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"The Polyjuice potion," Snape said in a low baritone as he walked the aisles of the room, "is extremely complicated, which is why it is only required potion-making for seventh years."

"A little too late for Hermione here," Harry muttered to Ron, causing a stifled laugh from Ron and an elbow to the ribs from Hermione.

"Honestly," Hermione rolled her eyes in exasperation, yet a small smile graced her lips, betraying her annoyed persona. The boys snickered.

"…I don't know why the board of administration required it for you all. Personally, I think you all are too incompetent to make this extremely dangerous potion." Snape stopped at Neville's table and stared at him pointedly.

"Poor Neville," Hermione whispered to Harry.

Draco rolled his eyes. "Pitying the dumb won't make them smarter, Granger," Draco muttered.

Ron, Harry, and Hermione glared at Draco, who was unfortunately placed with their table. The whole Potions class was seated at tables, each in groups of four. The trio got the short end of the straw.

Ron leaned forward, "At least he can conjure a Patronus. You need happy thoughts for that, Malfoy."

Harry hid his grin behind his hand and shared a glance with Hermione. Hermione bit her bottom lip from laughing out loud.

Draco smirked at Ron. "That's where you're wrong, Weasley. All I have to do is think of your sister lying underneath—"

Ron growled, "Why you—"

"Weasley, Granger, Potter, Draco," Snape called out from the front of the room. "Is there a problem?"

Draco puffed out his chest. "Well, you see, sir—Oof!"

Ron and Harry looked at Hermione who just grinned. Draco was hunched over the table, his eyes screwed shut.

Ron said in awe, "Did you just—"

"Ten points from Gryffindor," Snape said.

The Gryffindors sighed. This wasn't an unusual occurrence for their House.

"Each," Snape continued, causing more sighs to go around the room.

Draco sat up straight slowly and, after catching his breath, smirked at the trio.

"Merlin," Harry muttered, rolling his eyes, promptly kicking Draco again. Draco let out a whimper and draped himself over the table once more.

The trio grinned and Harry extended both hands in the position for high fives. Ron promptly slapped his hand onto Harry's. Hermione merely rolled her eyes, smiling.

"This high five thing's bloody wicked," Ron said, grinning widely.

Harry grinned at him and extended his other hand towards Hermione.

"C'mon, Hermione. Just one," Harry coaxed, giving her a smile. Ron nudged Hermione.

"You're the muggleborn one, you should at least do it once," Ron teased lightly, causing another eye roll.

"Fine," Hermione sighed. The boys gave each other another high five; they've been trying to get Hermione to high five them for weeks.

Hermione raised her hand in the air towards Harry but Snape had started towards their table.

"Shite," Ron exclaimed as Snape approached. Hermione instinctively grabbed Harry's hand, intertwining fingers automatically. Harry and Hermione blushed as she did so causing an eye roll from Ron and a snort from Draco.

Snape raised an eyebrow. "Is there a problem?" Snape repeated, staring directly at the trio.

Hermione beamed at him brightly. "Not at all, Professor. We were just discussing the wonderful choice you've made for including this in your lesson plan."

Harry, Ron, and Draco stared at her with slack jaws as Snape simply raised an eyebrow.

"No one likes kiss-ups, Miss Granger. Five points from Gryffindor," Snape replied, flicking his wand so that the ingredients for the Polyjuice potion zoomed towards their table.

"No one likes kiss-ups, Miss Granger," Ron mimicked in a high-pitched tone. Harry laughed, covering his mouth with his hand, which was still intertwined with Hermione's.

"Oh!" Both said, blushing, immediately yanking their hands away.

Ron rolled his eyes. "Awkward…" Ron muttered. Harry elbowed him.

"I think we should start on this, yes? I wouldn't want my perfect Potions grade to go down because of you bumbling trio of idiots," Draco interrupted.

The trio reluctantly began working on the potion assigned. Most of the ingredients were already prepared for them. Hermione and Draco immediately took charge. Ron and Harry were reluctant to let Draco touch anything but Draco was, in fact, one of the best potion-makers in the class.

"Where's the boomslang?" Harry said to the group, running a hand through his hair.

"Here, I've got it," Ron tossed the boomslang towards Harry, behind his back and into the air, which Harry caught with ease.

Draco stared wide-eyed at the two and hissed, "You idiots! What are you doing with the boomslang?! My grade, I tell you, my—"

"Boys, stop playing with the ingredients," Hermione said, her back facing them, not even bothering to turn around. Ron and Harry sighed.

"You two are idiots," Draco repeated, chopping up an ingredient carefully.

