against the one way, reflective window.

Eiri tried hard to repress a shudder, thinking in agony that he would give a left arm and a nut to avoid having to answer that question.

"Yuki Kitazawa,"

"The man you are currently accused of murdering?" Eiri closed his eyes, propping his elbows on the table. Twining together his fingers, Eiri gently rested his forehead against their sides.

"Yes, he is,"

"Continue then please with the previous question."

"It is at this age, and after meeting this man, that I came to terms with the fact that I had an attraction for him." Eiri paused for a second, expecting a flinch from the agent. When receiving nothing however, he continued.

"Stupid really. I had no experience previously with the notions of love, but I found myself hopelessly puppy-sick over the guy. I spent hours a day with him, learned everything I knew from him, and not once did he ever seem fazed by my outward appearance. In him I found a teacher, a confident, and a friend.

"A few months into it, about January I believe, is when my relationship with Tohma Seguchi formed."

Eiri wanted desperately to end it there, move on, and talk more about Seguchi. K-san didn't seem to mind the sudden silence, scribbling away on his note pad. Dotting harshly on the notepad, K looked up and grinned sheepishly.

"I like to have notes in my native language to reference back to. January fourth, you killed the man you claim love for, and assaulted two others, why?" Of course Eiri's silent plea went unheard.

"January fourth was the last day of a week break I had from lessons. I got a phone call in the morning telling me to go to his residence in the evening for some reading material for before I would start again. I was extremely excited, I rarely went to him; as a rule I only ever went there for delivering and picking things up, just to be professional and appropriate." Untangling his fingers, Eiri dug them through his dirty locks.

"I need to be honest; the story gets patchy and blank from here. Mentally, I've done all I could to block this shit out." Eiri would not choke up, he would not cry. Raking his hands through his hair again, he took a few deep breaths.

"I went over to Yuki Kitazawa's apartment, and I remember it smelling horrible. It smelt like alcohol."

Blood, red, vodka, everywhere blood

Breathe, Eiri thought to himself. Taking a moment to cool his nerves, images flickered weakly like a cheap silent movie reel, black and white and red.

"He tried to rape me. I don't even remember if he did or not, but I remember two other guys and one of them giving Yuki ten bucks for the first go. Next thing I know I'm half naked and there's blood everywhere."

Was it as simple as that? Was that all there was?

Yuki took the money and slipped it in his pocket, nodding at the man who made the offering.

"Whatever, just save some for me."

Rage, betrayal, anger, fear, distraught

Fingers, lips, callous, rough, skin then a glint of a gun

Naked, more fingers, pain, grab gun, point aim bang.

Eiri's breathing was rapid, sweat pouring from every pore in his body. He rubbed his closed eyes harshly against the palms of his hands, trying to push back the floodgates.

K remained silent, much to Eiri's relief.

Blood everywhere, alcohol everywhere

What next?

Mika, Mika, got to get out of here, need Mika, no one else

"I remember scrambling to the phone."


"Mika! I need Mika please let me talk to Mika-"

"Eiri-san? Is that you? Slow down! What's wrong?"

"Nothing, please, pleasepleaseplease let me talk to Mika!"

"I had meant to call my sister. There wasn't anything else I could think to do. But Tohma answered the phone instead."

"Calm down! Where are you now?"

"Sensei, he, I had to do it! Fingers, and and and they took my clothes and Seguchi-san please let me talk to Mika!"

"Are you at Kitazawa-san's place?"

Harsh sobs at the sound of that name, loud crying and sobbing, and he could speak no longer

"I'll be right there."

"He showed up, covered me up, and got me out of there before the other guys could wake."

K took some more notes, analyzing his paper carefully as he made his way back to his earlier abandoned chair. Sitting in it heavily, he dropped the pen and the pad on the table.

"So Seguchi took you into hiding after he came for you?"

"Yes, that is correct."

The worst of it was over, but the memories were swarming in the back of his mind, hoping to gain the opportunity to devour and consume the forefront at any moment.

"What happened next?"

Taking two more deep breaths, Eiri relaxed his muscles and fell against the back of his chair, wrapping his hands around his cup of coffee.

