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VTM: X3 Oi! Veronica The Mischievous here, this is my first One Piece fic, so please don't be too hard on me…I love Luffy and Ace! XD They're so awesome! So I wanted to try to write a story of some of their misadventures when they were kids. I hope you'll enjoy!

WARNING: There are some major spoilers ahead, if you haven't read the latest installment of One Piece you might get confused….


Young Portgas D. Ace was laying in a grassy field peaceful snoozing away the day, that or had another narcoleptic episode. A warm gentle breeze brushed his hair against his face, tickling his nose.

"Achoo!" Ace sat up wiping his nose. Blinking he pondered where he was for a moment, but with a shrug he laid back down on his bed of fresh green and rested his head on his folded arms. Being here was much better than being around his crackpot Grandfather. As he stared up at the sky, feeling the gentle warmth of the sun, and watching the occasional fluffy cloud roam by, he slowly began to drift back to sleep.

"Put me down Gramps!" shouted the voice of a little boy that couldn't have been older than five.

"Nope!" said the voice of a gruff old man. "This is part of your training for the marines…your lazy brother may have escaped again, but you'll be laughing at him when you end up being his commanding officer!"

" but I dun wanna!!!" little boy yelled defiantly.

"Hmph…looks like Gramps is giving Luffy a hard time again…."Ace mumbled. After a good few minutes something finally clicked in the boy's head which made him go pale. "AH! GRAMPS HAS LUFFY!" Ace then ran like a mad man after them.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!" A little boy cried, he was tied to a very large balloon.

"Oh come now Luffy…" Garp said as he made a secure knot. "This will be good for you…It'll build character…and…..uh……………Character!"

"But you already said that…" little Luffy said with a snivel.

"Trust me! You'll thank me when you're older and hunting down pirate scum!"

Luffy just gave another snivel and a confused blink.

"Up you go!" Garp then let go of the balloon and little Luffy was sent floating away.

"Whaaaaaa!!!!" Luffy cried as he floated off.

"LUFFY!!!!" Ace cried, as he finally arrived.

"Ah, Ace, finally come to your senses? Good, you're next…"

Ace looked up at Garp and pointed an accusing finger at him. "What did you do ya old fart!" he shouted angrily.

"WHO'S AN OLD FART?" the old man shouted. "Watch you're mouth Ace!"

"Gramps you nut case! You're going to get my little brother killed!" Ace then dashed off, but he didn't very far, another narcoleptic fit kicked in and he promptly fell face flat on the ground.

Garp stood their blinking for a moment before sighing. "You're so hopeless…" But he spoke too soon though, for right after that he too found himself in the same position.


It was now sunset. Ace woke up to find himself face flat on the ground. Shooting up to his feet he stood for a moment until he suddenly remembered what he was doing. "Luffy!" He then made a mad sprint in the direction he last saw the balloon floating in.

It wasn't long before the night had finally fallen, Ace was still searching for his little brother. Suddenly something caught his attention. It was the sound of someone crying. Following the whimpers and snivels Ace found himself searching by a huge old oak tree.

"Stupid Gramps!" he said in frustration. "Luffy! Where are you?"

"A-Ace…" said a whimpering voice from above.

Looking up, Ace's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at what he saw. Dangling from the branches helplessly, still tied up in the rope that had held him to the balloon was poor little Luffy. Tears streamed down his face as he burst out crying again.

"I'll get you down…" Ace said as he began to climb the tree. When he reached the branch that the balloon rope was tangled up on, he lifted his poor dangling brother up onto the branch and began to untie him. "You okay?" he asked.

Luffy suddenly clung to his savior, his small frame shaking as sobs escaped him. Ace sighed hugged his little brother back, they stayed up in the tree for a while. Eventually Luffy's crying subsided.

"Ace…can we get down now?" there was no answer. Luffy looked up at his big brother only to find that he had another narcoleptic fit and was now snoring away. Luffy couldn't help but laugh, his brother was so weird. He then reached out and popped the little bubble that was coming out of his brother's nose.


"Huh?" Ace said as he suddenly woke up.

Luffy began to laugh even harder.

Ace couldn't help but smile, it was good to see his brother back to his happy self. "So, shall we get down from here now?"

Luffy nodded and held tight to his brother. Ace then began to climb back down to safety. As soon as they were close enough to the ground Ace hopped off of the tree and set Luffy down.

"Ace, I'm hungry!" Luffy said with his usual goofy grin.

Ace gave a sigh. Oh well, he was hungry too, and it was getting late. Taking his little brother's hand the two began to walk back to their house.

The two were pretty quiet as they made their way back, but after a while Luffy broke the silence. "Ace, why does Gramps pick on us so much? Doesn't he have other people he can play with?"

"Hmph…He wants us to joins the marines like him…" Ace scoffed, detesting the very idea.

Luffy stuck his tongue out in distaste. "It can't be fun if Gramps makes us do this stuff…"

"Well…I'm not going to be a marine!"

Luffy cocked his head to the side, looking like a curious puppy. "Really? Then what?"

Ace gave a proud smirk. "I'm going to be a pirate!"

Luffy gave a confused blink. "Pirate?"

"Yep! But you can't tell Gramps!" Ace said while pressing a finger to Luffy's lips. "This'll be our secret!" Ace gave a wide grin, obviously pleased with himself for some reason.

Luffy just gave another blink, he then grinned and gave a nod. "Okay Ace!"

"And one day I'll take you with me!" Ace continued. "Then we won't have to deal with crazy old Gramps anymore…"

"Yay!" Luffy said as he pumped his free hand into the air.

The brothers laughed, but that laughter was short lived for not too far ahead of them stood Garp, big grin plastered on his face.

"Good, you're both back! Just in time for part two of your training!"

Luffy hid behind his brother while Ace paled.

"P-part t-two?" they said at the same time.

"Yep! You're going to spend the night in the woods!" Garp explained.

Both boys looked at him as if he were crazy.

"Gramps….there are dangerous animals that come out at night…" Ace said flatly. Gramps couldn't be serious. "They'll be picking their teeth with our bone by morning…"

Luffy whined and clutched onto his brother tighter.

"Trust me! It'll give you strength! It'll help you two on your path to become marines!" Garp then gave a long triumphant laugh.

"Gramps is scary…" Luffy said quietly.

"I know Luffy…I know…" Ace's eyebrow twitched. 'Why the heck doesn't anyone call child services…?'


VTM: There's chapter 1! Again this is my first fic for One Piece, so please, no flames people…And if anyone has suggestions for funny trouble these two can get into please tell me I'd love to hear them! And as a warning there might be some slight hints of Ace/Luffy once in a while. Thanks for reading, now I need to get to brainstorming the next chapter…See ya!