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July 7, just as I thought Ren didn't come. We barely had a table in the cake shop. I never knew the cake shop was famous during day time. I ordered a pumpkin cheese cake. Nana had the same order, Strawberry cake.

"Nana really likes Strawberry cake. It's first cake you bought and until now you still buy that cake." Come to think of it, Ren also bought a strawberry cake last time I saw him. "I'm really happy Nana likes strawberries. The strawberry glasses we bought were not one-sided liked."

"I told you that I like to EAT strawberries, not the pattern." Nana gave me a "didn't I tell you" expression. She pulled out her wallet and removed the chain. "This is annoying." I didn't saw where Nana placed her wallet since the coffee table blocked the view.

"Anyway, you really like this shop. Wouldn't it make you fat if you visit this shop almost every week? I can see your eating cheese cake." Nana sipped her coffee.

"It's Pumpkin cheese cake. Pumpkins are healthy, and I'm doing some light exercises." In my mind, I thought I should do more exercises… I don't want be too fat!

We went to the studio early. I still watched Blast practiced their piece. Even Blast practiced early, they ended their practice late since just before the practice began, Yasu announced there next live performance.

It's already 7:37 p.m. when Blast finally finishes their practice. Nana went to the convenient store to buy cigarettes. I want along with her since it's on the way back to room 707.

"Huh? Where is my…" Nana searched her pockets.

"What's wrong Nana?"

"Crap, I lost my wallet." Her good mood during the practice changed back to her bad mood. "Where could I lose it?"

"Nana, the only place I could remember you can left your wallet is the cake shop. I remember you removed the chain from the wallet during tea. I hope the waiter saw it and placed it in their lost and found section."

"Oh great, now I have to go back to that shop just to get my wallet. If I'm pro now I don't care anymore to pick up my wallet! This is such bummer! The store closes at 8, right? Can I borrow some money? I have to ride a taxi before the store closes." Nana stretched her hand to get the money from me then left as quick as possible. I went home to cook dinner.

Nana got in the taxi and went off. She arrived on time; let's say about 7:50 p.m. She approached the waiter who was already cleaning up.

"Excuse me, did you found a black wallet with chain in that table?" Nana pointed at table number 7 hopping that it was found.

"Umm, no miss. I didn't saw a chained wallet during my cleaning." answered the waiter, and then he went back into the kitchen to clean up.

Nana was now frustrated that she lost her wallet. The content of her wallet can hold another healthy meal and the fact that it's hard to earn money from part-time jobs. Besides money, she has other things inside her wallet which made her expression more vivid. Nana was about to go home…

"This must be yours." A wallet flung like a pendulum just on front of her. Nana's eyes widened and her frustration a while ago immediately flew away.

"Oh, than…" Nana didn't finish her word. The person who found the wallet was none other than Ren. "… It's you again. Why are you always here? Because every time I come here, I always see you around here" Actually, there was once we never saw Ren…

"Actually, that question is mine. Anyway I know your reason why you're here but for your information, my apartment is over there." Ren pointed his finger to a tall building not too far from the cake shop. "I Chose that apartment because I liked the sea view, isn't nice?"

"So that's why you're always here. I have to go now. Bye." Nana walked away but just before her first step had stepped the ground, Ren grabbed her left arm to stop Nana.

"Now what!? Oh yeah, I remembered to return these." Nana dug her hand into her waist bag. She stretched her hand showing a pair of keys. "These are yours. You have been wearing that necklace for years so you might want to change it. I'm giving it to you."

Ren took only the key to his apartment in their hometown leaving the other key in Nana's hand. "You should keep it. I don't need it."

"Take it!" Nana forced Ren to take the key. "Just take it! I don't have any intension to be with you anymore!"

"Nana, I just want you to keep it. For me, only you could hold that key; no one else, even myself." Ren closed Nana's hand with the key in to prevent from giving it to himself. "Nana, I still have the same feelings for you since 2 years ago. I need you."

Nana widened her eyes then moments later her eyes were filled with tears. "Ren… why does when people fight against love they couldn't win? Is it fate that made us be together?" Ren firmly embraces Nana.

"It might be. Reira calls it 'soul mates'."

"Ren, do you have cigarettes? I wasn't able to buy one since I left my wallet here." Ren dug his hand into his pocket and pulled out two sticks of Seven Stars cigarette. He gave one to Nana and another one for himself and lights both cigars.

Ren pulled off his cigar from his mouth and said," Wanna sleep over my place?"

"Are you kidding! I don't take in the pills anymore. I'm serious here! I want to sing instead of raising kids so I won't be fooling around with you." Nana in her normal tone of voice got mad again.

"Okay, I get it. Just stay a night at my place. I want to talk to you longer plus I'm starving. I want the salty miso soup you make!"

"Don't demand any food from me! I'm not your wife!" Nana turned around and gave an "I'm going home. Good bye!" face.

Ren just in time grabbed Nana, "Nana, come on! Don't be cold-hearted. Hey, come to think of it, it's already 7:57 p.m.; I found your wallet at table 7 and saw you 7 times before I could be with you; everything in nana (7)."

"What! Is this what Hachi calls it the Demon King's evil schemes! Now I started to believe "Nana" is an unfortunate name!" Nana was talking to herself just like what Hachi used to do.

"Well, I think "Nana" is a fortunate name. I'm sure Blast will be popular with the most outstanding singer named Nana." Nana faced Ren and smiled at him.

About 8:17 p.m., I was worried about Nana. She has no cell phone so I couldn't contact her. The after a while, I thought Nana had her moment with Ren. I relaxed and decide myself to eat the meal with or without Nana by 9.pm. Nee Nana, now that you're with Ren, do you still think your pride is more important than Ren's love? Nee Nana, please answer me…


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