"He took me to the apartment complex he runs as the headquarters of his most shady business. I didn't really care, most of it is a blur, and I was a blubbering mess of insanity at that point. He got me calm and explained as slowly as possible what was going on.

"He sat me in front of his desk and described that in addition to the many businesses the Seguchi family owns and runs, he had recently inherited along with all of those, the more shady happenings of the family. Weapons, drugs, papers, slavery, etc. Everything and anything that was illegal, the Seguchi family at some point or another was in touch with.

"His broad explanation was confusing at first. Seguchi has a way of telling things that take a while to get to the point. Either way, he slapped me out of my hysterics and calmly told me that I had to hide now, that I would be caught for sure. He said he would prevent this under one condition; I had to live and work for him." Eiri cut short there, letting it linger for a minute. K eyed him intently as he slowly took a drink from his coffee.

"Explain in detail. What exactly were the terms of this deal?" K finally asked when he could be patient no more. Eiri merely frowned deeper, closing his eyes in frustration.

"He was very lenient with me, considering the much more crueler aspects of his many other contracts. He gives each person that works for him a contract in order for them and their family or whoever to gain something in return. They are all different. Some involve money; some involve sex, prostitution, drugs and so on so forth. Mine was basic, but hard. I did anything he asked me to; deal with clients, deliver stuff, sell stuff, 'rough' people up, the usual gangster sort of stuff.

"Regardless of how valuable of an asset he on countless times told me I was, I had to work my way up. I lived in another part of town at first, in one of the rooms in an abandoned warehouse where Seguchi uses some of the basement rooms for diluting and adding adulterants into his drug products. At that point my job was to help the workers in all the odd end stuff, like cleaning the wastes and so forth. I needed to keep my head low.

"Disgusting place it was. The chemicals really got to me, and after a while I started coughing up blood. At that point, Tohma decided to move me again to another empty place, an apartment complex in the same neighborhood as the warehouse. He started sending me on deliver runs then, mainly the drugs.

"It was a hierarchy cycle; slowly he moved me up the errand boy ladder, the jobs got harder and more dangerous. My frame of time sort of just lost itself, and I never really knew the date unless I got lucky enough to snag a forgotten newspaper from a trash can or something.

"It wasn't until a little over seven months ago now that I stepped foot into Seguchi's physical presence again. I received a message to go to the address of his main building, the place he had taken me to after finding me at Kitazawa's."

"What's so special about these apartments? Why that place? Our guy's have been trying for ages to figure out where he works from, and he most certainly has places that seem more obvious." K interrupted Eiri, looking slightly frustrated.

"I don't think there is anything special about it, and that's probably why. He has a taste for being inconspicuous. Yet he probably gets some sort of sadistic rush being in that environment, toying with people's minds. Either way, in order for him to continue providing me with protection, I was placed in that building to become his personal errand boy. I got my jobs directly from him from then on."

As Eiri finished, K allowed the room to fall quiet once again as he wrapped up a few last notes.

"Has he ever told you to kill anyone?" Eiri shook his head.

"He saves the hit jobs for the disposable goons. You are the first person he has asked me to kill." K raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you were a valuable asset? Any guesses as to why the change of heart?"

"I have no idea."

"One last question then; is there any reason that may lead you to believe that Tohma Seguchi may have incriminating evidence in this apartment complex you speak of?"

"It's where everything is. His files, pictures, contracts; he's anal about detailed documentation. He's comfortable enough with his surroundings that the thought doesn't even occur to him that keeping those things is a stupid idea."

With that, a smirking K-san pressed the button at the side of the box again, turning off the recorder with a click.

"Thank you Eiri-san. That information will do you good."

"What now then?" K's smirk only grew as he gripped the top paper from his notepad and tore it off, folding it neatly into his side pocket.

"Now you get me into all of these buildings, starting with this apartment complex of his."


"Aiziwa-san, move his face a little more this way, I can't get a good enough picture-ah yes, like that."

Flashes of light burned Shuichi's eyes as his hair was grabbed roughly and he was forced to face Tohma. He could hardly see a thing through his glazed over eyes, pain ripping through him in waves.

"Oh come on Aiziwa, show a little more life. Enjoy it a little will you?"