"Hey! I resent that!" Ron protested.

"Let him mutter whatever he wants, Ron. We have better things to waste our time on," Harry said to Ron, glaring at Malfoy.

Ron grumbled but backed down.

Draco laughed. "Oh, you Weasleys are so interesting! I must say, your sister is clearly the only good one of the crop. The things she can do when we—"

"Alright, that's it!" Ron glowered at Draco, his wand pointed towards him. "You may have helped the Light side in the war but I still think you're a bloody bastard! I have no idea what Ginny sees in you and we're all just putting up with you just for her! So you better back the fuck off before I do something I'm not supposed to!"

Draco smirked. "Going to make me eat slugs, Weasley?"

Ron growled and cast a spell towards Malfoy.

"Ron, no!" Hermione exclaimed, grabbing his arm, which caused the spell to veer off course. The four watched as the spell careened off a mirror and directly into…

The Polyjuice potion.

"Ron… What… was that?" Harry said slowly as the green potion started to bubble dangerously.

"I…" Ron trailed off, staring at the potion. The four huddled around it.

"You idiot! I knew being paired with you three would just spell disaster!" Draco berated.

Hermione held back the boys with both arms.

"All of you! Be quiet! Do you hear that?" Hermione hissed towards the three boys, leaning close to the cauldron.

The four leaned towards the potion, which was making an odd, hissing sound.

Ron said, "Hey, that kind of sounds like—"


The four blinked at each other, covered in green slime.

"You four! What the bloody hell are you doing?!" Snape shouted, hurrying towards them.

Harry brushed off green goop from his glasses and shared a glance with Hermione and Ron.

"Well, you see, sir—" Hermione started but Snape was staring behind them with a terrified expression.

"Great, you've shocked him into being mute, Granger. Terrific!" Draco said, throwing his hands up in exasperation.

The four turned around, however, to see what Snape was staring at so intently. All four gasped.

Standing behind them, completely spotless, were four grinning copies… of themselves.

"All of you! To Headmistress's office! Now! Including your clones!" Snape bellowed angrily, pushing all eight of them out of the room and towards the Headmistress's office.


Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco sat guiltily in four chairs in front of the Headmistress's desk.

"…I assure you, I was watching each table's progress diligently but these four seemed to have done something not in the instructions and, well, caused this predicament," Snape said calmly to McGonagall, who was staring at the four of them with disappointment.

"And you say this will last twenty-four hours, Professor?" McGonagall replied.

Snape nodded. "I've given the… clones a counter-potion but I'm afraid that, yes, it will last at least twenty-four hours."

McGonagall sighed and looked at the four with a piercing stare. "Now, I'm afraid that after twenty-four hours, you four will have to serve your punishment."

Draco exclaimed a sound a protest. "But—"

"Mr. Malfoy, I am led to believe that you provoked Mr. Weasley here so I'm afraid that you do not have a say in this," McGonagall interrupted.

Draco leaned back into his chair, arms crossed.

"You four will be responsible for your doppelgangers and will escort them around the school. No change will occur in your schedules, so they must accompany you with classes, during classes, whenever," McGonagall continued. "Is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am," All four replied.

"One thing, Headmistress. The clones are a bit…" Snape trailed off.

"Yes?" McGonagall asked.

"They're a bit out of character," Snape said slowly.

"Out of character? What are we, fictional beings?" Ron muttered, causing Harry to stifle a laugh once again.

"Out of character? Explain, Professor," McGonagall said.

Snape folded his hands neatly. "When I gave them the potion, I noticed a distinct difference in the clones' attitudes. It seems to me as if the clones' attitudes are the… opposites of the four."

Ron muttered to Harry, "I bet you Malfoy's own still has his head stuck up his—"

"Mr. Weasley! I discourage crude language in this room!" McGonagall interrupted and Draco snickered, causing a glare from Ron. McGonagall cleared her throat. "Well, if we are all done, these four have to get to dinner. You all are dismissed."

Snape promptly walked out of the room, his black cloak flowing behind him. The four exited the room and met face-to-face with their clones, all of them sitting in chairs outside the room.

The eight stared at each other.

"Well, let's see what Snape meant by out of character," Ron said, stepping towards the Ron clone.

"Yeah, I am a bit curious myself," Harry said, stepping in front of his clone.

"Stand up, all of you! Come on, come on, we haven't got all day," Ron said, gesturing with his hands.

"Ron, they're not stupid," Hermione said, staring at her clone.

"Well, I have to say, I look better in person," Draco said aloud, staring at his clone, impressed.

The trio rolled their eyes.