Every so often Tohma would make comments as if what was happening was the most natural thing in the world. Minutes moved swiftly into an hour as Shuichi was helplessly degraded for what felt like a life time. A life time worth of agony as the partially aroused man on top of him took him with no preparation, slamming into him again and again.

By another one of Tohma's dictates, the black haired man pulled back for only a split second, allowing Shuichi a moment of relief, only to be turned and slammed onto his stomach. Rough hands grabbed the fronts of his thighs and lifted him.

"Aiziwa, bite his neck," and the man complied, biting along Shuichi's soft skin, stopping below his ear.

"Please forgive me for this, please, I am so, so sorry." With that, Taki made a noise between a sob and a groan and collapsed on top of the smaller man.

"Ah wonderful performance. Now Shindou-san," Tohma paused, making his way over to the bed. Taki had already rolled off to the side, stood quickly and grabbed his pants from the floor. "Aiziwa is free to go, however you are not." The blond nodded at the black haired man, but it went unnoticed. Taki kept his face to the floor as he pulled up his jeans, swiftly making his way out of the apartment.

"Come with me then, Shindou." Again, his pink locks were grabbed roughly and he was forced to stand from the bed, shouting in pain. The bloody sheet he had been laying on was thrown over him, and then he was being tugged from the apartment.

Up the stairs, all the way to the top office Tohma dragged Shuichi, marching harshly in an irritated manner.

Shuichi allowed apathy to take over from there. Numbness swept in as he simply chose to ignore the mourning his mind so longed for. Mourning for the death of his friends, the death of himself, and the death of his sweet simple music.

When Tohma reached the doors they opened for him, two of his goons making their way out. The blonde pulled hard on Shuichi's wrist, flinging him into the room.

"Shut the doors," he snapped, and the two men nodded, obeying quickly.

Shuichi landed on his hands and knees on a black plastic material, like tarp, so not like your typical floor.

"What the fuck?" His eyes widened sharply as he felt cold steel at the side of his head, and a piercing 'click'.

Like Nectar in a Sieve
All this good a ridiculous notion
Drown with the sand
Fly, Fly with the dust

"Eiri-san has failed his task, a vital aspect of his contract Shindou. I don't take to well to this, and my anger is quite overwhelming. Your blood smeared over the walls of his apartment would serve as a lovely reminder of my temper, don't you think?"


Eiri pulled in the smoke from his cigarette nervously, only to exhale quickly from the anxiety.

"Eiri-san, we have the perimeter surrounded. Now, we need you to get my team into the building." Eiri nodded, tossing the barely used glowing stick to the ground, digging the tip of his foot over it.

They stood around the corner, a block away from the apartment complex, as part of the plan. The plan in which K had began constructing in detail with Eiri after the interrogation. Lists of addresses, detailed descriptions and papers upon papers of buildings, places and people were named, and K was finally satisfied.

Eiri was falling ill with lack of sleep by that point, and K-san had shoved him into a holding cell bed for a few hours of rest. Despite Eiri's self-notorious ability to stay up for days on end with his old friend insomnia, his eyes fell shut the second he hit the pillow.

He felt like he had only slept fifteen minutes when he was shaken awake roughly, and now here he was, the night after his failed assassination attempt, about to kill himself.

'Cause that's what this is, Eiri thought dryly, a friggin' suicide mission.

Eiri had told K over and over again that Tohma was good, too good, and would know. Something would happen, and there would be plenty of death. K had laughed in his face and replied that he had seen kittens more frightening than Seguchi, and that his men had dealt with much worse situations.

K led the way as he, Eiri, and five swat men made their way to the building. The agents were clothed in military issued outfits, dark with protective layers over the tops of the uniforms. Each man carried heavy weaponry.

They had simply stuffed Eiri in a bullet proof vest and told him should it get sticky, drop to the ground, roll and then run.

That didn't sit too well with him.

None the less, he complied, and Eiri took the lead at the front door.

"From here, it's just a matter of climbing stairs." He whispered to the men, then pushed the door open and led the way through the front lobby.

It was a small area, dark and grimy. One of Seguchi's men at the front desk didn't even have a chance to so much as gasp before one of the swat men had grabbed him swiftly by the head, turning it in such a way that a sickening crack was heard, and he fell limply to the floor.

Eiri flinched and turned away, beginning to make his way up the stairs.

The men encountered no one until the seventh floor, where said man was dealt with in much the same manner as the first.

Before turning the landing to the last flight of steps that led to the office however, Eiri stopped in his tracks. He turned and looked at all of the men.

"He usually has two guards on duty," Eiri whispered hurriedly. "If he's in the office, he normally has them stand outside. If he isn't there, they are stationed in the office." The men nodded, and readied their weapons.

"We need to deal with them without alarming Seguchi." K continued after Eiri.

Pulling off his vest, Eiri dropped it to the side. He then turned the corner, and finished the steps defenseless.

Sure enough, the two guards stood at attention outside the doors. Doing his best to smile, Eiri made his way quietly towards them.

"Is Seguchi-san available?" He asked the men. Without hesitation, the man to the right replied.

"He is to be seen by no one at this time." Eiri sighed, scratching his head in worry.

"Well, that's too bad. You see, there are two cops poking around on my floor, and my neighbors are doing some shady stuff, and I'm sure the last thing Seguchi-san needs is the police sniffing around here…" Eiri trailed off, looking convincingly nervous.

The two guards looked at each other, and drew their weapons.

"We'll deal with it. Which floor?" Eiri smiled.

"Follow me," and that they did. As they rounded the corner at the platform, they were jumped quickly and taken down with two soft snapping sounds.

"Well done. Put this back on." K tossed the vest back at Eiri.

From there, the swat team moved in front of Eiri, weapons ready, migrating towards the door. The men were dead silent as K stopped.

Eiri stayed behind, watching from the stairs as K made eye contact with the whole group, motioning his hands in a few quick, sharp gesticulations. Then he nodded.

What happened next was so quick, so fast, that it took Eiri a few seconds of standing still to recognize what was happening.

The men kicked open the double doors, raising their guns and shouting. Tohma stood in the middle of the room, gaping for only a split second as half a dozen men surrounded him, aiming their guns at his head.

Tohma had a gun of his own, pushed against the temple of Shuichi.

His pink haired, bubbling idiot, Shuichi.

"Shuichi!" Eiri shouted, taking a few steps forward. Tohma caught sight of the other blond and smirked.

"Punishment, Eiri-san, after all I've done for you!."

A series of gunshots rang through the room, and Tohma buckled as his left leg became the receiving end of K's bullet. Pressure was applied to his trigger, and all Eiri could see through the chaos was Shuichi slump over, and blood.

Blood, it was everywhere, consuming, engulfing, writhing in joy. Shuichi was bleeding, bleeding profusely, and Eiri couldn't stop it.

Everywhere there was blood.

Forgive me Nectar, I have denied your nourishment
Now to whom shall I cry
Everything gone
Fly, Fly with the dust

"SHUICHI!" Before Eiri could rush to the body, K had sent two of his men to him. He squirmed and jumped, kicked, fought and shoved as he was forced back down the stairs, past the floors, through the lobby, and thrown roughly into the back of a squad car.

"No! Fuck, no Shuichi, SHUICHI!" Flashing blue and red lights, sirens in all directions, cops everywhere, and then black befell Eiri as a needle was jammed roughly into his thigh.


Shout! For we are no more
I have done nothing! The worst sin of all
I have prayed like a dead man
Fly, Fly with the dust




















About Two Years Later.

Eiri remembered little of what took place after he had awoken from the drug induced slumber two years ago. He was in a hospital, and his siblings were there. Yet, even though as he opened his heavy eyes, to see Tatsuha and Mika standing over him, the first thing he really had seen, was Shuichi.

Blood, Shuichi, blood, dead.

After seeing that, analyzing that in an adrenaline free mind, Eiri spent months afterwards in a zombie state, hence the therapist, hence the reason he was now exiting the grave of the man he had killed all those years ago.

Leaving the grave, and now on his way to another.

Well, it wasn't really a grave, it was an apartment complex.

He had never learned where Shuichi was buried after that night. He was in a vegetable state for months after the incident. Mika, being the concerned older sibling she was, forced him to live with her until he would eat, sleep and talk properly again.

It was a few months after that she had also demanded he start getting help, which he did because really, he was in no way fit to even think for himself.