Harry-Clone stood up and stood in front of Harry. "So you're my counterpart, eh?" Harry-Clone said. Harry-Clone walked around Harry in a circle and stopped in front of him.

"For a counterpart, you really don't look a lot like me," Harry-Clone said.

Harry stared at his clone, baffled. "What do you mean? You look exactly like me!"

Harry-Clone gave him a grin and patted his shoulder. "Well, it's clearly obvious which one got the good genes," Harry-Clone twirled in a circle, "and which one didn't." Harry-Clone patted Harry's shoulder pityingly.

Ron stifled a laugh. "Are you gonna take that, Harry?"

Harry glared at his clone and opened his mouth to reply, but Draco's clone interrupted.

"Hey! That was awfully mean of you! Apologize to this young man," Draco-Clone spoke up, walking over to stand in front of Harry-Clone. Harry-Clone snorted and glared at Draco-Clone.

The four's jaws went slack again as they stared at the Draco-Clone.

"Bloody hell, let's keep this one instead," Ron exclaimed. Draco glared at him.

Hermione cleared her throat. "Boys! Let's just… calm down." Hermione smiled at her clone and extended a hand. "I'm Hermione Granger, your counterpart."

Hermione-Clone stood up slowly and crooked an eyebrow. The clone raised a finger delicately and slowly trailed the edge of Hermione's face. Hermione blushed as the clone did so.

"Interesting," Hermione-Clone purred. Hermione-Clone's finger stopped at the base of Hermione's throat and leaned towards Hermione, Hermione-Clone's lips a hair away from Hermione's ear.

The boys, including their clones, loosened their ties as they watched the display.

"So you fancy the boy with the glasses, huh? This should be very interesting," Hermione-Clone breathed into Hermione's ear. Hermione's eyes widened as she stammered out a reply. Hermione-Clone leaned back and smiled wickedly as the clone glanced at Harry.

Ron-Clone stood up, the last to speak. "Sorry to interrupt everyone's fantasies, but I'm a bit hungry," Ron-Clone said, walking towards the Great Hall.

"Figures Weasley's own wouldn't change," Draco muttered and grabbed his clone, stalking towards the Great Hall.

Ron grinned. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, guys," Ron said before running after his clone.

Harry was still staring at Hermione and her clone with wide eyes, breathing hard.

Harry-Clone rolled his eyes and yawned, his arms stretching and smacking Harry at the back of the head.

"Ow! What was that?" Harry muttered to his clone.

"Pick up your jaw, you're embarrassing me," Harry-Clone whispered.

Hermione-Clone stretched also, her pristine white shirt rising dangerously. Hermione-Clone gave the boys a small smile, raising her eyebrow, before walking to the Great Hall.

Harry-Clone let out a low whistle. "Can't blame you for fancying that one, mate," Harry-Clone mumbled to Harry before running after the Hermione-Clone.

Harry glanced at Hermione who had faint traces of a blush. "You alright, Hermione? You looked pretty shook up when your clone, erm, whispered something to you," Harry asked, scratching the back of his head.

Hermione shook out of her dazed gaze and laughed nervously. "Oh, it's nothing. They really are opposites of us, aren't they?"

Harry nodded. "We better go catch them before they do something," Harry remarked absently before both caught the meaning of Harry's statement.

Both ran after the clones with terror, as they feared that they might have slipped loose one of their secrets. The clones were rounding the corner when Harry and Hermione caught up with them, panting heavily.

Harry yanked his clone's arm off of Hermione-Clone's shoulders and glared at him. "What were you two doing?"

Hermione-Clone stepped towards Harry, a bit too close for his taste. "You know, you could join the fun, Harry. I've always wanted to try out that invisibility cloak of yours. Put it to better… use," Hermione-Clone breathed into Harry's ear. Harry gulped and stepped back, tugging at his collar.

Harry-Clone watched the exchange with amusement.

Harry stared at Hermione-Clone with wide eyes. "I…"

Hermione-Clone bit her lip and extended her hand towards Harry. Harry tensed as Hermione-Clone tugged Harry close to her with his tie.

'Bloody hell,' Harry thought as he closed his eyes shut.

Hermione cleared her throat. "Let's all just eat dinner." Hermione blushed and grabbed her clone and pulled her away from Harry, marching towards the Great Hall.

Harry stood there for a few moments, catching his breath, before he glanced at his clone and glared. "Not a word."

Harry-Clone grinned. "Oh, I wasn't going to. Although I suggest taking a cold shower after dinner."

"Not a word!"

Harry-Clone laughed and followed Harry into the Great Hall.