Everyone had said that he had improved, and was continuing to do so, they even had let him move out into an apartment, living off the "Thank you" money, courtesy of American taxpayers, or more specifically, K-san and his endless resources.

Eiri had also started writing, at first as a mere outlet for killing time that would otherwise be spent drowning in images. It then turned into a form of earning livelihood, as he was quickly, and quite easily published, and turning over thousands of copies.

This, his therapist said, was more proof that he was healing.

As a rule, Eiri contradicted the popular belief, keeping to himself that he really was just ignoring it.

Blocking it out, not thinking about it, floating in ignorance.

Even still, Eiri followed his therapist's and Mika's orders, just so he didn't have to deal with their bitching. Although, he still refused to listen to Tatsuha; the punk was getting on his nerves with his own attempt at adding 'his two cents.' The last time he had tried that, he ended up out cold with a footprint ingrained in mad red marks along his face.

In Eiri's defense, he had warned that he would drop kick him in the face.

His phone started vibrating in his pocket, pulling him out of his conscience. Switching his left hand to the wheel of the car, Eiri pulled the cell out of his pocket and pressed the green button, resting it against his ear.

"What?" the female voice on the other end sighed.

"Is that any way to greet your elder sister?" Eiri rolled his eyes, adjusting to press the phone between his shoulder and ear.

"Get to the point, I'm driving."

"Well, just don't cuss, you're on speaker 'cause I'm also driving, and Seiji's in the backseat."

"Ah, coming back from a visit to daddy right? I don't see why you bother visiting the man. The bastard should rot in prison, then in hell." Mika sighed again, pausing for a moment.

"I'd like for him to see his son and know that he will never be able to see him without looking through glass." Mika muttered.

Mika, before Tohma's arrest was already seven months pregnant with their first, and only son. It was at this point, upon discovering at interrogation after Tohma had been incarcerated and was prepping for trial, that Mika had been having suspicions.

It had been simple, she said, she had just mentioned off-handedly that she wondered how Eiri was. Tohma had given her the oddest look, and that was all it took and the alarm bells were ringing. She began to look through papers around the house, digging through mail, rummaging through his office.

She had thought Tohma was out, and so she snuck into his office for the second time. Digging through his desk, she had found a file with Eiri's name on it, containing papers. Lots of papers, and before Mika could even make sense of it, Tohma walked through the door.

She demanded answers; where was Eiri, what was Eiri, and what the fuck was going on?

When he slammed her against the wall and threatened her future, and that of the unborn child that she was very much pregnant with, she shut up and kept to her own business.

Her suspicions however, were probably what made Tohma think to do away with Eiri in the first place.

Eiri smiled slightly, knowing that Mika would be the kind of person to torture Tohma mentally with his own child.

"So are you doing what your therapist told you to?" Mika asked.

Eiri didn't respond, as his mind took him elsewhere, far away from the smart retort he had ready on his tongue.

He was entering the poor part of town, near by the apartment complex he was going to visit. It was here that he would lay the second bouquet of flowers he had purchased, doing so because his therapist marked this as Shuichi's grave for Eiri.

This part was where drug deals and prostitution happened in broad day light without someone so much as batting an eye.

"Eiri? Are you there?"

A short, slim man with pink hair leaned his back against stop sign. A car parked in front of him, and before Eiri could register who it was, the kid had given the driver the middle finger, turned and walked away down the street.

There it was, the apartment building, and the kid had just walked into it.


Yet, it couldn't have been.

"I'll call you back Mika." And with that he grabbed his phone and tossed it into the back seat of his car.

Gone is the faith of the last believer
Forgiveness a parched corpse

Eiri slammed on the gas pedal, flooring it through a stop sign, causing a few cars to swerve and honk.

Eiri swerved to the side of the road and parked his car in front of the building, only vaguely remembering to grab the flowers. Jumping out of the Mercedes, Eiri didn't bother to lock the car as he rushed into the building, all the while cursing the uncomfortable fancy clothes Mika stuffed him into constantly.

Up, up the stairs he ran, ignoring the old man shouting after him at the front desk. Making it to the fourth floor, Eiri threw himself across the hallway. Reaching the door of his destination, he banged on it harshly, panting. The bouquet was missing some flowers and petals lay scattered throughout the building and the stairwell.

After what seemed like ages, the door opened.

The wallpaper was prominent in Eiri's vision, a dark contrast as the light from the small window landed heavily in Eiri's eyes, framing the outline of the kid he had seen on the street.

"Shuichi." The flowers fell, and Eiri flung himself around the body before him, glowing in the light of the evening sun.

"ShuichiShuichiShuichi." Over and over again Eiri said it, the name falling from his lips in a whisper.

Then much to his surprise, the small body he held tightly, shoved him off.

"Fuck you, Eiri." With that, Eiri slumped to the floor in the hallway, and the door slammed shut.


After much confusion, and much banging on the door and shouting, Shuichi and Eiri sat in silence on the queen bed, an arm's length from the other.

"I thought you had died." Eiri said for the millionth time.

"Well, I didn't, and you didn't even bother to find out of your assumption was right or not until now. I loved you with my whole heart, and you left me to rot here." Eiri tried to speak, to respond, but Shuichi continued. "I saw the papers; you fell off into the back drop, Tohma was arrested. Then all of a sudden, you're some famous writer making thousands off of cheep romance novels.

"Well, I make thousands too. 'Wanna know how Eiri?" Silence fell upon them again, only adding to the intensity. Shuichi laughed darkly, falling back onto the bed.

"I pay rent by fucking perverted old men, young closet fairies, and lonely woman, Eiri. That's how I pay rent. That is how I eat while you're off in your fancy clothes, and your nice life." Anger flushed through Eiri and before he could stop himself he responded.

" I thought you were dead you dip shit! I watched it, with my own two eyes, you being shot and there was blood. They knocked me out, and I woke up bat-shit crazy with the image of you dead ingrained in me like a stone carving. I've spent more than a year in therapy trying to get to semi-legible non-vegetable state, and you think my life is any better than it was, here, with you, surrounded by this fucking disaster?"

More silence.

Eiri sighed, allowing himself to lean back and lay next to Shuichi.

Examining him, Eiri noted his was significantly paler, and thinner. His eyes, once brightly shining with stupidity were now dull and creased with pain.

"I'm sorry-"

"Sorry lies between shit and syphilis in the dictionary."

"So there is no hope then?"

"No, none at all. Two years Eiri, I've sat here, and waited."

It was then that Shuichi's voice cracked. He turned away from Eiri and began to cry silently.

Eiri sat back up, clasping his hands and resting his forehead against them. He didn't know how to handle this.

'I loved you with my whole heart…'

He didn't know how to handle love. There was only one man he truly loved, and at the same time hated with the deepest of passion. Shuichi and love didn't even register on the same page.

Yet, thinking back on the two years of suffering, of the sacrifice he had been willing to make for the pink haired teen, there was one thing that had registered.

Taking away Shuichi from the equation that was his life, was like closing all the doors and windows and leaving Eiri to die in a room of dark. He had left Shuichi to commit murder, and then die from insanity, because he had unconsciously recognized a place without Shuichi was one he could scientifically not be in.

Shuichi, was his only...

"Shuichi, please, please let me take you away from this place. If I haven't got you, I'm not sure there is much left to me." The crying continued, but the shaking Shuichi rolled onto his back and stared at Eiri. Eiri glanced down at Shuichi, not really knowing what to do next.

Then the boy smiled.

"Well, you do have pretty damn good looks." Eiri laughed.


The apartment door closed behind the two, leaving behind a room full of useless things, like an orange carpet, ugly walls covered in the ugliest wallpaper, and a bouquet of roughed up flowers.

Shuichi was being dragged along by Eiri, who kindly carried the bag of the few things Shuichi had wished to keep.

Shuichi grinned, becoming suddenly overwhelmed by a deep feeling.

Stripping the wallpaper, revealed to him a new world, full of Eiri, possibilities, music.

"Eiri, I love you."

Eiri stopped for a second, turning his head behind him to glance at Shuichi, smiling that smile.

The withering flame burns out
Fly, Fly with the dust

Gone, gone was the wallpaper, as Eiri and Shuichi escaped forever.

The End.


Over 6,400 words. That is without a doubt, the longest chapter I have ever created.

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